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The MOST UNIQUE Fire Pit EVER In This Mid-Century Home | Flip Or Flop | HGTV

[Music] hi hey what’s going on the neighborhood’s really cute the neighborhood’s cute i don’t know about this house though yeah house little sketch yeah so this house is a little over 1200 square feet all right they’re asking 525 i already pulled up the comps this 4 bedroom 2 bath about 1 600 square feet just sold for 630 and the next comp i found just sold for 669. wow it’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath 13 36 square feet it’s kind of blowing my mind that a 1300 square foot house in santa ana is selling for 670 000 well definitely needs a little tlc the driveway looks good the entire house is wood siding but look at the windows completely original where is the lock on the front door oh it is okay welcome home wow there’s junk everywhere oh thanks house is a disaster but what do you think of the look itself the ceilings are super cool it has like a unique mid-century vibe and i think it could be something that buyers love and we could definitely get top dollar this 1256 square foot three-bedroom two-bath house has a great layout with vaulted ceilings in the living room and dining room and then the bedrooms and baths are all off the central hallway the kitchen oh my gosh it’s so small this is definitely load bearing oh my gosh oh what happened in here looks like a grease fire oh man it’s filthy filthy so it’s so narrow you can barely walk in here i definitely think it needs to be reconfigured we just have to bump all this out if we were trying to sell it for like 6 50 or 675 it had to be perfect what do you think of a cost we’re probably looking at 15 to 16. carpet on the bathroom floor that is so gross look at the toilet oh my god it’s nasty there’s not even a shower either oh there is a shower there’s a shower it’s not a good-looking shower but there’s a shower oh my god i would have never known there’s a shower back there in a dark cave i mean probably seven thousand what the heck is going on in here is this a gym this is a decent boat oh my gosh what is that an exercise bike that’s an exercise bike wow so this has got to be the master yep has its own bathroom at least carpet again well sink if we were to buy this i would say we put a vanity to here and then the toilet facing here mm-hmm this is about i don’t know eight or nine thousand okay bedroom number three oh what’s going on there i think they were trying to take the wallpaper off it didn’t go so well did not as well so they just left it yeah this patio cover is definitely horrific looking oh my gosh it’s gotta come down right yeah absolutely and then we have this backyard it’s actually a good-sized yard but the problem is is it’s just like so much going on back here it’s gonna cost a fortune look at the size of this pool oh oh are those mushrooms growing probably that’s disgusting so if i were to guess back here low 20s well we definitely need a landscape right [Music] here so did you like it so the good news is just a lot of cosmetics so what do you think the inside is gonna cost i would say 65 does that include opening up the kitchen wall it doesn’t if you buy this house out to see what’s happening inside the wall before i could give you a price our all-cash offer at 540 000 was accepted and the house is ours now we’re going to completely rip it apart to see what we’re dealing with [Music] what’s up izzy hey what’s going on how much are you doing cleaned up in here yeah it is all right the wall that’s why we’re here so tell me about it so we removed this wall here you’re severely compromising the house why it’s more than just load bearing this is a a seismic wall for earthquakes so now i have to distribute this weight to that wall and to the outside wall it’s a lot more work and money so what are we looking at opening it up twelve grand twelve thousand dollars i gotta increase the footings i gotta increase the beam and then i gotta do more lateral work on both sides of the house originally we thought we were gonna get what 670 for this place right if we did this extra work we’d have to get above 680 to make it make sense i mean buyers walk in seeing this kitchen or buyers walk in seeing everything wide open i would pay 30 000 more we can’t do 12 thousand dollars israel because of our relationship i’ll do it for ten five and we’re trying to get a lot of money for the house let’s just do it i agree let’s do it all right awesome [Music] izzy oh my gosh what’s going on can you help me of course really heavy looks so open in here ah what do you got in here lots of stuff oh wow it’s time to design the kitchen i like we have sort of like a more mid-century look just kind of basic but i really like this backsplash that’ll be different so for this look it’s it’s really modern i feel like the buyer in this neighborhood is kind of going to want more of a modern look so this would be the backsplash definitely out of the box yeah yeah and then this look this would be the flooring which has like a cement look