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The History Of Vlad The Impaler | Atlas Of Cursed Places

MAN: Transylvania, the
name conjures it all– dense pine, impassable, craggy
cliffs, thick ground fog. This is the mythic forest
of your childhood nightmare. Bran Castle, billed as the last
standing relic of a man some call Dracula. The story goes that Romania’s
bottomless well of tyranny, catastrophe, and
overall human misery can all be traced back
to one terrifying ruler and his supernatural evil. Ah, OK. So have you ever heard of
the curse of Vlad Tepes? Yeah. He lost his wife. He lost his dynasty. He lost his family. And he signed a
document in order to bring a curse down
against his enemy, and he promised
that he will return. That was his curse, and I will
take revenge against those that they betrayed me. He was killed, and his body
was buried in a monastery nearby Bucharest. Later on when they
opened the coffin, they never found his body,
which is quite creepy. Yeah, right. You do start to wonder what
if he’s coming back again? So you’d be worried
if you were his enemy. You might be a little nervous.
– Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. MAN: Vlad spent much of
his life constructing a fearsome persona. In some ways, his reputation
was so extreme that it haunts the entire world. MAN: Gross. MAN: Oh my god. Three days. MAN: Yeah. What are some of the
other ways he would do it? Wow. He sounds like
a really nice guy. MAN: Yeah, fascists
always say that. Once he took power
in 1448, Vlad began a lifelong battle to
protect his country from invaders from all sides– Hungarians, rival
Nobles, but, most of all, the ever expanding
ruthless Ottoman Empire, Vlad’s mortal enemy. The other kings and rulers
of his time had surrendered, and they all paid tribute. But Vlad fought on with a sheer
hatred that defies description perhaps because the Ottomans
had kidnapped him as a child, and by the time his father
and brother were killed, his hatred had grown so virulent
that we still make TV shows about him 600 years later. Vlad, himself, he
was right here. Yeah, right here. MAN: Amazing. Wow. You know, 600 years ago,
there was a real person here. Vlad the Impaler looked
out his little window, thought about revenge.
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