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The Supermodel Butt Workout

hey there Exeter’s guess what we have for you today a super special episode again with my friend Andy or Beck we’re going to be doing a super model glute workout just for you guys so I want to show you all the moves that I do with my supermodels to keep their nice toned – she’s ready for the print and for the runway I use the hipster a product that you can use either with the DVD or on your own you can take it anywhere and it’s great to be able to get those little hips movements and the glute exercises in anytime anywhere perfect I’m excited let’s do this so Kelsey to start with the supermodel series and when I have you loop it around your legs keep it flat so it doesn’t roll as best you can move one foot in and then the other it goes right above your knees and flush against your quads there you go and then from there turn onto your side oh I don’t have the flat thing down baby it’s okay and if it tends to roll as long as you have the tension okay that’s what’s most important or thick so laying on your side pop yourself up a little bit so they even support your head uh-huh underneath the elbows there you go you just want your neck to be long and so put your hand under your head just like so yeah that with that hand there you go now in this position this is called the mermaids I’m gonna have to do 20 repetitions okay you’re gonna put your knees together roll your ankles up and out now hold that position with your ankles and lift the top knee to stretch the band using your butt up and down and slowly lower very good feel that awesome perfect good so while you’re keeping accountable for 20 you want to cue your shoulders down and back you can always put your hand on your head underneath if you’re right – keep your head supported as long as you keep your shoulders down and back and your ribs nice and quiet this is the first series very good so from here I’m going to have you do five more we’re gonna change good so you’re having nice high tension three two and one so from the mermaid you do the clam stay in position ankles and knees go all the way up and all the way down the bottom leg stays flush to the ground where you go for 20 if ties you can up very good so again you want to pretend like you’re balancing a teacup on your hip to keep the ribs quiet the shoulders down and back and you want isolate the gluts and do the work very good so should be able to feel that right away sure dude whose bands are often yeah and so if you can get as high as you can the better tension okay your job let’s try and do all movements without stopping got it five Lauren you’re gonna hold it to top good three from here last two and hold so that clam is gonna go to karate class give it a kick close the kick put the knee back down that’s your first wrap out of 20 where you go lift hold and kick very good you guys do it down again yeah you sure do you lift open up there so now try and add a little bit of momentum and some tension high as you can there you go perfect that’s what we’re looking for high up and kick high up and kick so you can see how you would need accumulate and you do enough reps count with an attention you’re gonna be able to feel the glutes right away good so I have another one coming for you keep quiet in here good with the work for last three changes coming to more and one keep the extended toe just like so enough from here with a nice strong long body use your glutes to lift the top leg up and down very good high as you can one very good so you should feel a huge burn right now so when you’re strong in your glutes not only do they look good in short shorts they actually aid another movement such as squatting and running sprinting stairs you want nice strong foots to aid in other movements and then also look really good very good nice strong knee high as you can 5 reps tell circles last for more and then you go into circles last three last two last one hold for a second and then from here circles one way all the way around nice big round circles one very good quiet through the hips quiet through the shoulders isolate the glute at it very good so if you become a super pro at these and you want to do more than 20 reps per side go ahead the beginning though definitely keep control with your rep counts so that your form is good and you don’t use your back five four till you switch three and two and one other side up and around you go very good give me my last set nice and strong good shoulders down keep your breathing every time you do a rap just think of your short short on your bikini good ten from here nine more eight seven think in your mind perfect short shorts tight white tights four three and two and one Kristin tell you’re ready oh my goodness it’s awesome so when you’re ready swing beat up and I’m just gonna have you layer this good all right so popping down first get into position to make sure that you’re isolating your hips okay keeping your ribs quiet shoulders down and back and then we’ll start with the mermaid okay so the ankles are together turned up 20 repetitions open and close what I love about your posture is you’re keeping your shoulders stacked and your hips stacked you’re not using your lower back or your abs to twist you’re isolating the buns for 20 if you start to feel like you’re rotating too much and you’re getting out of form slow it down isolate the glutes once again and then keep going your keys to do them right not trying to do through them fast here for four more three and two and one resting good top ankle taught me clams 20 where you go bottom leg stays where it is good now the higher you go obviously the more contraction you’ll feel try and keep a nice light knee and make sure that the clams are slow and consistent very good I can imagine you feel that I am so feeling right now I can tell by your expression very good high as you can there you go just breathe through them stay strong here four more three till karate class to now whole give it a kick return the knee and back down lifting kick very good now these ones are hard because not only are the glutes lifting the leg they also have to hold it elevated for the duration of the kick it’s tough it is tough very good these bands are amazing you guys all need one of these very good you can use them to stretch too this is why I really like them but they’re lightweight and versatile so the really good tool to be able to use anywhere to get your group work done by more from here miss Kelsey and then you’re gonna straighten that leg and the windshield washers three two and one good take a second break I know it’s burning three two and one keep it straight point that toe push the heel back with the glute isolate okay lift and lower all through the glutes one very good nice straight knee there you go lock it out strong oh very good so this is at the end where you start to cheat and the body starts to use the ribs to do the movement if you need to take a break and restart again go ahead and do that make sure your posture is good or you won’t be able to isolate your bump that’s what we’re focused on five more of those four more last three we’ll take a quick break – and one hold just hold her hold good here you go okay you’re ready for last set or 15 each side okay point the toe adjust your posture nice strong circles here’s our finish line girlie good work think of all the results you’ll do the pencil test on your bum yeah nice strong circles big circles from the hip there you go there’s my movement good four three two last circles of your life right here up and around okay girlie it’s worth the work loving the shoulders here’s your hips very good counting down got it we’re gonna start to get those glutes on fire live they are four more last three and you’re done last two last one good booty work girl guy’s butt is on fire you guys need one of these it’s amazing yeah and so if you don’t use the hipster you can find it on my website and Rebecca calm however you can also use an elastic band tie it around and just make it as tight as you want to for the resistance you could find it in the sporting goods store or anywhere online okay you guys thank you so much for working out with me I hope you’re working out if you didn’t better press pause and leave the decisions and go through it I won’t even have to check out her website though look at the DVD she has these fans are seriously awesome so make sure you get one of those subscribe to an exit make sure you’re involved with our email newsletter leave a comment let us know what you thought of today’s workout you know what I thought my butt is on fire I’ll tell you what and then you guys can follow me on twitter at Kelsey lucam we will see you soon
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