and then the countertops and then backsplash in a herringbone pattern the kicker here is that this would be the cabinet you know the herringbone is probably gonna cost the most and you’re probably looking about eighteen hundred dollars more okay eighteen hundred dollars more to do all this mm-hmm all right we got our luck all right cool [Music] watch your fingers oh wow wait wait remember what it looked like before it was nasty it was so bad i’m glad we did white because it looks a lot bigger very clean very modern look you know what’s crazy like the ceilings are really cool once you put the pendant lights it’s gonna look insane all right let’s get back to work the inside of the house is starting to look really good but to get buyers to pay top dollar for this home we really need to do something that will grab their attention so my landscape designer is going to stop by to give us a hand all right jesse this backyard sucks i agreed what do you think christine like do some type of a design here everything faces this area so take down the patio and then clean everything up and then maybe do some type of fire pit a cool seating area some nice pavers yeah i think we should come up with something really cool over there i’ve got some ideas some sort of fire feature or something this is the focal point right the thing is obviously we could go totally crazy out here and this honestly you’ll probably spend like 50 grand or maybe 40 grand so we go 40 000 i mean we’re way over 100 so where can we cost there’s some things that are up in the air like where’s the pool equipment hiding behind the jungle damn there’s definitely some kind of pool equipment in there and probably something living in there too that’s another contingency we might need all new equipment that could be thousands of dollars but we don’t know so we still have to clean it out and see if it works i would give it 50 feet a chance it might work those pumps are really resilient the filter might even be good too all right so whatever we can get down between 20 and 25 that’s our budget we’ll make it happen all right all right great [Music] fancy fancy so i want to do something different in here i know it’s a mid-century modern house so i know the herringbone’s kind of cool and you love it right but i did throw in multi-color because i was going for the modern mid-century look yeah i love the designs perfect [Music] the fire cage how cool is that very unique he said it spins spins yeah that’s really cool i like it because it has like a very modern element to it which really ties in the inside want me to light it up yeah you ready oh geez wow look at that i love it oh my god that’s so cool very very very awesome [Music] well the yard did come out pretty darn cool it definitely looks amazing but i mean the big question is did it pay off well we paid 540 000 for the house after the rehab inside and outside we actually spent pretty much 100 000 okay uh with staging and selling costs that’s about another 25 so our break even 665. okay so i have some comps here the best comp we have three bedroom two bath 1300 square feet sold for 660 000. the comps have actually dropped 10 000 since we started so that really nice comp is our break even lower than our break even yeah i think we need to come in quite a bit higher than the cops if we list at 6.99 i mean there’s a possibility of making money but it is high so we’ll see 700 000 for a three bedroom two bath in santa ana hopefully we don’t lose money fingers crossed beautiful oh all right first impression it’s so light and bright now the patio is gone and it really opens up to the backyard and the backyard looks amazing too on the backyard jesse definitely nailed the inside izzy nailed it overall the design we did looks really really good so before obviously the kitchen was terrible removing this wall made the house i think if we didn’t do it we wouldn’t sell it it was expensive but now seeing everything 6.99 might actually be realistic and the kitchen looks so cute oh i love the backsplash i like these lights too wow this is really nice really open oh my gosh it’s so bright kind of a small kitchen it’s small but i like how it opens up you can have people sitting here while you’re entertaining oh here’s the first bathroom oh i love this neat design i’ve never seen that before that looks beautiful it is pretty this is the master bedroom oh wow you’ve got your attached bathroom oh and they continued the same tile same here i love it oh my gosh look at this backyard oh the pool is awesome look at the fire pit that is beautiful that’s so neat wow this creates that whole outdoor living entertaining this is wonderful i’d love this at night everybody’s sitting around here [Music] our hope for setting a new standard of comps in the area didn’t pan out so we reduced the list price to 6749 and we received a full price offer after closing costs we made a profit of 10 000 it’s not the biggest gain but we’re just happy that we didn’t lose money time to find another house to flip you
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