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[Music] there it is oh god oh it looks like straight out of a fairy tale it looks like a gingerbread house right one roof line two roof line three roof line four there’s seven roof lines i don’t know i feel like it’s gonna be really weird inside because the outside just looks really funky it’s a weird entry so boring the biggest problem that i’m seeing is it’s a 2700 square foot house but when you enter the house it feels like a 1200 square right there’s not even a dining room and the kitchen is bigger than the living room all right well it’d be nice if you take out that wall that would probably be about 10 to 12 000 to open this up let’s go look at this kitchen this just feels off to me it’s a big kitchen but i feel like it’s just all wasted space so what do you think we’re looking at to reconfigure redesign this kitchen more than usual i would say it’s gonna cost about 10 to 12 thousand dollars to redo the kitchen not cheap even though this is a 2700 square foot house with five bedrooms it really doesn’t feel that big the first thing we would do here is remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room to create a big open living space the problem is this was a small house and they put on a big addition so it still feels like a small house well here’s a bedroom oh lovely carpet so this is definitely the original master i mean huge bathroom though it feels like a hospital everything’s just white and sterile we would actually be able to take the closet out and do a full-size shower that would be amazing all right here’s the bedroom third bedroom they’re decent size fourth bedroom this one’s nice because that’s the high ceiling bathroom why is it floral mushy uh water damage i think to have a second bathroom for the three bedrooms is actually a nice sized bathroom no i think it’s a good bathroom okay so we just came across four bedrooms two bathrooms we’re missing a bathroom in a bedroom i didn’t see any stairs did you you have to go through a bedroom to get to the audition of course just our luck oh you kidding me oh no this is so weird this is what i was expecting to see in the first place when we walked into this house here we go what is this there’s the fireplace oh my god this is a bad addition is it a bathroom i don’t know this is a bathroom what full shower how weird is that oh nice slider this yard looks like a challenge how much does it cost to re-plaster a pool like this costs about seven to eight thousand it’ll probably cost more actually look how deep it is side step side step it that it’s like literally like 12 feet deep it’s because it looks like they used to have a diving board everything’s chipping cracking the good thing is there is a pool i mean how much does it cost to dig a pool like this to do a pool like this it’s probably about 40 000 so we’ve saved that amount of money if we buy it yeah but to do the rest of this yard i mean all this decking needs to be replaced all the coping needs to be replaced that entire area over there needs to be replaced we have some thinking to do before we make an offer on this house we’re going to bring out our project manager so we can get a bid on the interior depending upon what kind of finishes you guys want to do i think we’re going to be about 80 to 85 not including the exterior since the indoor outdoor living aspect is so important to this area and the landscape is so big we’re bringing in our landscape designer to help brainstorm design ideas for our pool and the backyard this is the monster yard we told you about all right so it’s not only right here it actually wraps all the way around the back of the house here’s my wish list hot tub barbecue area okay fire pit yep covered patio right now it’s just like all brick and rubble it’s ugly it needs like major landscaping so are all in budget i’ll make it happen for a hundred thousand that’s a lot of money so and i’ll make it look really cool i’ll make it worth it all right let’s draw it up and then we’ll go from there okay got it with comps as high as seven hundred thousand dollars and our total rehab budget set at a hundred and eighty five thousand dollars we’ve decided to place an offer below the asking price of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars hello hey this is torik how’s it going oh hi how are you so you know based on the amount of work and the size of the house it’s actually pretty extensive so we’re able to come in with an offer of 430 all cash 4 30. i think 4 30 could probably work all right let’s do it okay i’ll head to my office right now shoot you the offer and we’ll open escrow tomorrow [Music] we’re moving forward with demo and removing the wall between the kitchen and the living room our margins are tight on this flip so we need to be careful with our spending here especially with so much of our budget going towards the backyard all right very nice what’s going on jake hey guys wow what do you think honey it’s so much better it’s nice and open so uh where we at with the progress on this everything’s moving forward but we had some extra costs that popped up on us what have we come up with the whole hvac system has to be completely replaced why it’s it’s shot it’s completely shot we had our professionals in here they told us the ducting is bad the hvac’s bad the condenser is bad everything’s bad got some more bad news this subfloor here is particle board never seen it in my life i asked our flooring professional he said he’s seen it once in 30 years we have to pull up all this particle board and lay down plywood is that just in here whole house how much is it two thousand so we’re looking at nine thousand dollars for something that no one’s ever gonna see and we’re like all in on the backyard already not quite nine thousand the electric isn’t grounded either huh what there’s more we’re looking at about another 3 500 on top what wow [Music] over 12 000 for non-cosmetic interior fixes hurts and with the space inside now opened up we’re moving forward with our design plans i’m thinking we do dark cabinets the neighborhood’s a little bit more traditional we’ve chosen shaker cabinets with faux marble quartz countertops throughout the house with real wood floors in the living spaces and large dark gray tiles for the bathroom floors and shower walls and then this for the shower pan this for the shower pan and we’ll do a large mosaic strip that goes into the soap dish i love it [Music] you ready to go see the house hey you know what the front of the house looks really good it does looks awesome i mean it came out great well the door’s pretty i think the paint colors are perfect all right so tell me what you think whoa i love the kitchen yeah yeah i love it this tile is so pretty did somebody make the kitchen all by itself yeah daddy daddy designed it well this is the best design you’ve ever done daddy didn’t do it you know yeah the best i’ve ever done baby daddy didn’t do it daddy did it don’t listen to mommy tell the truth i’m telling the truth you think daddy picked this oh that was totally you you always would know i know i know see i know daddy’s just just here good job thank you amazing jesse nailed it look at that floating tv it’s so cool hunter the barbecue look at the slatted wood amazing love the grass in between right here it’s like my favorite look you know what this yard is going to sell this house oh for sure i love this like separation between the jacuzzi and the pool area mommy i wanted to put my feet in the pool let’s do it imagine once it’s staged it’s gonna look amazing like that fireplace what do you put your face imagine with like a bunch of chairs around it how awesome it’s gonna look can i put my feet in okay i can do that yeah that is too big for this stuff oh yeah freezing all right tell you want to know how much money mommy and daddy spent here 500 bucks spent a lot of money um the backyard ended up costing 120 000. and the inside we spent 130 000. backyard i think 120 but it definitely shows but we paid 430 for the house we put about 250 into it we’re gonna have 20 000 in selling costs so we’re breaking the 700 if we can sell for 750 we still make 50 000. it looks amazing every buyer that walks out here is going to be obsessed with it we’ll list at 749.99 [Music] it’s a lot of cupboards yeah it’s nice there’s a lot of space in here oh i love the shower oh my gosh i like the tv that’s amazing is that a spa oh so nice this is really pretty this is a great entertaining area oh look another fireplace look at the fireplace oh this is so nice look at the view beautiful view of that i know it after only four days on the market we received several offers which drove the price to 753 000 and the house is officially in escrow if this deal goes through we stand to make a profit of just under 50 000 time to find another house to flip you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxGfpKBU2lU

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