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The OFFICE Way To Make Tacos

in today’s video we are seeing if we can put together an entire meal using just office supplies [Music] Kalli right here we seem to have quite a strange assortment of things we’ve got food but we’ve also got some very non food yeah I got some office supplies huh we’re gonna make dinner we’re gonna make dinner with the office hopefully with the food supplies as well see what happens okay we’ve got a coffee maker got some paper clips yep there’s a printer a desk lamp yep and we’ve got paper shredder encounter behind us we have a little guillotine paper cutter so the plan as I understand it is we are going to see if we can make tacos using all of this equipment I’ve really confident that we can we’re just gonna have to get really creative here I like the idea what’s gonna be the main ingredient to tacos are we doing pork beef chicken what’s the thought so we’re gonna do beef I’ve got some carnitas marinating in the fridge right now so we’re gonna pull that out and we’re gonna get that cooking somehow here’s the basic idea we’ve got all the ingredients to make which should be some delicious tacos as long as we can find a way to prepare it we’re going to try and do all of that using regular office equipment so this is steak marinated in an orange juice garlic powder and salt it’s actually really really good sounds delicious it’s amazing specifically we’re going with office equipment that is not one of those nice offices that has like a whole break room with an oven and a stove and microwave ya know where we’re going with like a kind of bare-bones office supplies so how are we preparing this there is exactly one item on this counter that’s gonna get hot enough to go through yeah so there’s actually a method of cooking meats and vegetables and other things called sous-vide and you use hot water baths to cook your meat now our coffee pots can get a lot hotter than you’re supposed to cook anything the way you would at sous-vide temperatures but we’re going to drive anyways okay maybe just short of time no we’re just want even there see how it works I guess as if we were making just a full pot of coffee let’s just find out all right all right I should also warn you that after you’ve done this and probably don’t want to use it with paper anymore there’s also a lovely demonstration of why you don’t want your fingers in the blade [Music] [Music] [Music] like there’s a lot more than shopping [Music] like it does a good job of slicing through but then the blade doesn’t extend far enough in theory we could also actually just remove this blade and chop that but okay for convenience sake let’s just go for slices and then chop it up I think you’re right that’s that’s gonna be the better plan now while you’re prepping that I think it’s time for a little bit of lettuce well what’s better for shredding than a shredder so here we’ve got a paper shredder I mean the lettuce shredder which I may have disabled the safety on so it can just shred like this we’re gonna see if our lettuce is enough to activate the shredding mechanism let us find out [Music] it started – we got a little bit okay grease the lettuce [Applause] it it it did just like the stiffer part of the lettuce [Music] [Music] all the kados aren’t very tough splitting avocado with a paper clip here [Music] [Music] razor wire of a paperclip knife rubber coated paper clips yeah they’re actually like safety paper clips that are not as good at cutting as regular paper clips and it still works on an avocado so avocados are not really the toughest food to cut in fact among foods that require cutting avocados are I would say among the simplest [Music] [Music] yep onion yeah [Music] [Music] oh there we go good you know lacking a true mortar and pestle I think we have a different plan for how to smash all this up well you take take this printer yeah yes so this is like a printer scanner combination so with that oh I think it’s leaking a little bit now that’s probably a good sign that I need stuff plenty of garlic insulting that just how I like it got some tortillas here and just to get those a little warmer we’re just gonna place these on our lamp for a minute we’re not trying to cook them just trying to warm them up [Music] mmm delicious [Music] well after heating our tortillas up on our lamp we do want to keep them warm so we’re gonna use the warming pad of the coffee pot I think that’ll that’ll do ok then to keep them going [Music] it serves assemble some tacos double cheese shredded lettuce you got to lose yes please onion I’ve got a little wine and guacamole here what do you do it like that I’m gonna taco out of office supplies okay time for a taco Cheers [Music] well that’s not ideal guys thanks for watching click up there to check out our last video we’ll see in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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