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The World’s Most Complicated Watch Maker | Franck Muller

guys i’m here at watch land this is 32 acres here in geneva switzerland where frank muller makes the most complicated watches in the world [Music] alex welcome thank you so much thanks for having me thank you hi guys hi guys [Applause] wow this is so exciting thank you so much for having me the roles beat me here i came into the heli it was already here love this and principal is brought out the most powerful jag ever made for me just to have a look at [Music] panic oh thank god i got the key everyone’s like oh my gosh only 250 of these ever produced and we’ve got to hear it right it’s called the project seven you can see here all right we’ve got we gotta hear this it’s a supercar blondie channel after all right all right start ready [Music] i’m sorry what what just happened holy oh my god that is mad i’m about to show you some multi-million dollar watches come with me here we are at the castle hello hi we’ve got so many celebrities on this show i left hollywood i used to be a major actor called sam neal welcome to jurassic park now his name’s nick and he’s flying undercover here at frank muller you ready for the big unveil in the box now the special thing about this watch is it also comes with a special box that does stuff we love the buttons all right so all you have to do is press this and watch it move watch here now the unveil the lights go on oh my goodness this is called the revolution three in the vanguard case and it has a triple axe tourbillon tribal axe tobian so frank muller was actually the first person in the world to develop the double and the triple axe tourbillon this does a rotation in eight minutes this does one in every 60 seconds and up here this is the power reserve so you can actually leave this watch for about 10 days you see here it counts all the way from 0 to 10 to show you how much power it has left so you can leave that for 10 days without needing to wind it there you go guys what do you reckon hey nice back in its little cage in this little pretty box and watch this we got to see it go down again right there we go all protected you guys recognize this watch it’s in pretty much all of my videos and if you didn’t see the video of me gifting my husband this watch go check it out we did that in dubai for his birthday [Music] crazy hours this baby right here you might recognize this this is the watch that cristiano ronaldo wears this is 1.2 million dollars sitting on my hand right here this here is the grand central tourbillon and you might notice look this is the first time ever that frank muller has put the derby on dead smack bang in the middle of the watch and that’s what made this so complicated they have to move all of the other parts so that they could put the the tourbillon in the middle this has the fastest tourbillon in the world that’s this thing you can see going around one rotation every five seconds and this is called the thunderbolt this has the largest tourbillon in the world and because it’s so large it needs extra energy and that is what makes this so difficult to make and this is called the giga tourbillon we move on to my favorite i absolutely love this watch just check this out check that out look how colorful it is this is the tourbillon skeleton which means basically you can see through it and sapphire why sapphire because this right here this is all sapphire and this is super difficult to do and it takes so long it takes weeks just to make the sapphire case this watch is about two hundred thousand dollars all right this one here this is the rose skeleton look you’ve got roses and the roses aren’t just like stuck on they’re actually part of the movement and you’ve got diamonds here on the front and diamonds here on the back in the roses we’re going to show you one more thing and it’s car related you can actually match the color of your car to this movement in here you see this so they can make the movement here in green or in blue for example or in yellow and the yellow cage there spins once every 60 seconds and it just makes the whole movement look bigger and more noticeable and just cooler so you can see it here from the back as well [Music] now come look what happens in one of these buildings here come on in this whole castle-like building is made for one purpose and that’s to make the cases of the watches so the case that goes around the face come look this machine right here is responsible for making the diamond cases all those holes there that’s ready for diamonds to go in just like this watch here all the diamonds are over there you see the green bath that’s where they did rose gold some of these uh ingredients are so expensive that this costs 55 000 swiss francs per kilo so this right here costs about 6 000 francs just to shine gold check this out carbon fiber something we all know very well in the car world this they use to turn into a carbon fiber base for the watch and the case there you go just like an engine right in a car all of the different components going together just like a really complicated watch did you know that each of these numbers are hand painted by jerome and he’s come in especially for the video today to show me how to hand paint so i’m going back to kindergarten to try and draw in between the lines down here look this is the gas pedal right and the more you step on it the more paint comes out hey this is not easy oh all right jerome your expert opinion please i’m good no no you don’t have to be nice to me [Laughter] we all know the truth it’s terrible and then they’re checking that all of the details are just perfect my goodness yeah it’s beating can you see that through the thing that’s cool i’ve just been given the smallest screw that they use can you see it this tiny little thing everything gets polished all right touch no they said don’t sneeze now okay all right wow here are some of the components that go into making a frank muller watch now listen to this the most complicated watch in the world has 1483 parts and it starts with this part right here you see all those little holes all of those little pieces everywhere that’s to make room for all of the next layers this is the most complicated watch in the world and this is the master watch maker here at frank muller his name is pascal and he’s working on one right now come look at this it has nearly 1500 different parts and look over here over here more parts and this part actually comes over onto this on top of this and it all joins together so this watch has 36 complications if you don’t know anything about complications it means that all the different things that your watch can do but what’s even crazier than that is every 400 years this watch right here corrects just slightly there’s one wheel in this watch that will wait for its moment for the next 400 years to be used and it just clicks once and the time is corrected that’s cool that’s eight rings the first one they ever made took three years three years this is pascal every single day working here for three years to make one watch the most complicated watch in the world and it was right here this is a picture of the first one with all the rubies here and look all of these hands all of the dials these are all complications that’s it you guys i hope you enjoyed that uh preview of watch land here in geneva switzerland that has been so exciting for me i’m gonna walk out of here see how many watches i can take with me without them noticing a massive thank you to frank muller for having me here it has been so amazing i’ve gotten to see the most incredible watches right we’re out love you guys bye [Music]
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