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– Hey guys, Cassey here
and happy new year. (audience applauding) OMG, I know I told you
I was super excited, but I’m literally bouncing
off the walls right now because 2016 is gonna be my favorite year. I know it ’cause 16 is my favorite number, so today we have a very special workout. It is called The Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout. So, I had a little bit
of fun with the numbers, and let’s just say, we’re gonna be doing 20 reps of some stuff and 16 reps of other things 10 times, and it’s gonna be amazing. And for those of you that are new POPsters and brand new to the Blogilates family, I will be having new workouts every Sunday night/ Motivation Monday, depending on where you live in the world, and I don’t want you to
miss a single workout. So make sure you subscribe, and give this video thumbs up if you’re ready to go,
and let’s hit that mat. All right, guys, this is
how it’s gonna go down. You got 10 moves. All the odd numbers are
going to change up, okay? Depending on what I feel like, and all the even numbers are
going to be this new move called the ballerina sit-up. It’s going to really challenge your abs, and I encourage you to
keep your form, okay? If it’s too hard, then don’t go as far up, but you know what? Don’t give up. You’ve got this. This is 2016. We’re starting off right. All right, our first
move is the scissor kick, So I want you to slowly
roll down with control, and before we get started,
let’s talk about form here. Roll your shoulders back,
belly button into the spine, low back pressed into the mat. Bring those legs up, hands forward, and reach up into Pilates stance. Make sure that your shoulders
are lifted off the mat, and suck it in, ready? 20 of these, here we go. Boom and boom. Try to keep your legs straight, eyes right above your knees, and point your toes, okay? This is attacking your lower abs. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, ‘kay? And try not to strain your neck, just look forward, okay? It’s all about your abs. Give me three, two, one. Okay, very good. Now we’re going into the ballerina sit-up. I want you to bring your
toes close to your booty, and extend the other leg, arms overhead. Now, if you want to make this easier you’re gonna bring the leg out, otherwise as close as you can. Trust me, it’s gonna be so hard to get up. You’re gonna exhale, lift
up, just like so, okay? I want you to point your toes, eyes looking forward, straight leg. (exhales) You see how bringing
that leg into your body makes it so difficult to get up. Well, you know what? 2016 is all about new moves and challenging your
body in a different way, and we are doing that right now, and we’re gonna do eight on one side, and eight on the other side, and you’ll be ready to
go onto the next one. Let’s go ahead and lift up, hoo! Switch your leg, good stuff. How are you guys feeling? Feeling good? Okay, you’ve got this, come on. Eyes forward, breathe. I am so excited to be
starting 2016 with you, and I just want to thank
you for watching this video and doing it with me. Now one more and lift up, hold and come down. Okay guys, the next one is the corkscrew. Alright, this one’s a little bit crazy, so we’ll give you some modifications. If you are new to Pilates, what I want you to do is bring your knees in tabletop position, both hands in a triangle
underneath your booty, and you’re just simply
going to bend your knees and corkscrew your toes around, just like so, all right? Now, for those of you, who have been doing POPilates
with me for a while, well, you know, you best
be on your forearms. Shoulders, roll back, belly button in, extend your legs. All right, guys, this is gonna be intense. This is for the lower abs, here we go. And inhale down, lower and up. Very good. Down, lower, and lift. Now, notice how my shoulders
are away from my ears. I’m not hunching my back. I’m not curling forward. I’m imagining that I’m
sitting on the beach, basking in the sun, okay? The proper beautiful form. You want to really open up your chest and lengthen your legs, okay? Do not scrunch your neck
in like a little turtle. I love turtles, but not today. You’re not gonna be one. Good, keep going, okay? Engage your abs as you lower and you lift, that’s gonna be the hardest part, okay? Abs, in, lower, hoo! Lift up, very nice, guys. And if you get tired at
any point here, no worries. Just bend your knees, okay? When you’re ready,
straighten those legs again. And you know what? This also has a lot to
do with flexibility. So the more you stretch, the easier this is going to be, and the more you practice, of course. Good, coming down, and lifting up, beautiful work. Toes pointing. Eyes forward, you look so, so good. Come on. You guys got it. How you feeling? You doing okay? I know, you’ll be fine. Three more, up, and lift. Last one right there. Down and up, and bend those knees in. Oh my God, that was so crazy. Flex and point and flex and point. Okay guys, back into
those ballerina sit-ups. Extend that leg, arms over head, eight on the right, here we go. Lift and lower and up and down. (exhales sharply) Good, and you notice I’ll get a little bit quicker. You know why? Because I wanna get
this workout over with, but we keep proper form (exhales sharply) and last one, lift, switch those legs. Oo, did you like that smooth transition? ‘Cause we’re becoming
