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The US Broke Voting Records In A Pandemic

Hey Lisa, what are we going to go do? We’re going to go, vote! We’re going to vote. We marching. Goes on and on and on. The line stretched outside of the school. Millions of people mailing in their ballots
and finding hours long waits at the polls. For what’s to come, I can only trust god. We are tracking what could be the largest
election turnout in U.S. history. Vote. I made a plan to vote because I am not leaving
anything up to chance. One of the most important elections of our
lifetime. Love it. Awesome thank you so much. It is currently 5:15 a.m. I am walking across campus to meet a few other
students who are also going to be poll workers. Morning doctor, thanks for being with us. Every place in the country, people should
be using masks when they vote. We have to do those things ourselves to change
the course. It’s kind of paradoxical that although the
pandemic would make people more concerned about coming here. But at the same time the government’s reaction
to the pandemic, eh, all of that instigated more fear that made people want to come and
vote. You know the difference is mostly with the
masks. You know and getting used to the mask and
getting used to people being around you. Some with mask, some without mask. The main thing is to get out and vote. Regardless we don’t let things stop us from
getting out to vote. Yes, wear the mask when you go voting. They made sure you had your mask on. It was safe to do so. Uh, what motivated you to come out and vote
in this election? Uh, I was just hoping to make America great
again. To keep it that way. Early voting started this morning and it runs
through the end of the month. Number of voters that are deciding to vote
early. Record number of Americans taking advantage
of early voting. I just wanted to make sure I did my due diligence
and actually came in. So if I come here, I’ll stick my ballot
in the box and we’re good to go. The fact that people are waiting so patiently
is a good thing on one hand, but it’s also a reminder that it shouldn’t be like this. I need you to not your mask and I don’t
need you to post it on facebook because that hashtag is doing absolutely nothing. We gotta vote like this. History in the making ladies and gentlemen. Some voters waited in line for close to three
hours. So after three train rides, and a car ride
I was finally able to successfully cast my ballot. All done. Not too much social distancing, but everybody
had on a mask. So, we’re all done. It’s been a hell of a year for, from the
pandemic, from everything we went through. I’m a small business owner, so I’ve really
seen a lot of change, but Trump will bring it back. I’m worried about what’s going to come
after the election. What’s going to happen throughout the day. Is there going to be any kind of violence? Is there going to be any sort of initiative
to try to disregard the results or try to put doubt in the legitimacy of our elections. That’s where my concern lies. Are mostly focused on mail-in ballots remaining. This is a tight race and there are any number
of ballots that have not been counted because of these delays. We were getting ready for a big celebration. Power can’t be taken or served. It flows from the people. Ok so the relief of voting is that you know
your votes in there, you’ve stood for something. And that’s what counts. Yes. That whether your party wins or loses, you’re
standing for what you believe in. Yes, yes. You are in the race. Yes. You’re in the race, but mostly for humanity,
equality and justice. That’s right. That’s right.
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