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The Bold & The Bootiful Workout!

(scribbling sound) – Hey guys Cassey here. So today I have a very
special routine for you. We are doing the Bold and the Bootiful. That’s right guys, this is
actually one of my personal butt routines that I do after
my weightlifting routine or my cardio routine and it
kills me every single time. It’s quite simple, but you know
what, it gets the job done. So I want you to go
through this whole thing, try not to stop but if you have to, it’s okay then pop right back
in when you feel ready, okay? Push yourself, the booty will be burning, but it will also be very bootiful. Okay, let’s get started. Alright, guys, so what I want
you to do is place your hand right underneath your shoulder,
make sure it’s aligned. I don’t wanna see any crazies out here. Okay, so keep it right
underneath, the body align. Now really important that
the hips stay forward, the chest stays forward
and the shoulders back. I see a lot of students
start going like this once they get tired, so
don’t do that, stay open, lift the leg. Now if at any point you
do get tired, don’t stop. What I want you to do
is come onto your hips la and da just like that, okay? Same thing, but if you’re
feeling better about yourself, pick yourself up and do it
again with me, okay, here we go. Let’s go hardcore. I’m warning you, it’s gonna be burning. It ain’t call the bold
and bootiful for nothing. Hand underneath, elbow back, ready? And three, two, one, I want
you to lift, lift, tiny pulses, just like that. Harmless, right? You’ll see. You go in and lift, lift, perfect. Now I want you to think
about squeezing your quads, pointing your toe, make it nice. Good guys. Now I don’t know if you
remember my booty booty booty workout from a couple years ago. But this is gonna match
it, it’s gonna be hard. Oh yes lets go, up, up, reach, come on. Give me eight, seven, six,
don’t stop, five, four and three, two and one. Mini circles. Hello, we’re not stopping. That’s right, keeping that leg straight. Don’t start doing this open up. Good, but burning at top
or on the bottom one? Doesn’t matter, I hope both of them are. Round and round, perfect guys. Point, oh, look at that dedication. See your butt popping right now. Beautiful, come on. Let’s go for it, precise tiny circles. Good, nice guys, open up the chest. Alright, since we have some
time to talk, let’s talk okay. So, for the past year, we’ve
been developing body pop, the active wear, if you’ve
been following me on Instagram, Twitter, my blog, I’ve
been kind of like showing some BTS photos. But I cannot wait until
the lion comes out. These are all sketches that
I’ve personally pencil-sketched by myself and, you know,
fit tested all the clothing so that it fits real women,
real girls like you and me, and it is high intensity,
high fashion active wear and I know you’re
absolutely going to love it. Reverse that leg. See what happens when I tell you stories. You don’t even know
what’s going on anymore. That’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m doing. And so we’re hoping to launch next month and so please follow blogilates
on Instagram and you’ll see, you will see that I have some crazy stuff planned for you, okay, it’s
me and active wear experience like you’ve never ever,
ever, ever felt before. You’re going to love it. Alright, back, back, oh, my goodness. That butt is dying. Round, round, stay strong. Oh yes, so simple, but it kills. Nice, are you shaking? Because I am. Let’s go, come on, back, back. Yes, let’s do this. Keep the leg like high. Keep it high eight more,
eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, relax. Oh my goodness give that butt a booty pat. Okay, we’re going on the other side. Hand underneath, on the hip, ready in three, two, one. Mini pulses, lift, lift, open that chest. Good job guys, nice work,
lift, lift, up, reach, perfect guys. Abs in, chest open, you look so good. Have you been practicing? You have, oh good for you. I love seeing your sweaty pics on Insta, guess it looks so cute with
your little cute faces. After your two year to
bumpy burnout is great. Lift, lift, up, perfect, guys. Now, for the launch, we’re
also thinking of planning a launch party. And I usually don’t ever
plan these types of parties. So right now I’m trying to figure out, what kind of dress I should wear, how will I get pink carpet and everything. You’ve seen the pink carpet. It’s been at one of my meetups before since that kind of carpet,
it’s gonna be so much fun, and I’ll be sure to ask them