experts now. (exhales) Good, point the toes, lift up, use your abs. Hoo, so good. I love this move. It’s my little favorite. (exhales) Nice work, one more, lift and lower, whew. Okay, abs are working. Bring your arms overhead. I want you to lift up, ‘kay. Now, we’re gonna go into your cha cha abs. Bring your legs, hip-width apart, arms, pretty much straight out from
your shoulders right here. You’re gonna lean back to
your tipping point, okay? And all we’re gonna do is shimmy. Okay, ready? Keeping those elbows straight, here we go. Boom, boom, boom, boom. You’re gonna feel your
transverse abdominals, your obliques, working right here, and what you wanna do is
lean back even farther. Yeah, you got it. (exhaling pointedly) Breathe. Three, two, one, and lift. Okay, that one wasn’t so bad, right? Back into your ballerina sit-up. See, this is our home base, you know? We get comfortable with this kind of. If it’s too comfortable, then bring your leg in closer. Here we go, and up and down, (exhales) and down. Nice, point those toes, guys. Don’t get tired, not now. This is your 2016 workout. If you want to have a good year, you need an ambitious workout. I’m not threatening you. I’m just telling you. Last one, boom, and switch it. (exhales) Good stuff. Find that determination to finish. Think about what you want so bad, and if you just finish this workout, it’s gonna happen, yeah? Okay, come on. You’ve got this. Last one, lift, and slowly lower. Okay guys, we’re moving back down
into your lower abs. Center yourself on the mat, both hands in a triangle
underneath your tailbone. Lift those legs up, and relax the head. Here we go. You’re gonna inhale down, exhale, lift, very good, down and up, hoo! Lower and lift. Now, 20 of these are not easy. So if you need to, go ahead and bend your
knees like so, okay? You can do that as well
until you get stronger, and I want you to press
your heels together, lower your legs to hip height, and bring ’em back up with control. Very good, guys. Point those toes, lengthen those legs, and you know what? Squeezing my quads actually helps make my
legs straighter, okay? That and flexibility training, of course. Keep going, inhale down. exhale up. Now this is such a good
workout to do after any cardio or a hip workout, something like that. Just a great little cherry on top, like, a really big cherry (laughing). Down and up, hoo! I’m being worked right now. A few more, let’s go, three, and, two, one more, one and lift, okay. You know what’s up next, our favorite, our ballerina sit-ups. Lengthen that leg, here we go. Fast up and down. (exhales sharply) Perfect, lift, nice, exhale. Yes, come on. (exhales sharply) Up, you look amazing, keep going. One more, up, and switch it out. Lift and lower, strong abs, here we go, guys. You’re gonna have the strongest
core in all of the land. (exhales sharply) Nice work. Up, good, lift, and one more, hold it, and slowly come down. Okay guys, so I want you
to slowly get yourself up. This should really count
as a sit-up, right? Okay, we have 20 seconds of teaser, so, beginners, bring your legs here. You’re gonna hold a boat
pose just like so, okay? For those of you who’ve been doing Blogilates and POP Pilates for a while, you have no excuse. Go ahead and bring your
feet into your hands, your ankles, into your hands, lift up, and as soon as
I let go of my hands, this is when we start. Shoulders roll back. In three, two, hold that teaser, okay? Now this is not easy. I’m looking forward. Looking at my toes. Abs in tight, I’m shaking. My shoulders, rolled back. My chest is forward. Come on, you’ve got it. Breathe, breathe. Abs in, focus. You’ve got this. Give me three, two, one. Okay (laughing), finally, this is our last move of 16. This is your final ballerina sit-up. Extend that leg, let’s do ’em good, guys. Come on, give it to me. Lift up and down. (exhales) Perfect. Good stuff. Four more, let’s go. Four and up, good (exhales), and hold it, and switch. Okay, this is the final eight. Give it to me. Don’t give up on me. Come on, guys. Last four. Seriously, four and three. Come on, get up there, two, last one, and hold it. Five, four, three, two, and slowly bring it down. Big round of applause. You guys killed it. Okay, before you go,
let’s stretch out our abs because I don’t want you to get injured and feel like you can’t move after this. So both hands underneath your shoulders. Slowly lift up into cobra and stretch out your abs, inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, inhale and exhale. Slowly roll back or slither
back into a child’s pose. Relax your head on the mat, hopefully it’s clean. Inhale and exhale, and slowly lift up, and give yourselves a
big round of applause. You killed it. So, I hope you enjoyed the 2016 workout. Now that you did that, you’re invincible. You can do anything else. So, if you haven’t already give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe to Blogilates
for more free workouts this whole entire month and year and for the rest of your life. And I want you guys to
sign up for my newsletter. Just click on the link below, and I will send you my new workout every time it comes out. So look, you don’t even
have to work for it. Let’s make fitness, easy and fun. Thank you so much for being here. I love you so much, and I will see you guys all in the other lands of social media until we meet again next week. No, maybe if you do the workout tomorrow, then I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay, I’ll see you guys later. Bye. (bright music)
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