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The Great Tuna Taste Off With Alix And Rie // Presented By Bumble Bee Seafoods

hi i’m alex i’m ria and today we’re going to compete to see who can make the best lunchtime recipe in 30 minutes or less who do you think is going to win i think i’m going to win i think you’re going to win too believe in yourself alex you’re right well we’ve got 30 minutes so yeah let’s start the timer yes go [Music] oh i’m gonna just walk okay i think i’m gonna make a pasta salad but i’ve also done a lot of cooking challenges and i know that 30 minutes goes by in a flash i’m making avocado toast i’ve made avocado toast thousands of times so i have extra time to make it a little bit more fancy so there is an old folktale tortoise and hair and a total steak time but he wins so that’s my strategy it’s organized it’s holidays you’re so neat [Music] what just happened they see the wall of tuna we just got tuned did you know this is gonna happen no okay so surprise twist the real challenge today is that you have to incorporate bumblebee albacore tuna into your lunchtime recipes first i wasn’t sure what i was going to do with the tuna but then i remembered i’m making pasta salad and tuna literally goes perfect in pasta salad so i’m going to start by boiling my pasta since it’s going to take a while so i’m going to start with my jammy eggs because it takes the most time from my recipe okay now i’m going to prep some of the ingredients going inside the pasta salad these are kalamata olives and now i have some grape tomatoes that i’m gonna chop up doesn’t have to be perfect that’s the beauty of pasta salad you really just kind of toss it all together you’re real confident over there taking your sweet time [Music] i’m gonna be making a dilly dijon vinaigrette for this pasta salad i love things that are really herby i like to use red onion because it’s a little bit milder so it doesn’t overpower tuna or avocado i’m gonna squeeze some lemon so avocado doesn’t tone brown how do you feel really good oh that makes one of us so now i’m just slicing up some shallots for my dilly dijon dressing don’t have time to spill right now i’ve got some sugar going in for of course a little sweetness a little salt and some oil deep breath i’m good i’m good it’s just pasta salad tuna time i’m going to open this pouch oh it’s so easy to open so albacore tuna is a mild flavor so it can handle strong ingredients like onions and radish so now i’m just gonna put some of our pasta in here and now hit it with all our fun stuff riya is something burning my toast my toast burned and i’m losing my time i have to cut my bread i have to toast again so i’m a little bit nervous now it’s boring oh no okay now we saved the best for last the tuna of course i need to get this in there because i’m running out of time oh look at those big firm pieces of beautiful white albacore tuna i wanted the bigger firmer pieces so that they don’t get lost in the pasta salad i’m going to add all the vegetable i chopped earlier some greek yogurt grated garlic and salt so i’m just gonna mix this together and we’re pretty much done just the rest of our dressing i’m gonna pop in my tuna avocado salad i’m gonna put a little bit red chili pepper so it’s kind of nice kick to it three [Music] [Laughter] hi i’m tracy rates i’m a tasty producer and today i’m going to judge alex and riya’s tuna lunchtime recipes so today i’m going to be judging alex and riya on three different categories that is the presentation which is how it looks obviously the craveability which is if i’m going to crave it if i’m going to want to eat it again and then the versatility which is how creative they were with the way they use the tuna i know tracy so well and i know what she likes so i’m confident that she’s going to choose me i know we’re better than reid does and i think i’ve got this one hi guys welcome thank you i’m so excited to try everything yes really what do you have for me i have tuna avocado tatting i have salvador toast and avocado albacore tuna salad and on the topping i have radish and tomato and jamie it looks delicious presentation perfect i can’t wait to dive in so here i go i gotta get the perfect bite with a little bit of everything a little crunch super super delicious thank you really good textures overall i love avocado tuna because it’s like mild so you kind of taste all those herbs and lemony stuff throughout and it doesn’t really overpower it versatility wise it is still avocado toast and it’s not super portable but it is super delicious and i would definitely eat it again but i’m excited to check out what alex made i have for you a nicoise pasta salad it’s like a play on a nisswa salad so usually anisoia salad has potatoes in it but i’m using pasta for the starch instead we’ve got some radish tomatoes green beans a jammy egg dill and of course our albacore tuna presentation wise you’re competing with rie who created the most beautiful toast but i’m excited to dig in it’s really good i love the dressing i definitely taste like dijon that little horseradish in there super super flavorful and i love that the albacore is so mild so it takes on the dressing but still has a delicious flavor itself so i love this because i feel like i’m always eating on the go and this is super easy to pack up and take with me yeah so it’s very versatile you can also like change up the veggies change up the dressing a little bit i’ve tried both delicious but i mean this is so beautiful you know like this was just really pretty and that’s why i’m going to have to say alex is a winner alex is a winner [Applause] congratulations i was going to win tracy faked me out i thought she was for sure gonna pick riya’s dish i was stunned when she came back and told me i was the winner pleasantly surprised when i tasted the nicoise pasta salad it was really light and fresh and flavorful and just a really mouth-watering delicious lunch that i am going to want to eat again so that’s why it had to be the winner for me throughout this competition i was confident i was saying i’m the tortoise of this competition and i was gonna win but this time [Music] told us lost now i’m gonna eat this one yeah i’m gonna keep eating this one
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