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The Unbalanced Breakfast – Epic Meal Time

if you think some milk and some weeks are enough to be the breakfast of champions you’re wrong in fact takes more than that takes a lot of me I mean so much me you couldn’t even cook it in a state-of-the-art laboratory below a laundromat next level amount some ohms on taking this meat I’m getting with our pancakes buy meat I mean bacon that mean a whole bunch of that mean cuz it’s the breakfast meat and lunch me and dinner me too and everything else me we don’t discriminate against anything so some beef some pepperonis too for all this meat into a mixing bowl and fashioned ourselves that nice meat walk that’s right uh send me welcome would upbeat awful meet waffle 100% meet waffle and jemima that [ __ ] knows what’s good first thing in the morning we kick it up a few notches by making these pancakes into pizza pancakes make this at home and start your day correctly this is a pancake pizza chocolate-chip pancakes I take that back I don’t want to sit off the chip pancakes take this moment and then relax more pizza pancakes you taking notes because we’re giving you some wonderful ideas spruce the breakfast game sorry for saying truths and there’s a spruce again starting now I’ll snort that batter off the stove later more meat waffles I like bacon cheeseburgers I like pancakes bacon cheeseburger pancakes the logical thing to do next level breakfast smooth ice cream fruit juice protein flavor dead chicken Bing YUM phone down chocolate chip waffles in similar fashion to a boss chocolate chip bacon weave waffle sandwich pancake bacon we’ve panky your poor ass and college can for district breakfast French toast now we take a whole bunch of breakfast meat bacon ham for cheese i Maxum meat lovers breakfast grilled cheese what the [ __ ] up over here we made a bacon wheat pancake this is the pizza stack invented on Epic Meal Time circa rated now double bacon cheeseburger packing such a smart sequence of words has never escaped my mouth before it everyone knows the only way to make a chocolate chip waffle bacon sandwich better is to take that chocolate chip waffle bacon sandwich and put it inside a kit which is exactly what we did right there meat lover thrilled cheese sandwiches okay the croque madame son part of this completely ridiculously manly breakfast next time we’d a tire not a tire a tire thanks for watching internet each week we cook up new things in the kitchen so click Subscribe because it’s the smart internet thing to do here it’s hidden TV serving it C&C so eat it up and get it down
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