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hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going on a fascinating journey to the very center of the earth today we’re going to learn about the geosphere [Music] the geosphere is the most solid part of our planet yes it includes the earth’s surface and everything that lies beneath it to the very center of the earth it is extremely important because it is here where life develops [Music] a part of the geosphere is under the oceans forming the wonderful seabed [Music] and the other part rises to the surface forming the continents and islands but there is much more to the geosphere that meets the eye and in the depths of our planet many interesting things take place did you know that if we were to drill a hole to the very center of the earth we would have to dig more than 6 000 kilometers deep it’s incredible it would be immense [Music] the geosphere is made up of three concentric layers called the crust the mantle and the core let’s get to know them the crust is the most shallow and thinnest layer of the geosphere [Music] it is like the skin of our planet many things live on it [Music] even animals that live underground like these earthworms remember that the sea floor is also part of the crust there is a very special layer called the lithosphere which contains the crust and the upper mantle lithosphere means stone sphere as well as being very hard and rigid the lithosphere is also fractured as if it were broken into pieces the famous tectonic plates are part of the lithosphere by the way did you know that these plates move yes yes they float on a semi-liquid surface and sometimes collide with each other or collapse [Music] when this happens it causes earthquakes tsunamis and even impressive mountains like these can appear [Music] but of course mountains don’t form overnight this happens very slowly and over thousands of years [Music] the mantle is the middle layer of the geosphere and is located below the crust it is the thickest layer estimated to be about 3 000 kilometers long temperatures in the mantle are so high that the rocks and materials that form it are semi-molten like cheese can you imagine how hot it is when the melting rocks from the mantle seep between the tectonic plates and come to the surface of the earth volcanoes erupt that incandescent liquid you can see coming out the mouth of this volcano is molten rock magma isn’t it amazing to see what’s going on in the layers of the earth just wait and you’ll see [Music] the innermost layer of the earth is the core it is made of iron and other metals like nickel and silicon [Music] and it is very very hot with a temperature of 6000 degrees celsius it’s more or less the same temperature of the sun could you imagine anything like it a small sun inside the earth i can’t believe it it’s amazing wow as you can see underneath our feet in the geosphere super interesting things are happening it’s so cool to learn new things goodbye friends see you in the next video [Music] you
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