The Warrior Who Was Killed By A Severed Head (Strange Stories)

The Revenge of the severed head 892 ad back in the 9th century Britain was fragmented into many small kingdoms and was plagued by regular attacks from Viking raiders originating from Scandinavia it had become so bad that many of these raiders had established numerous permanent Viking colonies and bases across Britain it was around this time that the legendary King Alfred the Great was battling to unify England in an attempt to drive the Vikings from the English shores once and for all one of the smallest and most remote of these Viking kingdoms was based in the north of Britain on the small Scottish island group known as the Orkney Islands this had been given to raagh wolde I Stinson the head of the house of I Stinson by the Viking King of Norway Harald fairhair as compensation for the death of one of his sons Ivar who died in a battle in Scotland in the service of the king Ivar had died fighting to reclaim the Orkney Islands from renegade pirate Vikings who had fled there to escape the King’s justice Rock vald would pass power to his brother Sigrid Aisin son second yarol of Orkney cigarette was soon to become known as Sigurd the mighty he had earned his title from his heroic exploits he eventually had a falling-out with another local Pictish Lord by the name of mail Brigid the buck-toothed of Moray named after his apparent overbite Sigurd decided to take the Lord’s castle for himself in order to expand his territory further when mail refused to hand over his territory Sigurd challenged him to a 40-man battle which was a traditional way to settle differences in those times on the day of the battle Sigurd cheated by bringing along 80 men instead of the agreed 40 which allowed him to swiftly defeat mal who he beheaded for his collection while on horseback Sigrid paraded around the severed head as a trophy for all to see Sigurd had even ordered all of his men to put severed heads of the men they had slain on their horses for the ride to show the people how he had won a great victory and killed his enemies unfortunately for Sigrid he was about to suffer one of the strangest deaths in history as he and his men rode the long journey home showing off his great victory males head down his buck-toothed had scratched against an open wound on cigarettes lake too many looked like males famous buck-toothed was seemingly biting into the wound and some kind of act of bloody vengeance from beyond the grave as a result of the scratches from the bloodied and severed head and the bacteria that it carried entering his bloodstream Sigurd seemingly minor wound festered became inflamed and infected creating a foul stench before dawn arrived he was dead he was buried where he died near a Scottish town called Dornoch in a to us a mound of earth raised over a grave which would become known as Sigrid’s how it is said that after the funeral Sigrid servants gathered his collection of severed heads and noticed that male had a big buck tooth grin and as if cursed the region quickly fell into chaos a Sigurd son cateura died childless just a few months into his reign then Sigrid’s brother Rockwall named his own son halat as the next Earl of Orkney but almost immediately the Orkneys started to be plagued by constant renegade viking attacks after only a short time halat gave up the earldom and fled back to norway in disgrace as abandoning his kingdom in such an abrupt manner was seen as a cowardly thing to do he died a short time later a broken man meanwhile the Orkney Islands had fallen under the rule of two renegade Viking warlords but this was short-lived as Holland’s younger brother anar reconquered the islands and eventually established an i Tintin ruling dynasty there that would last for six more centuries [Music] hey guys check out this simple history merch on teespring there’s t-shirts mugs stickers phone cases and much more link in the description below
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