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The Mystery Of Magnetic Worms – Smarter Every Day 253

Trent just made a discovery
and it’s almost made us mad. It’s an earthworm…..
A worm…. a magnet. (Laughing) What’s going on? This makes us mad because
nobody’s told us this before. (More laughing) Does that mean that the worm has…. can you…. can it hang from the
magnet? I haven’t tried. Is it just one part of
his body? …Or HER body? …the heck man? It felt that. Oh, look what it just did! What did it do? It broke part of its body. The magnet did!? Yeah Do you think there’s a piece
of metal inside the worm? Is it just in that location?
I don’t know. I think so. ⚡ZAP!⚡ Oh! The worm shocked me. Okay… Worm… (Brain overloaded) You think there’s a little…. maybe there’s like a little…. was this on the ground? Yeah! There’s more of them out
there. It’s just the one location. So this worm has a piece of metal in it. We can go look and find some more. More worms. All right. Could we have another there’s two worms (Whispers softly in disbelief) SHUTUP …THEHECKMAN (Trent giggles) This makes me angry because
I don’t understand it. Look at that. Is there something in the digestive system? Of… I have…. I have to pick up a warm with a magnet.
-Do it There’s another worm. (Inaudible bewilderment) Oh, you see it? (INHALE GASP) Oh… what’s happenin’?…… dude. (Laughing) Oh what’s happenin? Oh man. What’s going on, dude? Why don’t I know…. that’s a dead worm. I think they’re pooping out…
Is the soil? Does the soil have to much… it’s not a dead worm. Does the soil have so much iron in it? -Let’s go find a….uh Come here! Get that one. (Both laugh) Okay. Come on worm. We ain’t going….
We’re not going to fish with you. Okay. So here, go ahead. Try. So is it just worms in
proximity to the shop? -I don’t know. That’s not a magnetic worm!
That’s a non-ferrous worm. (Laughing) -Brand new sentence right there! The non-ferrous worm Cannot believe this is
what we’re doing right now. This is the RIGHT thing to be doing…
picking up worms with magnets. Okay. Conclusion is…
– I have a theory. What’s your theory?
-The blanket was sitting on the driveway. Yeah. And it has been there for
a day. Two days. Yeah. With a bunch of rainfall and there’s
much iron dust all over the, …And they’d been eating it. Okay. We’ve
got a pile of steel here. All right. I want there to be a warm under this. (Metal scraping) I struck out there’s no worms. (Clanking and moving metal) This isn’t right. There’s not a worm in here… We are worm poor…. (gasp) There’s a worm….he’s a tiny, tiny worm. No…… These worms, (Pointing) These are the ferrous worms. (Laughing) OK, so… All right. So all of this.
Yeah! You see all this? This is all iron from when we were
grinding. That’s what’s going on! There’s iron in the worms digestive
system. That’s what’s happening! 😂 Oh man! We’ve poisoned
the worms. Humanity. That just jumped up on the magnet. Golly. So we’ve ground iron or steel
in these locations and that’s all rust and we’ve created…. I feel bad! I feel like we’ve done something
wrong, man. Look at that! That is insane. But the Earth’s crust
has a lot of iron in it (confused). So does that mean that
there could be like locally, you could measure the “ferrous-city” of the soil based on how magnetic worms are? You have the magnet in a paint cap. And so you just run it like that and that’s how you picked up stuff and you pull that out and then all your nails are
right there. Yup. Except I did it wrong. You do it over the garbage can
and they fall out, you see. Open up your hand. Do that and then you pull magnet out
and then the nails fall out and that’s And you picked up a worm on accident? Hahaha! That’s how we made the great discovery. That’s how that’s how things happen. Okay. So I just recorded a video about worms and I love it. I love that video. It’s so simple that like the mystery
and the magic of like trying to figure out this worm problem. I love that. And I that’s like, that’s where
I like to operate as a person. I just want to explore the world
using science and I want it to be fun. And that’s what I’m going to
do. And so here’s my play. I want to be able to show you
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worm news and Alabama. I mean, you know what I’m trying to say! I want
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because that’s what smarter every day is for me. So THANK YOU also to the
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I’m Destin, you’re gettin’ smarter every day. Have a good one. Bye.
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