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The SUV Of The Future – Audi Urbansphere

welcome to the future a while back i got to drive the audi sky sphere audi’s more sporty gt kind of concept car then later on alex filmed the grand sphere more focused on luxury and comfort and today we have the final piece of the holy trinity of audi’s concept cars this is the future of transport this is the audi urban sphere oh yeah all right the first thing you see obviously i think is the enormous grand entrance you have this red carpet that leads you straight into the grand entrance there’s no b-pillar at all so what you’re exposed to is all of this space and sit down this will actually swivel me back into position that’s awesome all right coming close this is one of my favorite features see this right here look at this ready like this oh yeah oh the magic touch oh yeah got that i got the magic touch see that so that is basically a water fountain but you can fill it up with whatever you want you can fill it up with champagne if you’re not driving get some cups from audi as well you know also what’s super cool is that back here you have a headrest right but it’s also a privacy screen so this let’s say that the guy next to you is super annoying like she just keeps on talking doesn’t stop you can actually activate this to blind oh yeah that’s it conversation’s done alex is sitting beside you yeah when alex is sitting there exactly and if you look at the front door you’ll see there’s a little umbrella sign and what does that mean basically you have this audi umbrella and look what happens this is pretty cool i’ve never seen this anywhere you open it up and you have a light so it’s like multi-function right like it protects you from the rain protects you from the sun this idea was actually proposed by a potential customer so audi basically designed this car for chinese mega cities and they co-created the entire experience with potential consumers over in china i like it i never knew i wanted a light inside of my umbrella but yeah up here you can choose either to drive the car yourself that steering wheel will actually deploy there’s actually a steering wheel behind that panel a lot like the grand sphere reminds you of the grand scheme and you have these projected lights and infotainment up in the front that you can actually select through as well right right now we have it in autonomous mode and this will offer level four autonomous driving which is what audi is trying to roll out by the late 2020s and that basically means that this car will pick you up from your house it’ll pick your friend up it’ll go charged completely independently by itself it’ll take care of everything that you normally need to do as a driver i can’t believe that audi’s actually trying to bring this to the market in the next couple of years if you come around to the site you have this enormous panoramic roof and i mean enormous this is the largest interior that audi has ever made i’m not big enough to appreciate all the space inside here right anyways i want to show you one super cool feature so when you rest your head back like this you have this screen in front of you and on each side of the screen are eye sensors and they detect your line of sight so when i look in a certain way like if i rest my head back and i look to the left and i look at health that actually lights up so crazy it’s super crazy and now let’s say that i want to look at marketplace look all right i’m just gonna move my eyes like this ready i look to the marketplace and that will light up as well there it is marketplace i’m gonna close this door and i want you to get on the other side because this is also black so nathan come around the other side other side other side oh yeah all right step inside nathan you nearly drive another car through the doors i know literally over on the door what we have is like this kind of climate control knob uh this adjusts the seat the climate control even though it’s a physical nap you don’t have to actually touch anything so i can literally just put my hand here and move it to the right and look at the it physically turns all right now let’s do it the same to the left let’s do the same to the left like this look get in close good back to the right let’s go back to the right that is physically moving there’s a lot more sensors in this car than you realize so underneath this knob you have this little sensor it’s actually uh like light underneath the wood and this is basically just to confirm so you’re just hanging out you know selecting through the menu and then just click like that it’s exactly where my middle finger lines up these seats move in a million different ways you know you can swivel them left and right up and back and you can also recline this up to 60 degrees so let’s recline this and the good thing is it has this like egg shape which cocoons you in here and this is comfortable i would say we’ve got the rest of the carpet i know i know i know okay yeah yeah okay yeah let’s fall asleep my favorite part of the outside is the front you know you have this single frame the audi single frame and what’s cool about this one is that it has this octagon shape but it’s like half physical and half digital so you see how that kind of finishes the octagon on each side so when you charge this thing see that the grill lights up green and this thing will charge from five to eighty percent in about 25 minutes and we’ll have a range of 750 kilometers what’s cool as well is that you have this thin sheet it’s like under this clear coat which makes it look incredible it actually uh it just shines that much more it’s actually really really nice and then the turn signals as well you have these super thin headlights but when you use a turn signals you also use this space as well that’s super cool it’s all made up of these little triangles even the headlights when you get in close i love that these are 24 inch wheels and something that you might not pick up on is these rims are actually like an homage to a previous concept car by audi the audi avis from 1991 and this is just a modernized version of it so it has six spokes like this you know and when you compare it to the avis yeah i mean this is just a futuristic version of that it has the same base but they’ve added these kind of you know black touches these are absolutely incredible in the future there’s no such thing as mirrors they also use cameras so you have this super thin side view cameras which they’ve already yeah i mean they’ve already brought this out to some of the cars right they’ve already had this on the e-tron uh we actually filmed that a while back so again this is like a massive tail light you know like a huge tail light on the back but again all this is multi-function so when you do your turn signals to the left all these little triangles they light up i don’t know man i love this stuff it has hazard lights that make these big x’s like warning warning warning and the audi logo the four rings are also light red that looks so tough yeah that does it looks good but it’s pretty badass and under the car you can’t really see it but under the car is where you have the battery pack between the axles yeah you can’t even see it from here but that’s where they are trust us that’s where it is that is the audi urban sphere of the future what do you guys think i mean this is one of the coolest cars i’ve ever reviewed ever in my entire life if this is the direction we’re going in then i’m all for it what do you guys think let us know don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel see you guys next time [Music]
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