The Most Bizarre Kickstarter “Health” Products

– This is overwhelming. Are there instructions? I’m about to review all of these Kickstarter health products and one of them just happens to be the most funded Kickstarter
fitness product of all time. Bee woop. Ooh, Santa brought a little gift bag. Fitness hardware. Bear, you ready for some fitness? Okay, why does it sound
like there is sand in here. Intermission for the musical guest known as the maraca Mike. Familiarize yourself with
able moves, tips, and tricks by watching the video on their website. Okay I’m not gonna do that. I’m just gonna go ahead
and get right into it. (groaning) Cat, cow, first to warm up the low back. Thanks for joining this class today. We’re gonna be doing a 30
minute power roller ride with your dog in frame. I don’t really know
what I’m supposed to do. I feel like I should watch their website. (rollers rattling) (groaning) (rollers rattling) (groaning) That definitely breaks a sweat. Okay. So if you are gonna start this up, make sure you start really slow and you know what you’re
able to handle before you do. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty cool. Hands, eyes, eyes closed. Okay. Oh, okay. It’s a Vumblr, smart vacuum gum care. It’s a vacuum. This looks funny. Wow, it’s kind of funny feeling. It triggers my gag reflex a little bit. Hold on. I don’t think I could do. Oh my god the foam toothpaste just has non-English writing on it
and it expired in 2021. All right. We’ll still use it. Oh man. I’m already gagging. (buzzing) Okay. I had to fight that one. Oh. And it made my gums bleed. Cool. Someone watched one too many sci-fi movies and they’re like, all right, we need to create a device that
does the same thing that the manual toothbrush does but does it worse. This feels like a bag. Welcome to Team Exerbell. Fill up with water or
sand to the desired level. Press out air and fold at
least three times carefully. Close buckle and attach handle. Okay. Gains, gains. Hinge. You hear the water splashing. Kickback action. What do you think about them apples, huh? I like it. I think these are called Russian twists. I like the sound too. (pounding) High five. Oh, it feels like a box. It’s a box. I need to see where this is from. Korea, okay. Wavewear, scientific solution
for better performance. Okay. I’m boxing now. I need better performance. Antibacterial, anti-odor,
multi-directional stretch. I feel like almost all fabric
is multi-directional stretch. Have you ever stretched a
t-shirt and been like, oh, only stretches in one way? Permanent adhesion. I would be concerned. Okay these look like
basic compression gear. Let’s flip this inside out. There’s like little areas of silicone. It like prevents it from
moving and keeps it in place. Oh man, this is sticky. I already feel it rubbing. Oh, I guess I’ll put the pants on. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Yeah? What do you think? – [Cameraman] It’s trim. – It’s very trim. I think this whole silicone slidey thing is a little ridiculous. I can’t imagine that does anything. – [Cameraman] Together. – It’s a little weighty. Okay. We have WellbriX. WellbriX are a modular
system of massage bricks designed to heal, prevent injury, or just make you feel great
and effective alternative to rollers and balls. Almost nipple-like protrusions here. I really should say udder-like. This almost looks like
the bottom of a cow. The brick is going inside my back. Not the nub. It hurts. The nub doesn’t protrude
far enough away from this. – [Cameraman] You need longer nubs. – I need longer nubs. You can get so much more
from a lacrosse ball or a tennis ball if you don’t
want that much pressure. Okay. Smaller one. It’s a high quality jump
rope training system. Okay. We have a rope. Then you have the handles,
which look really cool actually. This is a beautiful design. Cut the cable at the right
distance following this picture. I’m going to measure it. And it’s supposed to
go up to your shoulder. Oh, there’s like metal in here. I don’t think my scissors
can cut through metal. Dude there’s no way my
scissors can cut through this. It’s metal. Oh here. It cut. You just needed some really,
really sharp scissors. Ah, clearly I’m not used to this system. Oh. And it hits it so bad. Why, is it too long? I want to show you how my jump
rope works so I can prove to you guys that I can jump rope. Five dollar jump rope. What is the claim about this thing? What does it do? It’s called an Earth 2.0 training system. Besides making it more
difficult than the earth. I’ll show you that I’m fully
capable of jumping rope normally with a $7 jump rope, no problems. – [Cameraman] 60 dollars. – 60? This is seven easy, easy. Why? Why does that other one cost so much? Gently. Oh, it’s big but light. What am I looking at here? Look at this. It’s a crossbow. Oyo Fitness Nova personal gym. There’s like kind of blades in here. Oh yeah. Top 10 exercises. Chest slash back double flex. Bicep curl. You feel those guns coming in? Okay. That feels kind of cool. Tricep extensions. Not the most comfortable
for tricep push down. That’s okay. Lat row. Oh yeah. That’s a lat row. You feel that? Well, I’m worried this
thing is going to snap, but I guess it’s made really durably. This is the number one most funded Kickstarter fitness product of all time. I mean, I can’t verify that. I think it’s actually
a pretty cool product. It’s really small. These things seem to come off really easy. Twist right, pull to take off. Yeah. They come off real nice. Make sure you have a little bit
of a level of fitness before jumping into this because
uncontrolled movements like this, where there’s some flexibility
and room for error, you can make some serious mistakes. So just be careful with that. Why do I feel like this is a
bag of cigarettes and this is not a health product. Why’d I say a bag of cigarettes? – [Cameraman] Yeah I got
you Kickstarter cigarettes. – Wow. I don’t know what this is. Safe, soft, reusable. And they come in different colors. You know my general policy here. You’re not putting
anything into your ears. You end up pushing the ear wax
further back into your ear, tightening it up, it hardens. And then when I go into
try and clear it out, the only way I can do
it is by hurting you. It feels light. You gave me socks. Arch tech, arch support system. Socks, support, and style. There’s a little thickness
on the inner foot, but you see this yellow spot. This feels a little more thick. Should we get the foot
people what they want? Okay. I’m about it. I don’t know what to say about these. It just feels like a,
kind of an awkward sock. Unbiased walk test here on one side, I’m wearing a traditional
Adidas compression sock on the other I’m wearing this arch
tech and my cracking ankles. This sock, as I move it around, I could feel the air
circulating around my foot. This one, not so much. Like I don’t feel any
circulation on my foot. So that could become a problem. They could trap heat. It’s probably gimmicky
more than anything else. I would probably venture and get an orthotic rather than rock
a sock to solve my problem. Okay I guess I can’t hold this one. What is it? The most versatile and compact body weight exercise system on the market. There’s a carrying case for it. I’ve always wanted a portable gym. Ah hah. This is overwhelming. Are there instructions? This has some questionable metallic substance coming off of it. Handles, bolts, clips. Is this five minute crafts? (clanging) Ow. All right. This is the full pull up dip assembly. – [Cameraman] Woo hoo. (light music) – I mean, it’s a big piece of equipment. I guess like if you store
this under your bed. That’s kind of cool. I get it. – [Cameraman] Well what
do you think overall? – I think if you’re committing this much time to working out, there’s
probably easier ways to do it. There’s like pull-up bars that you could put in your doorway. If you’re really serious about it, it’s not a bad product. I actually like it. I’m trying to find a flaw in it. And to me it just feels
a little too tedious. That was a hard workout routine. Bear really enjoyed it. He’s sniffing all the products. Click here for my Wish
product review video, featuring the Botez chess sisters. Bear tell them to click it. As always stay happy and healthy.
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