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The Rarest Car Collection In The World | Private Access

what’s up guys supercar blondie here in LA behind these doors are some of the most incredible most unique most expensive cars in the world and we have special access today thanks to michelin that’s going it’s the vault [Music] they’ve got bodyguards for the cars here yeah these calls hugely protected there are over 200 in these doors what this used to be is just leased space here up until that first wall that you can see that was the vault and then they had so many more cars over the years that they have now opened are all the way down so we’re going to show you some of the most incredible most unique cars in the vault here at the Petersen Museum let’s start over young here in our Hollywood car section most of these cars have been in Hollywood movies or TV for example this is a called zebra Mustang Susanna Frank Sinatra movie called marriage on the rocks yep the next car 1966 this was used in the old Green Hornet TV series Green Hornet 16 meets yes well you see we have the Green Hornet in the back but a lot of people don’t know driver of this car was Kato who was Bruce Lee won his first TV series oh wow next cars a mongrel team and Elvis Presley movie called easy come easy go he was a surfer in Hollywood this car was later recycled and used in the Batman TV series as the Joker movie oh that’s cute she’s American so how long have you guys had all of these kazimir 1994 yeah some of the cars come and go yeah some of these cars are original some are very very resolved so something so depending on when you come to the museum you might see this you might not in like every week but still different Wow yeah I come in here one day a week and I always come down here first to see what’s new we have we sent cars out to car shows all the time yeah we have cars come in all the time yeah sometimes just for a week or two yeah and so there’s always a changeover yeah about 80% of the cars that are down here in the vault are driving yeah you can drive them well you’ll see most of that casing okay yeah and so we try to drive them as frequently as we can it’s not good to let them just sit yeah so we try to drive them if they know when we saw the dents in my party so yeah we take them up to the root sometimes just driving around yes just for just to keep keep the engine oil yeah so you guys have a big leaf to you do you someone yeah we definitely have the left it’ll take yourself to the third floor that’s all apart what are we looking at here this is the Jaguar from James Bond I another day this was the bad guy car and of course James Bond had some work yeah yeah now if you ever seen that movie there’s a really good scene in there where James Bond is being chased by this car with a machine gun they’re going across the frozen lake yeah well you know yeah well they figured out pretty quickly that neither of those cars did really well on pikes so this car is actually a four-wheel-drive Ford Explorer with a Jaguar body on them this is what they used to film interesting Wow okay cool and so that’s still obviously all workable right you’d have to know and drive that sure it’s like and needs to be W this is from miss sunshine that’s a great movie awesome what else is the Mach 5 this was actually from the cartoon series Speed Racer actually not really used in a movie per se but this is a replica of what that car that’s Austin Powers ah it’s crazy to think you know when you look at these cars all these all these incredible movie stars have actually sat behind the wheel of these cars are below well it does say grace on the sides kind of a giveaway that I didn’t see the thing with these cars down here what do they need to be either super rare or someone special has owned them or what’s the deal with the vault well we have five six criteria very rare it was a big one if it had the provenance which means somebody famous owned it if it has a race history okay use of the race history if it has something unique as far as technology goes especially if something that was invented okay so those are kind of the criteria we use what do what Dom sends out when you say unique technology because that’s quite interesting is there one car here that really stands out to you well you know a lot of them actually yeah for example the Davis over there the green car yeah that or even this yellow card she’s a curandera 1954 this was the first all fiberglass car until the United States very unique because it has these sliding doors [Music] yeah such a door kind of slides okay yeah that’s really cool and and then this one you were saying something else 48 this was built after World War 2 this was supposed to be four great all the latest technologies world war two for example that roof is a fiberglass removable roof the fiberglass was still in its infancy and I so that was very rare to see fiberglass and of course is very aerodynamic yes yes shape unfortunate wasn’t very successful we only got 13 news okay so what’s the nice valuable car you know it’s really hard to say it’s hard to judge a value of a car you know until somebody shows up with a check yeah I mean like what is this car worth until somebody wants to buy it and I really don’t know now you’re gonna gonna see the round ball rolls now that is that is probably a very rare car most expensive car that I’m aware of that we have a really good feel for there’s probably the 1957 Jaguar xkss okay which was owned by Steve McQueen oh yes one of 16 that we’re building to the version of the Jaguar d-type racing cars this could be one of the most expensive cars in the entire museum I’ve seen reports of it being worth 30 to 40 million but again nobody knows so this is the first Ferrari ever built we’re standing next to it right now that’s pretty special this is a 125 s two of them were built they race him for a few years and then they eventually converted him to 160 successes and they race them and then they sold them all and nothing’s being changed I mean this is all original well when it was converted to 166 they changed the body when this was recently restored they went back to the original body I even though that’s not the original body it’s the original shape every time so it’s a replica but everything underneath this is original it’s a one and a half liter v12 just imagine what someone would pay pit up yeah I mean you could be more than a Ferrari 250 GTO yeah we don’t really know this car I believe is on loan to the museum mm-hmm so we don’t own this car right so some of the cars in here up the loan to the museum you know a lot about there’s a kind of switched yeah about half of the ones you’re gonna see here in the hall okay you’re the ones are on the loan sometimes very very long when I find super interesting is that when you’ve bought a Rolls Royce back in the day you didn’t buy the body you actually just bought the engine and the chassis and then we took it to your own body builder and you can design what you wanted the car to look like so that’s what these rolls looks like no other rolls on the road today incredible I’ve knows anything like it 19:25 rolls-royce phantom one phantom one but it was modified 1934 yet with this new body on it Wow Belgium how many of them are one just one this is a popemobile but he never actually drove in this car because there’s no protection for him there’s no roof but he did officially bless this car so it is an official popemobile so that’s pretty cool this car has a very interesting story this is the car that Saddam Hussein was driven out of Baghdad in so it’s quite incredible the kind of collection that they have here such diverse stories and backgrounds this rolls this is the very last car that Bobby Kennedy was in before his assassination this very car right in front of us really innovative with this museum I’ve never seen anything like it I hope you guys have enjoyed this video please give us a quick thumbs up spread the word leave us a comment what car was your favorite what was intriguing big big thanks to Michelin of course for giving us access to the vault it’s been incredible thank you guys so so much and to the Petersen museum of course as well we’re gonna see you on the next vid somewhere else in the world and now I’m out love you just walked outside the museum this is their newest arrival it has literally just been brought in it’s a movie vehicle if anyone knows what movie this is from leave a comment below [Music]
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