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The Most Dangerous Carnivore Animals | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn about the three most dangerous carnival animals the three most feared animals presenting the lion the shark and the crocodile the lion the lion is the second’s largest feline in the world after the tiger they can measure almost two and a half meters in length and can weigh 250 kilos that’s 250 kilograms of sheer strength and agility wow they have excellent sight and can see six times better than humans can at night time they also have great hearing and are able to hear the noise made by small mammals such as this meerkat moving they also have powerful teeth and dangerously sharp claws they live in africa as well as north east india and tend to live in prides which are like families and are usually made up of 15 females one to three males and many cubs younger than three years old the lionesses are very family orientated as they have always been living in the same pride with their grannies mothers daughters cousins and sisters a wild lion tends to live between 10 to 14 years but in captivity meaning in zoos a lion even lived to see his 25th birthday lions are actually very lethargic animals and spend their days sleeping or resting and at night time they become more active and go out to hunt but not a great deal because out of the 24 hours in a day they spend 20 hours resting normally it is the female witch hunts and they prey on zebras antelopes and buffalo but sometimes they even try to catch an elephant even though the lionesses do most of the hunting the males get to eat first and that’s a bit cheeky don’t you think it is very easy to identify the differences between a male line and a female as the male has a big mane and is larger in size the female gives birth to two to four cubs and their gestation period is around a hundred days during the first three months the cubs feed on their mother’s milk as they are mammals and as soon as they grow all their teeth they start eating meat though they seem to be like freeloaders male lions have a very important task as they are in charge of protecting the pride and their territory their roar is so powerful that it can be heard over eight kilometers away and they use it to let all the pride’s members know if there is danger about as well as showing their enemy their power even though they’re not an endangered species lions are being more and more threatened their number has decreased tremendously due to poaching and illnesses caused by contaminated water and air pollution so as always on behalf of happy learning we ask you please to look after nature it is our home as well as all living things don’t pollute the rivers nor seas don’t contaminate the forest and recycle everything you can if we all together take care of nature both lions and all the planet’s inhabitants will be a lot happier the shark [Music] first of all what we must know about sharks is that they are fish and like all fish they have gills which allow them to breathe underwater the fisher’s body is covered by scales and in the case of a shark the scales are so hot and rough that a long time ago the shark’s skin was used as sandpaper there are many different types of sharks almost 400 some measuring just 15 centimeters which is as small as a mobile phone and some such as the whale shark reaches up to 14 meters which is a lot longer than many of the large tracks he can see on the road they are very odd looking sharks also such as the hammerhead shark sharks are carnivores and are characterized for their excellent hunting skills when hunting they use their fantastic sense of smell as well as their strong jaws full of sharp pointed teeth a shark’s teeth used so frequently that they tend to fall out easily but it is not a problem as they grow back again during a shark’s lifetime they could even have up to 30 000 teeth that’s a lot of teeth another interesting and curious fact about sharks is that they can go up to six weeks without eating that’s a month and a half it is for that reason that they get really hungry sharks are cartilageous fish meaning their skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bone [Music] the most famous sharks of all is without a doubt the great white shark the great white live in warm waters and came way between 700 and 1.100 kilos the body is so big and robust they look a little bit scary don’t you think did you know that sharks are in great danger of being extinct there are many different types of sharks which are about to disappear and it is causing the whole ocean to be at risk the oceans and seas are healthy and they need to have enough sharks to ensure the balance between the various different species but without this balance we have no idea what could happen but nothing good i’m sure it is for this reason it is so important to take care of them we should not throw rubbish and plastic into the sea and we must always defend nature by picking up whatever object could harm them because if we defend nature we are also defending life and all living creatures in it including us humans the crocodile as we all know crocodiles are reptiles and like all reptiles their body is covered by scales thick hard scales which protects the animal serving it as an armor [Music] crocodiles appeared on earth 200 million years ago meaning that they lived with a dinosaurs isn’t it incredible [Music] crocodiles are a viparous look at these little guys who have just hatched from their eggs they have very strong muscles on their tail and they use them to move in the water [Music] on land on the other hand they are not so fast walking rather slowly on their four feet the crocodile’s lungs are very large they can hold their breath up to six hours under the water aren’t they fantastic divers crocodiles can regulate their body temperature depending on how hot or cold it is it is for this reason that they love to sum by by the river’s edge they are also carnivorous creatures when they are young they eat crabs frogs insects and other small animals but as they grow older they can eat fish in large mammals or even a lost and confused animal like this poor rodent phew he just managed to escape crocodiles hunt by closing in very silently under the water so as not to alert their prey until all of a sudden smack they leap out of the water at top speed and grab their victim without powerful jaws do you know how many teeth crocodiles have they have almost 80 sharp teeth but because they use them so much some fall out but that isn’t a problem because they soon grow back again so they can have up to 3 000 teeth during their lifetime look look which are they hunts crocodiles live up to 80 years but many don’t reach that age yes crocodiles are indeed a threat for us human beings but human beings are a much larger threat for crocodiles they use their skin to make wallets shoes belts bags and many more things and crocodile meat is a speciality in a lot of countries they have completely disappeared in a lot of places and in others sadly they’re about to vanish too as they are in danger of being extinct and we must not allow that even though they are a little bit scary for us we cannot permit that crocodiles nor any other animal disappears from their habitat they’re extremely important vital for nature’s balance so on behalf of happy learning as always we ask you to look after our environment as well as all living creatures since all no matter how dangerous or insignificant they may seem are crucial for life’s balance or nature so it’s goodbye for now friends and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning [Music] [Applause] [Music] bye [Music] you
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