The Time Science Thought A Lost Continent Existed…Thanks To Lemur Bones.

lost continents entire land masses sinking into the ocean never to be seen again most of us only know of one atlantis the big fish no pun intended that always seems to pop up in popular culture to this very day but tales like atlantis are just that tales myths legends yet atlantis wasn’t the only lost continent ever thought up and in fact for a time there was another continent that was thought to have existed but it wasn’t proposed by plato or some science fiction writer instead this was a continent hypothesized in the name of paleontology and geology to explain the unexplainable how the hell did these lemur fossils end up on three different continents this is the story of science being before its time a story of how recent our understanding of the world really is this is the story of lemuria the supposed lost continent in the indian ocean in 1864 zoologist philip slater career lawyer and export ornithologist discovered that lemur fossils found on madagascar were similar to fossils found in india and australia and it’s unlikely lemurs had the naval capabilities to just sail all over so how did these bones spread out across the indian ocean schlatter hypothesized the only explanation was a vast triangular-shaped continent that once existed stretching across the entire ocean he deemed this now lost land lemuria this was not a unique revelation or idea at the time for somebody to propose a land bridge as an explanation for an anomaly before our modern technology to map out the ocean floor there was no acceptance of continental drift continents were seen as stationary limuria wasn’t the first land bridge proposed but it was the first time somebody gave one a fancy name and it stuck natural science in the 19th century was in an odd spot on one hand there was darwin who brought forth the idea of evolution while on the other hand it was still the 19th century so some people used the scientific method to intelligently and eloquently describe their stupid ideas in 1868 ernst heikel a biologist proposed the idea that lemuria was actually the origin of the human race he had already disputed darwin’s out of africa theory and for a time there was a contested debate over which continent was really humanity’s origin pakel and a few others stuck to the claim that humanity had evolved from asia instead and limuria sort of just attached itself to this there were no early human fossils discovered yet in africa and so the only explanation to heikel was that they existed on lemuria and then lemuria sank it was this claim that popularized lemuria in the public conscious proposals by hankel in his the history of creation were that every race was actually an entirely separate species that had independently evolved in lemuria then spread out to their respective homelands now it wasn’t just western europeans that loved the idea of lemuria in fact it took on a nationalistic bent for another people the tamil people of sri lanka you see there is a tamil legend where the people descended from a lost great civilization named kamari condom which came from a continent that sank beneath the ocean sound familiar is it coincidence yes yes it is as the 1870s and 1880s came along the conversation around lemuria was less around the landbridge aspect and more the cult aspect elena petrovna i’m not pronouncing that also known as mother blavosky was born in a russian aristocracy and at a young age had traveled throughout asia it was from this experience that she created her own ideology you could say based on teachings from indian and buddhist philosophy called theosophy following the teachings of the masters as they called it jesus abraham muhammad buddha confucius but what’s more important here is that to mother blafasky lemuria was real it wasn’t simply a lost continent nor a home to a lost empire it was home to a race of hermaphroditic egg-laying forearmed giants called lemurians who had special psychic energy and connections to the cosmos these were one of the original seven human races who lived with dinosaurs before the continent sunk so yeah that’s where the conversation went thankfully alfred wegner proposed the theory of plate tectonics in 1912 as an answer to all of the questions the scientific community had been pondering about for decades the continents simply drifted which meant these lemur fossils were once much closer together everyone collectively agreed that this made more sense and the idea of lemuria died forever just kidding the scientific community dismissed the idea outright and wegner died in 1930 without ever seeing his ideas accepted continental drift wouldn’t be accepted until 20 years after his death once radar was invented and we could actually map out the ocean floor lemuria was proposed in the mid 19th century and really didn’t go away from the scientific discussion until the mid-20th once continental drift was actually accepted the fictions about lost continents were dispelled by the mainstream only to remain 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