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The Origin Of El Chapo | Narco Wars

[music playing] It was find
everybody involved. Find them now. We knew there was
an individual that was responsible for all
the logistical movement of marijuana and then cocaine,
but we weren’t sure who he was. So we raided house,
after house, after house. One name pops up, and
he continued to pop up– Chapo Guzmán. People called him
Chapo, which is a shorty. He was a five-foot-six guy
who started out as a little kid selling oranges on the side
of the road, down in Sinaloa. At that time, he was
well down the ranks of the Sinaloa cartel. He was a border rat. He knew virtually every
corner of the border– where was the most
highly-patrolled area, where were desolate areas, where was
the most valuable part of it in terms of cocaine trafficking. Cartel bosses recognized
that he was extremely smart. He was years ahead
of anybody else that ever came into the
drug-smuggling scene. The flip side to
that is he was also a ruthless, cold,
calculated killer. 30 guys were used to
dig this tunnel, night and day, for months and months. They kept them
locked up in a house. And the cartel wanted to
keep it secret so bad, and they were worried
somebody would talk about it, so they executed them all
and dumped them into a well. So basically, all the
tunnel diggers dug their own grave for the cartel. It was a gold mine for them. A kilo of cocaine, back in those
days, about $24,000 a kilo. This tunnel probably
would have ran, who knows, one truck a day,
two trucks a day, three maybe. Chapo went from the
little guy over here in Douglas, to
captain in the cartel. He was such a rising star. Chapo was nicknamed
by the Colombians as [speaking spanish] because he was so fast in moving the cocaine. He didn’t share his
methods of transportation, but he was a genius
and troublemaker.
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