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The History Of Written Language | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn all about the history of writing we all know that both writing and reading are really important in our education because thanks to them we can learn many new exciting things but have you ever asked yourself how writing was created [Music] writing began because of people’s need to express their ideas as well as to organize things this way everything would be reflected somewhere physically the first form of writing that existed were the pictograms also known as ideograms they were drawings for example if they wanted to represent the sun the heat or light they drew a sun these are a few examples [Music] their origin was in mesopotamia and egypt back in the year 4000 bc but there are things that can’t be described through drawings though and that is why the sumerians needed to invent the syllabic system which divided each word by cuneiform signs they have a weird name but they were very simple as you can see they look like nails don’t they still nowadays both in china and japan they continue to use a similar type of writing in the past at the beginning of writing paper didn’t exist so other materials were used to write on such as stone wood or clay the romans for example wrote on large stone monuments to make sure their messages would last a long time the egyptians were the first to invent something similar to paper by using the stem of an aquatic plant sheets were made and then written on it was called papyrus and here you can see an example of one it’s amazing that this was written by someone thousands of years ago in the 8th century the arabs introduced paper into europe but what really made the evolution of the history of writing and reading was the invention of the printing press in the year 14 040 johannes gutenberg was the creator and up until then all books had to be copied by hand using ink and bird feathers and it took a very long time with printing everything is now so much faster after that other things were invented such as pencils pens typewriters like the one on this image which i’m sure your parents used at some time today we read and write using computers tablets and mobile phones these new technological changes are creating a fantastic change in the history of writing and yet they do not change what is most important as we mentioned at the beginning of the video reading and writing are fundamental to our education there isn’t a cheaper way to travel the world than by reading a book you can learn so many things so now you know keep reading it’s fun goodbye friends and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning tv [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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