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The Lamborghini You Didn’t Know Existed | Centenario

we’ve never had this car on the channel before we’ve had the chatenario but never the roadster there’s only 20 of these on the planet [Music] all right these are three things i love about the car the front is sick little wings one two three and it has no roof no really the car doesn’t come with a roof for real there’s actually 40 centanarios in total there’s 20 coupes and 20 roadsters we brought a little friend along daniel abd what’s going on man so we actually met in grand canyon area yeah dude he was doing doughnuts but we’re not doing any donuts with this today the color is beautiful the entire body is actually carbon fiber but it’s obviously covered in paint around here although you do have exposed carbon fiber on like front splitter and it’s so low man you have all the air coming in through here and it pushes the front down generating down force and it comes out of here these things uh dude they look like blenders hey the good news is when you buy this car you get a complimentary four blenders but i actually i actually really like this detail it grabs the airflow you know you come in close here you have the centenario logo and what’s cool is it has a little bull horns you have these little steps on the air intake on the side this car has no roof oh you cannot close it no no you cannot close it at all it does not come with a roof at all where you’re from in germany you can’t own this car you do nothing you’d be able to drive it like maybe three days per year behind the head rest it doesn’t go into the engine but the air passes right through here goes out of the back this is the largest rear diffuser i’ve ever seen in my life yeah so take a look at the size of those tires man like what’s cool is that they’re exposed do you like it look do we like it it’s a different story also you have like a triple titanium exhaust system in the back down the middle and then what i love is like these super long thin lines it actually looks like it’s going behind the carbon fiber piece and continues there super cool that right there is the engine so you have a naturally aspirated v12 these are your electronic door handles and in case the electronics on this thing shut off you have like a little manual door handle through here you pop that open comes up let’s open these up oh yeah take a look at the inside how the stitching matches the outside as well how do you think that you open the door to this car what do you mean from the outside no no from the inside how would you open the door [Music] yeah you’re probably not so that’s how you open the door if you take a look at the middle you have a little camera record yourself when you’re on the track this 10.1 inch display you won’t see that in the aventadors this is what’s coming in the uh eventual replacement your windows obviously it’s connected through here you have a bunch of little buttons very physical everything here kind of feels like a fighter jet this is an expensive ass car but these things are like plastic yeah it’s old audi stuff this is all this stuff this one also look there’s two buttons and there’s three potential options wouldn’t just have been easier to just do like three buttons yeah everyone’s favorite button on the lamborghini the fighter jet right there plop and let’s turn it on ready oh yeah that doesn’t even feel okay man we’re in this neighborhood i think i think we’re in trouble now for sure oh my god the sound on that dude are you okay you have like don’t you hear like that was loud from here man all right [Music] we haven’t even pushed it yet this little pops that sound is absolutely crazy oh my god wow those speed bumps are so scary bro yes there’s like every speed bump you’re like just so close to scratch oh my god bro when you have it on like first like this he’s just so like so aggressive oh my god all right that’s the video for today huge thank you to vip motors and daniel good seeing you hopefully we’ll catch up in like uh you know in germany next time what do you guys think let us know and we’ll see you guys next time [Music]
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