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The Guided Meditation You Need ♥ 15 Minute Mindfulness

Welcome to our meditation for living truthfully in our meditation today our focus will be on finding truth Love and beauty within ourselves So that we can project it out into the world around us Many of us so often tend to complicate life in many ways We feel that we must have a specific job title On a specific car or live in a particular neighborhood in order to truly feel happy and accomplished with ourselves in our lives Yes all of these things are wonderful in many ways, but they are not the root of our happiness Actually finding happiness is quite simple It doesn’t come with a price tag because it is here within us every single day if we simply choose to look a little closer Observing sometimes can be the first tool in helping you find happiness Seeing the beauty of our existence around us whether that is a smile of a child a beautiful sunset the smell of the ocean Or the leaves falling off a tree on a sunny autumn day Happiness lies in the simple things and once we open our eyes to the everyday miracles of life existence itself becomes a miracle Once we start to see how magical life really is we must look a little closer Everyone around us that shares similar walk of life the human existence Yes, we may have our differences in politics or religions, or simply how we see the world around us But in the end if we truly realize that we”re all Two-legged breathing talking loving human beings we will all begin to realize that we are all the same We are all in this together We are all one We all want to be happy healthy and loved Accepting this idea is one of the ways in helping us understand one another a little better Understand that we are all struggling in our own personal ways We all want to be loved and heard in one way or another and that we all want to find that happiness whatever Way happiness looks to us Once we start to understand that behind the egos and the power games deep down We all share the same goals and purpose We will see that the only way to living authentically and truthfully is through opening your minds to all paths and ideas of life With that said let’s begin our meditation Begin by sitting comfortably on your mat your bed or the floor Close your eyes Rest your hands on the knees and begin to bring your awareness to your breath Inhaling and exhaling slowly Relax your face Let go of any motion in the forehead allow your eyes to feel heavy and clench your jaw Just simply allow all that tension to release out of your face and then out of your shoulders Feeling yourself grounded and appease Paying attention to your inhale and your exhale as you let go of everything else Feel the coolness of the air as you breathe in and the warm of the airs you exhale Let go of any thoughts to duel us or plants just simply be with yourself Inhale And exhale Notice how you’re feeling right now Do you feel any tension in your body Pay close attention And with each exhale let it go Let slowly introduce her mantra for today Repeating this mantra in your mind are Simply using it to bring you back to the present moment if your mind begins to go elsewhere throughout this meditation I see beauty I seek truth. I am one with all I see beauty I Seek truth I am one without I See beauty I Seek truth. I am one with all And now silently in your mind Until you hear a soft Bell letting you know that it’s time to release the mantra It’s time to release the mantra Slowly begin to deepen the breath Inhale and exhale Take your time here you May sit in this stillness for as long as you like Or if you’re ready go ahead and open your eyes As you go on through your day try to stay present today Notice the beauty around you and the little things be grateful for each breath each moment that you have in this beautiful world Choose to see the beauty of existence allow yourself to be guided by truth and wisdom of the universe Share love and kindness with everyone around you Open your heart and mind to all possibilities of life and Know that as you start to change the way you look at things The things you look at change Love and light namaste You
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