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The Expendables 3 Workout- Courageous, But Insane!

you courageous but insane what’s going on Expendables crew I’m Scott Herman and I’m Thomas chemist raro and today’s workout is courageous but insane now the Expendables crew have a unique set of skills that make them the ultimate badass mercenary team Jason Statham and gently both heavily rely on hand-to-hand combat in order to annihilate their enemies that’s means that they need an insane amount of muscle endurance you know the to beat down opponents one after another so this bodyweight workout with three of your endurance and get you shredded by burning an insane amount of calories and now we’re gonna show you guys two circuits circuit one is gonna test your will circuit two is gonna test to see if you have what it takes to call yourself expendable now each circuit is gonna consist of completing four rounds of six exercises and you guys are gonna do ten reps per exercise and complete the rounds as fast as possible and now it’s the time for you to know if you are a pretend able or expendable okay guys let’s go for the first exercise we’re gonna realize ten burpees we want to see you touching the floor with your chest and jumping high okay guys you’re done with your 10 Burpee no it’s time for the mountain climber go down in push-up position and you’re gonna bring your knee one at a time to your chest both leg count has one you got ten reps to do now it’s time for the pull-up you’re gonna bring your chin all the way up over the bar and make sure that when you go down you’re extending your arm totally done all the way up all the way down that’s the way to do it bodyweight squats you’re gonna do 10 reps you’re gonna keep your chest up to Co tight you’re gonna go down as low as you can and come back up when you push up make sure that your knees stay out time for the next exercise push-up if I want to see you’re going all the way down and with your church you’re gonna touch the floor and you’re gonna bring back your body all the way up keep your core tight through the entire movement ok guys here is the last exercise of the first round deeps two leg lifts as you perform your dips you’re gonna make sure that you go all the way down and that you keep your chest up so you can look in front of you as you perform the deep I want to see you going all the way down full range of motion and as you go up you’re gonna bring your knee to the chest and repeat now it’s time for the expendable circuit the first exercise we like to call the Merry Christmas it’s a push up to a dip bring yourself down perform a push-up and as you extend your arms you’re gonna jump and leap forward with your feet as soon as your heels touch the ground you’re gonna perform one dip and then as you extend back up to the top of the movement you’re gonna once again jump back with your feet and perform a push-up the next exercise on this hint list is the Burpee box jump the goal here is to go all the way chest to the ground and to jump in the air with each repetition as soon as your feet touch the bench you’re then gonna jump back down to the ground and immediately go into another Burpee to perform a groaner you’re gonna get into the push-up position once in place the goal is to keep your arms straight and then alternating bringing your feet as close as you can to your hands keep your core tight throughout the entire exercise and try not to let your butt go too high as you alternate your legs the fourth exercise is going to be a jump squat now like the bodyweight squat you get in the grunt circuit the goal here is to go all the way down and all the way up making sure you’re keeping your core tight chest up and not letting your knees collapse throughout the entire exercise the added twist here you’re gonna jump in the air with each repetition as you explode up from the ground the fifth exercise is called jet lag now for this movement you’re going to perform a muscle up and once you get yourself up and over the bar you’re then gonna have to perform a dip before going back down and up again the sixth and final exercise is going to be the toe to bar this was a very challenging exercise for your core but if performed correctly and with a lot of intensity you’ll be seeing blocked out abs in no time you’ve made in truth spendable style you have the courage to start your mission and we’re seen enough to complete it so take your photo post it up and hashtag ex3 and your next mission come to six spend about three Huggett fifteen you know I love the party with you boys it’s a courageous I’d say welcome to the 21st century I could do that you want to slip on a dress and give it a shot let’s do what we do good take the stairs how hard can it be to kill tetanus you gather nuts the Expendables 3 starts August 15th
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