The Man Who Fought With A Longbow And A Sword In WWII

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Regiment in the British Army during peacetime made Mad Jack Restless it was during the interwar years in the 30s that he would master the bagpipes and ride his motorcycle across the entire Indian subcontinent in 1936 after moving to England Mad Jack left the army and became a model at a movie extra he would also practice a new skill archery and became so good that he represented Great Britain at the world archery championships in 1939 when war arrived Mad Jack returned to the British Army and the Manchester regiment as an officer and was shipped off to France during the Battle of France in 1940 mad Jack led small raids on the enemy as the British Expeditionary Force was on the retreat from the Germans relentless advance using a longbow and a Scottish broadsword as his weapon of choice he became the only soldier known to have felled an enemy with a longbow in the war when he landed a shot on the enemy Feldwebel with a barbed arrow when asked why he did this he replied any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed during the retreat to Dunkirk mad Jack was shot in the neck when asked how it happened he replied German machine gun casually he would also win the Military Cross for bravery after rescuing the wounded British officer from a German ambush after Dunkirk Matt Jack signed up for the commandos and when his training was complete he was sent to vug sole Norway in 1941 as second-in-command of number three commando in operation archery as he left the landing craft Matt Jack played march of the Cameron men on his bagpipes and then led his men ashore with his broadsword waving in the air the German garrison in växjö was quickly defeated prisoners were taken and the artillery batteries captured along with shipping destroyed on Malloy Island for this action Matt Jack received his second Military Cross in 1943 in Italy Matt Jack led two commando with the objective to destroy German artillery and observation posts in the town of pijl in T even though the town was well defended and outnumbered Matt Jack organized his men into six parallel columns who instead of using stealth tactics all shouted commando the German defenders as a result were confused into thinking the shouting which was coming from all directions in the darkness was a much bigger force in this skirmish the 50 men of number 2 commando took 136 prisoners Matt Jack who was assisted by a corporal Rafael took 42 German prisoners and captured a mortar crew using his broadsword after marching the prisoners down to British lines he said I maintain that as long as you tell a German loudly and clearly what to do if you were senior to him he will cry yah hold and get on with it enthusiastically and efficiently whatever the situation after losing the broadsword in hand-to-hand combat earlier he later went to the town on his own to retrieve it on the way he met an American patrol going towards the enemy lines when they should have been going the other way so he told them that he wouldn’t come back for a bloody third time in 1944 Matt Jack was in Yugoslavia leaving British commandos and now Yugoslavia ‘sons attacking the vital hill called 0.622 on the island of brac in the Adriatic Sea against the Germans heavy casualties were caused and soon jack was alone and out of ammo with no hope left Jack started playing songs on his bagpipes until he was knocked unconscious by a frag grenade and captured by the German defenders he was first sent to Berlin and interrogated as it was thought that because of his real name he was a relative of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and afterwards sent to sockson house and concentration camp but in September 1944 mad jack and an RAF officer escaped the camp by crawling under barbed wire through an abandoned drain and set out to walk to the baltic coast but were then captured now sent to a new camp in new Dorf Austria Matt Jack escaped again on April 1945 taking the opportunity to get away when the lighting system failed in the darkness of night he walked a hundred and fifty miles through the treacherous terrain of the Alps surviving on vegetables that he had liberated from gardens eight days later and with a sprained ankle he found a US armoured column and was sent back to England jack was frustrated that the war in Europe was all but over so made his way to the Pacific campaign to join the battle against the Japanese in Burma but by the time he arrived the atomic bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki mad Jack was so unhappy he said if it wasn’t for those damn Yanks we could have kept the war going another 10 years after the war Matt Jack continued to seek danger qualifying as a parachutist and transferring to the Seaforth Highlanders and later ending up in Palestine in 1948 as second-in-command of 1st battalion the Highland Light Infantry during an ambush on a Jewish medical convoy by Arab forces mad jack with only 12 men and in full military dress marched under fire to the convoy to offer its evacuation I grinned like mad from side to side he said afterwards as people are less likely to shoot at you if you smile at them he would later coordinate the evacuation of 700 Jewish doctors students and patients from the hospital atop Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus mad Jack would retire from the Army in 1959 with two awards of the Distinguished Service Order subscribe for more World War 2 videos get your copy of simple history World War 2 today
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZRVpYPFOl0

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