The French Resistance (World War II)

the french resistance world war ii the surrender of france to germany in 1940 damaged the pride of the nation french citizens felt let down by the government and were further angered by the nazi collaborating vichy government that emerged resistance soon took place in different ways after charles de gaulle encouraged the fight to continue after the impending german occupation groups such as the maquis were men and women who avoided vichy francis forced labor by hiding in the mountains they used violent means and guerrilla warfare tactics attacking the middle east and the german occupiers and sabotaging their communication lines and vehicles other resistance groups used non-violent tactics publishing anti-german and anti-vichy underground newspapers and broadcasting radio programs at first it was hard to get the resistance groups to merge together because of all the differences in politics some supported charles de gaulle while others wanted a communist post-war france the men and women of the french resistance came from all parts of french society they included people from different classes professors students catholics jews foreigners liberals anarchists and communists for the resistance to become effective it needed to maintain the hope that liberation for occupation would eventually happen when it seemed impossible to most people in 1940 the french population would continue as normal so the resistance could blend in as it was important to never attract attention of the enemy but there was still a danger that fascist sympathizers could infiltrate the resistance and betray them to the enemy to continue the fight and unite all the loose collections of political groups the french resistance would need outside help which it found in the british special operations executive and later on the american office of strategic services these allies provided weapons equipment and training to the resistance movement and in exchange the resistance sabotaged access industry and transportation and provided intelligence reports the weapons and equipment used by the french resistance were british or american supplied or were captured from german troops british then guns were air-dropped in large quantities suitable for resistance fighters because they could be disassembled and assembled quickly making them easy to conceal [Music] one trick the maquis found was to wrap the barrel in wet rags which would not only delay overheating but also convey an effect of heavier firepower making the enemy more cautious in an ambush well-rod silenced pistols explosives and wireless radios were also provided by the soe the most common captured weapons included the car 98k rifle and mp40 submachine gun the maquis sometimes wore armbands with the cross of lorraine or the initials ffi on top of the french tri-color as a form of insignia after operation barbarossa on june 22 1941 french communists enthusiastically joined the resistance movement and political differences were temporarily set aside the introduction of compulsory labor service by the vichy government and their actions against jews also helped the resistance movement grow as the war continued in 1944 the french resistance would play a vital role in d-day sending thousands of intelligence reports to the allies while also preventing german movement of reinforcements into normandy by sabotaging enemy transportation after the landings a large amount of resistance fighters were organized as the french forces of the interior becoming light infantry units alongside regular french forces and the british and american allies that had landed alongside their allies the resistance would fight against the german forces rounding up collaborators and liberating towns villages and eventually paris on august 25 1944 subscribe for more world war ii videos get your copy of simple history world war ii today thank you guys for all your support on the simple history youtube channel if you enjoy it please consider visiting our patreon page there you can show us your support for the channel by donating and make a huge difference in what we’re able to create for you plus you can get early access on upcoming videos so let’s keep it growing and thank you for being part of this amazing community
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