The Most Controversial Medical “Reddit” Advice

– Is this something that I want
you at home thinking about? Absolutely not. My God. We as doctors learn a lot about
the world from our patients. Sometimes it’s not so useful information but sometimes it’s absolutely
necessary for our survival. Today, we’re going to go
through a Reddit thread that talks about just that. Different specialties talk
about their own experiences and takeaways that they’ve incorporated Beyo! Dermatology consultant, “Refusal to wear a normal
swimsuit for outside swimming instead uses a full wetsuit and wears maximum factor sunscreen on face hands, feet, et cetera.” My advice where some high SPF as long as it’s not super pricey, cover up when possible
and stay in the shade. You don’t need a wetsuit. Although it kinda looks cool. Michael Phelps.
(water bubbles) There are actually three predictive values that I use in my office
for a skin cancer risk. One is do you go indoor
tanning? Very high risk. Do you have over 50 moles
in your body? High risk. And if you’ve had over
five sunburns in your life as you get more of each of these, the higher your risk but if you can avoid them
altogether, do it, just do it. Pulm, “Won’t ever pick up another cigarette.” Critical Care, “Will always tell my loved ones what my wishes are and
update them if they change.” Oh my God. These are so right. Never smoke a cigarette. Out of my third year rotations
as a medical student, I was working in Coney Island Hospital on the internal medicine floors. Any time I was taking care of patients, almost all of them who were admitted, had a significant smoking history. But if there’s something you
could do, one thing immediately to improve your life, stop smoking. It will improve your skin, your sex life your athletic performance, your cognitive abilities. Stop smoking, and you
get all these benefits. Please do it, stop. Stop for me. Stop for you. Stop for your family. Stop for Dan.
(bell tings) And as far as critical care
goes, this is also a must. There’s been so many times
where I saw family members doing something for a patient that I would not want done to me. That was happening because there wasn’t good communication about end-of-life care. So whether you’re 20
years old or 120 years old make your wishes known. If not to your family,
put it in your will, put it in your power of attorney, make sure it’s down somewhere, be in control of your medals choices. (nut whoops) (nut whoops)
(nut crunches) General Surgical Resident, “Always pee before getting in a car.” What they’re saying here is if you have a full bladder and you get into a traumatic accident, your bladder can rupture and you actually are going
to have urine all across the inside of your abdominal cavity and you’re going to have to
have a bladder rupture repair. Is this something that I want
you at home thinking about? Absolutely not. My God. Can you imagine you’re
about to get in a car or you’re in a car and that health anxiety creeps up on you. And you’re like, “I need to pee right now because if we crash, my
bladder will rupture.” No, don’t think about that. Think about focusing on the road. Don’t hold your urine
for too long, in general, there’s a video about that down below but focus on the driving. TheodoraLynn, “I once asked a pediatrician how his profession influence
the way he raised his kids. He said that it only changed one thing: he wouldn’t let his
kids near dogs when they were babies/infants. He said he had seen way too many cases of little kids getting bitten by dogs that people swore were
completely gentle and harmless. I guess little kids don’t
recognize cues as well when the dog gets angry.” Absolutely true. Bear’s
a sweet dog, I love Bear. (tongue slurping) Will I leave Bear
unattended around an infant or a toddler? Never and it has nothing to do
with Bear’s personality. He’s a great dog. He’s super gentle. But at the end of the day, he’s a dog and he may not know or he may not be fully competent to know how gentle you have to be with a toddler. So never, never, never leave your child unattended with a dog. Jaralith, Public Health, “Wash your hands, get your vaccines, stay active and don’t listen to a damn
thing Gwyneth Paltrow says.” Goop is poop. Don’t listen to anything
that is said on that website. Do not buy any of their products ’cause you are literally
supporting a misinformation front. They have somehow created a multimillion, if not billion, dollar industry, selling you products that are
useless, potentially harmful, that distract you from
real, meaningful treatments for your conditions. There is no shortcut to good health. Goop is poop! “Everyone’s got good answers here. I’m just trying to make sure
my belly button’s clean.” General rule, before you
go in to get cut open you wash yourself with soap, any brand, unbranded (hands squeaking) and get inside the belly
button, there’s stuff in there. “Many neurosurgeons I
know are absolutely nuts about maintaining good posture.” (nut whoops) (nut crunches) I’m nuts about nuts. “My kids have never been
allowed on a trampoline. I’ve had to deal with way too many liver and spleen injuries. I will always live close to
a tertiary level hospital. Never let my kids play American football.” There’s a lot to say here. Tertiary level hospital. Cool. The problem is you can get into accidents and stuff, not near your home. What are you going to do then? The trampoline thing is too much. That’s the equivalent of
me saying I will not live near an area where my child
has to cross the street ’cause I’ve seen way
too many car accidents. Yes but at the same time, why? Football. Tough subject. New evidence coming out that Chronic Traumatic
Encephalopathy does happen. What that means for you
is a personal decision. Do you want your child to face those risks or can you have them or encourage them to play another sport where they don’t have to hit their heads? Just know that there’re
risks that you’re facing, like educate yourself on those risks and also know that the risks aren’t perfectly yet well established. We still have a lot more research to do before we know what’s what. Psych/addiction medicine,
“Smash your sleep cycle.” Smash? “Keep in touch with five important people even if you have set calendar alerts and schedule phone calls. Only take mind altering
substances, yes including coffee and alcohol, I’m that boring,
for a specific purpose.” Who lives life like that? “Ooh, should I have a coffee today? What is the purpose of this beverage?” “Ooh, a wine with dinner. Ooh, what is the purpose
of this beverage?” We cannot all live lives
in such a structured, detail-oriented manner. It just won’t work for everybody,
it’s not really practical. So while good advice. (arms whooping) A little too. I don’t even know what
I’m doing right now. And I still don’t know what
smasher sleep cycle is. Now keeping in touch with
five important people, setting alerts, I absolutely dig that. Forensic pathology, “Just enjoy your life, it
can be over very soon.” Oh my God, yes. “I’m an internist and the same for me, I’ve seen patients of
mine die so many ways over the past 20 years
I learned to do my best but don’t obsess over health-” Which is what I’ve been
saying this whole time. “Car accidents, a bear, in
their asleep, aneurysm.” Bear? In their sleep? God, I hope Bear doesn’t
do me in in my sleep. I have a couple of my own that have changed based
on me actually being a family medicine doctor. One is never be afraid to ask
the doctor that you’re seeing how much experience they’ve had in treating someone with your diagnosis. If you have diabetes, ask them how many diabetic
patients they’ve seen. If you’re getting a surgery, ask them how many times they’ve performed this given surgery. It’s really important to gauge the competence level of the
doctor that you’re seeing ’cause otherwise you’re just
sort of taking a chance. Second is to never become sedentary. When you don’t move, when
you’re constantly seated or lying down, not moving
around or exercising, a lot of things start to go wrong. Mental health starts to suffer, aches and pains start
to begin, stiff back, difficult to move arthritic
knees, weight gain. All of these things start
happening all at the same time and it’s very difficult
to break out of that once you’ve already established
a sedentary lifestyle. So do everything in your power to at least go for a
walk several times a day. If you’re sitting for like
30 minutes to an hour, just get up and go get a glass of water. Movement is the treatment
for many, many, many of my patients’ complaints. It’s incredible but it actually works. Videos for you to click on. Which one you going for? Pranking doctors? My personality? You want to know my personality? (upbeat music)
(nut crunches)
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