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The Scientific 7-Minute High-Intensity Workout

don’t have a lot of time here’s a seven minute hit workout that last major calories and gives you serious results here we go all right you guys seven minute hit workout I’ve got an e here to join us for the workout our goal is to do 30 seconds of each move for the little 10-second break in between to get to the next move it’s not gonna feel like a long time so just try your best to stay with us you ready girl I’m ready all right we’re gonna start with jumping jacks everybody ready feet together and begin up and over with it with the arms really keep those arms strong here a lot of people really was out on jumping jacks and they let their arms flop around but really go strong work those shoulders warm it up lovely stay on the balls of your feet remember pull your abs in tight engaging the core everything matters good breathe nice little warm-up move to get us started got a couple more seconds here good three two one all right we’re gonna back it up try to find a wall near you we’re gonna go into a nice little wall fit so your feet should be about shoulder width apart you want to go into a nice little 90 degree parallel squat if you can now press your back against the wall make sure your shoulders are back and if you can even pull your toes up off the ground oh my goodness right good so this is something that you can really and get those quads strong and you’re working those muscles in an isometric way pressing your back against the wall pulling your toes up hold it strong couple more seconds to do it okay you’re almost there three two one awesome come on up shake it out we’re gonna bring it down to the mat we’re gonna go into a little push-up okay so this is very simple basic pushup get yourselves ready to rock and roll begin drop it down press it up remember you can always do modify on the push ups okay either way you can go modified a regular just try to get yourself forward all the way down Oh way up if you don’t have much range of motion and drop to your knees because these little push-ups here aren’t doing much for your arms and shoulders right you can always modify going down in a couple more seconds good give me four more seconds three two one oh my oh no full I know it gets those artists fired up now flip it on your back not a lot of time we’re gonna go right into a crunch okay so 90 degrees with those legs lift the shoulder blades up off the ground and then you’re gonna gently lower them back down so lift the chest up towards the sky lower down slow chest up towards the sky lower it down slow you want to pause here really think about pulling your chest up towards the ceiling so those shoulder blades come up off the ground guys are do it amazing good breathe as you pull up remember exhale here good exhale last one breathe awesome now come up onto your feet you’re gonna get a chair or a step up whatever you have around you make sure it’s on a steady surface we’re gonna do a nice little step up here make sure you can see us one foot up on ready step up drive that opposite knee up lightly down yeah you can keep your foot up there and then you’re just lightly tapping on the way down good lift up squeeze and down nice doing great and that’s a burner I know right now here we’re gonna switch legs right now cuz we only got 30 second casts gotta get both legs in up and down squeeze it up nice and low remember on your way down you want to control it so you’re using your glutes when you’re coming up you’re using those abs to keep your balance good last one good and step off now right into squat so feet are hip-width apart remember it’s important to keep that chest high so we’re gonna go down for a squat and then we’re down keep your heels on the ground your chest high good and that’s it and track it down so you get that parallel line from your quads to the floor couple more seconds three two and one right on the marker okay we’re going to go into some dips next you only got ten seconds so get yourself into position you want your hands pretty close to your hips here you’re going to lengthen the legs out straight or bend the knee just drop it down good a knee and then press it up good so you’re going down and remember you can modify this by bending the knees so that you can really feel that you can keep your back close to the chair guy that’s it in the elbows drop straight back nice look you look great burn it out laughs couple two one more good so we’re getting these quick quick sets now I’m gonna move it around so that you can go down into a place mat so we’re gonna drop down to the elbows here and we’re just gonna hold it all right on the toes and when you’re doing the plank I really want you to pull your bellybutton in tight pull that back nice and straight press those elbows into the floor so your shoulder blades don’t collapse push away from the ground hold those abs in tight and breathe go ahead feeling it burner sometimes just a simple a flag really gets those ABS fired up she’s a little good last couple seconds three two what ants come on up nice now we’re gonna go into some high knees so let’s just get into it lift those knees good here we go nice job come on come on you’re almost there you guys bring it on bring it home couple more seconds look burn it burn it three two one good next we’re going to go into some lunges so you want to stand at the top of your mat you’re gonna take a short step forward drop the back knee press up and switch drop it press up and switch drop it press up and switch keep the chest high try not to let that knee go over the toe it’s important to keep it nice and nice and sharp so when you step out you drop straight down don’t go forward strap straight down last couple seconds three two last one and then bring it down to the floor you got your last move here last couple moves we’re going to go push-up and rotation so in a push-up position all right you’re gonna go down for a push-up come all the way up rotate up towards the sky nice and then down and go the other way and open beautiful couple more push up rotate good don’t forget to breathe that’s right gotta use that breath here that’s important last couple seconds three good two and let’s go down to our side so we’ve got a side plank next gonna go on the elbows lengthen out the legs lift the hips and hold you have your arm of strength or you can have your arm and your hands behind your head but lift those hips up from the floor good and then switch other side come on quickly quickly left it’s only a seven-minute workout we’ll get everything in that we can we’re working every muscle in the body keeping our cardio up three five one four three two and oona reach out with that quick and efficient right we’re to get that workout in today guys see you next time on pop sugar fitness you
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