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The Twins Who Are Both Turning To Stone | BORN DIFFERENT

fop is a genetic condition where your body is slowly turning into bone and you’re frozen like a statue living with fop is quite hard but i have my twin sister let’s say who has exactly the same thing and makes life a lot easier sorry come on in there’s things i can do she can’t just like each other we’re a good team it’s not lonely we have each other we can like talk to each other about it it makes it a lot easier [Music] this is my blusher brush which i can also do my mascara with that goes onto this wee end it’s not obviously very professional looking but it works for me and it gives me that little bit of independence that we all need living with fop is quite hard but i have my twin sister let’s say who has exactly the same thing and makes life a lot easier you’re late sorry come on in [Music] if you could fix my hair i would be really grateful that’s fine thank you i’m gonna do it in the kitchen yes all right perfect fop is a genetic condition where your muscles tendons and ligaments all turn to bone if you bump up them so like your body is slowly turning to bone and you’re frozen like a statue i don’t really like that saying but it’s kind of true it just completely slowly takes away your mobile and what you have so we just have to take every day as it comes and appreciate every day and just love it yeah there’s only just over 800 people in the whole world that have fop and only three sets of twins in the whole world that have it so lucy helps me with a lot of tasks she would help me with my hair and should help me go into the toilet because i can’t pull up my own um trousers and vice versa i’m lucy’s taxi because i can drive unless you can so it makes we’re making we make the perfect team don’t we zoey would definitely be more like affected than me but it’s because like we’ve had different injuries and through throughout the years so we can’t walk you can’t feed ourselves how far i can reach i can’t reach up any further than that with both hands we are very grateful to have each other yeah it’d be very lonely if we didn’t have each other i think it’d be quiet it might be nice eight years old when we were diagnosed with fops you didn’t have like your first flare up really till you were at 10 yeah starts really early starts really really young like from birth whereas we had a good length of time without anything which i think was good i think it’s affected us both differently as adults because we’ve had like different had different injuries so i’ve fallen broke my arm and i’ve broken my leg so i can’t walk but i use crutches and a wheelchair for longer distances and you can still walk and feed yourself listen i both create content for instagram and we create uh content for brands and we just love taking pictures jumping the beach also has the best lighting [Music] our followers are the best like they’re so kind and thoughtful and offline i still get messages like now oh i’ve never heard of fop thank you so much for educating us and everything else so the word is getting out there and i’m really grateful for that i’m not really sure what the future is going to hold and fop wise we’re just going to love life and live life and just see what happens but live every day i would say that um the biggest life lesson for both of us is um to be patient with yourself with the people that are helping you you have to just this is my favorite thing you just have to have courage for the things you can’t change because if you don’t you will drive yourself crazy pretty much you have to stay positive you
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