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The Quickest Muffin-Top Workout | Class FitSugar

I’ve got a five-minute ab workout that’ll help flatten the stomach [Music] get ready to lose the muffin top you guys come down to the floor we’re gonna start with a torso twist on all fours so you want your hands under your shoulders knees under your hips we’re gonna take a nice reach under the body reach up towards the sky pause and then bring it right back under so here you’re really twisting from the ribcage and the obliques you want to try to keep your hips nice and squared up alright let’s switch up the other side reach under the body drop the shoulder and then reach up towards the sky let your head rotate with your shoulder okay so your neck twist with your shoulder come under reach up pause whew and let that whole upper body start to warm up now in a push-up position we’re gonna do a little plank series so we’re gonna start on the hands and we’re gonna just start with a nice easy leg raise but here it’s really important not to let your hips sag okay you want to really keep your abs tight pull in the belly button keep your weight over your hands you want to avoid coming this way alright keep your weight right here abs are pulled in tight this is just a simple leg raise you take zero Bleek’s getting your deep abdominals you can grip back now let’s go into a creepy crawler so knee to elbow back and forth now you’re really getting an oblique crunch with a plank this is one of my favorites whew getting that breath up you’re working the entire section of that middle abdominals back ABB’s everything’s working good the last one we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come down to the elbows in this plank series we’re gonna rotate opening really working on that side plank come back to the middle and switch so that side plank really works those obliques and you’re still supporting your whole torso up above the floor looking good let me get one more in each side don’t feel it warm all right beautiful awesome now let’s get into target practice are you ready so coming down onto your back you want to keep your back flat on the floor knees at 90 we’re gonna reach over and across the body now you’re working the obliques here you’re gonna extend one leg exhale and bring it in exhale and bring it in good this is a way that you’re really working those deep abdominals pull that back right to the floor keep yourself with shoulder blades off the ground one more on this side lengthen and switch shoulder blades stay up this is so hard I know keep breathing though exhale as you lengthen that leg arms are nice and long shoulder blades are up give me one more on this side oh and then breathe for one second all right come up into a seated Sidewinder but we’re gonna add a figure eight so imagine that you are kayaking along that river and you’re digging in your road to eating that upper body oh and you’re getting those obliques of fire guys this is the muffin top workout you really gotta pull that belly button in towards the spine and by moving rotating you are gonna work that muffin top off you got it last couple of seconds good and one beautiful and extra challenge would be to pick your feet up next time okay all right now we’re gonna go into a nice little oblique plank with a crunch so with this one you’re gonna lift you’re gonna bring that knee to elbow and then extend squeeze and extend now you can modify this going from the knee bring it in and extend okay now this one’s important you’ve got all these muscle groups supporting you and then you’re working this top nice little oblique squeeze crunch and bring it out we’re gonna go one more boom like that alright so modify or make it harder on yourself come all the way up onto those feet okay you’re lifting more body weight squeeze and extend oh baby good remember every time that you’re in that plank you’re pulling that bellybutton in towards your spine you really have to engage those muscles I’m not that easy keep working you can always modify you got one more whew and relax alright our last move I love integrating these two favorite moves of mine a straight legged crunch with a twist so arms are overhead you’re gonna roll up nice little straight posture boom boom peel your spine down remember low backs upper back touch roll up flat back twist twist from the lower back to the upper back don’t cheat on that part that’s really important touch peel all the way down over the top whoa turn turn do you notice how we’re working those deep abdominals and then we’re adding those twist moves this is the key roll it back down and you’re done great job with that muffin top workout you guys hope you felt the burn on that one reach out with the workout guys we’ll see you next time on pop sugar fitness you
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