which dress I should wear. I’ve already started looking. I love dressing up, because
you know what I’m in like Nikes and like active wear all the time. Like literally all the time. So it’s really fun to dress up. Up, up, come on. How’s the butt feeling? Is it feeling good? Let’s do this, come on, up,
up, lift, lift, perfect. You’ve got. Reach, reach. Okay, eight more, right here,
eight, seven, six, five, come on, four, three, two,
hold it, mini circles. Okay, seriously, my butt
feels like two bowling balls of steel. They’re not made out of steel,
they’re made out of marble right or something like that. Well, it feels really hard. That what am trying to tell you. I love this. Come on, round and round. Embrace that pain. I know you like it. And you know what? You feel so accomplished
after you finish this video. How many people can finish this video, you are going to be one of them. Keep it up. Lets do this. You need to close your eyes. You need to think about
something else, that’s okay. Just get through it with me. Come on, round and round. Keep that hip open, good. I feel like the numbness is settling in. Come on, round, good, come on. Circle, circle, love, love, love. Round, round, round. How much longer? You’re gonna give me
eight more right here. Give me eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two hold it. Oh, my leg is vibrating. Let’s go backwards. Oh yeah, oh man you
know what the side hurts way so much more because
they’re ready to the other side and now that butt is holding this side up and it’s just going insane. Round, round, stay strong
remember, if you need to stop go on to your thigh, don’t stop. If I’m gonna suffer
you’re gonna suffer too. Oh man, I don’t think you
can tell how much pain is going on right now. But it’s happening. It is happening just
because my hair looks nice and I’m not falling doesn’t
mean I’m not suffering. This is hard stuff. Come on, back. Good guys. Little bit more, let’s go. Back, yup, keep going. Okay, eight more let’s do this. Eight, seven, six, squeeze
the quads, five, four, three two, one, and (laughter) give your buddy nice pad. Okay, finally get down on
the floor, onto your belly. I’m gonna end with our grasshoppers. Okay, guys knees up close
together, let’s do this. Lift, lift, relax your head on your hand. Nice, now I’m gonna
look at you for a second but what I want you to
do is place your forehead right there, okay? Perfect, lift, lift, almost
there, come on, lift, the booty. Yes, let’s go, up, up, lift,
lift, nice, up, up, lift. Come on, so close, higher,
quads higher, knees higher. Up, up. And hold this one, hold
it, hold it, knees up, five, four, three, two, relax. That was so hard, that was so hard. Let’s give a butt a nice stretch, a nice stretch, a nice pat. Cover the booty part,
hands underneath, lift up. Knees, hip width apart. Push, push, push your hips
back, extend the arms. Oh, inhale, bid exhale and
bring yourself all the way up. My butt is literally crying
and I absolutely love it. And I know you do too. So guys, you know in these
times of pain and discomfort, where you are forced to figure
out how to pull yourself out and I’m talking about, you
know, maybe it’s a hard workout, maybe it’s a breakup, maybe you
lost your job, I don’t know, whatever, you got a
bad grade on your test, we have to figure out how to deal with it. And by being resilient,
by picking yourself up and bouncing even higher
than you fell, then hey, you know what, you’ve
become a stronger person. And in our workouts, I
mean stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. You guys are literally the
strongest people on the planet. My popsters I love you so much, and you continue to
inspire me every single day to be a better instructor,
and I really couldn’t ask for more. Also, be sure to download
the blogilates app. It is absolutely free
in the iTunes App Store and also the Google play store in the app, you’ll be able to find the calendar which you can subscribe to. There is the before and afters section, which is completely
addicting to see how you guys really transform your
body in like 12 weeks. It is so inspirational. And also all my videos are
in there, tons of recipes. So I don’t see why you
wouldn’t already have the app. So grab your phone, download
it and make me a happy Cassey. So I think that’s it guys
continue to train insane and I love you forever
and ever and ever so much and I’ll talk to you later. Bye, enjoy the rest of the workout. Straighten those legs, quicker, here we go and you lift, down, there, perfect, but don’t put on your neck. (upbeat music)
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