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The Best Way To ~Make~ Ramen Noodles

in today’s video we’re going to see if we can successfully make jewelry using ramen noodles guys we’re back with Patrick Adair and his very cool ring shop or at least one of them one up to one of two ring shops and I think that we it’s time to make another ring what do you guys think I think so here’s the basic idea we’re teaming up with Patrick Adair to make a really cool ring given a whole selection of really cool materials we think we’ve got just the right choice for how to make the best one you know I’ve actually never done this before so hi Patrick nice to meet you thank you for the perfect Patrick Kelly there we go this is gonna be amazing just the selection that Patrick has already provided a lot of us we’ve got a really special material plan for today’s all right yes talk us talk us through a couple maybe not everything but just a point of it slimline things are you got petrified wood looks amazing has some wood grain pattern to it but here’s a real nice one meteorite this is a chunk of real cool on iana lust a meteorite that fell from space we find out about that he’s great meteorite scraps before the first time we teamed up to make a ring that was a fun one never pure meteorite we we definitely need to do that Damascus steel you guys know what this is you’ve seen Alex Steel’s channel really cool stuff for die it’s just car paint all sorts of weird woods shredded cash it’s over here all of it yeah it’s so much dance it’s some heavy stuff guys I think I have a preference okay what would you pick a favorite I would I think I want to go with this Oh Oh my lunch yeah I was gonna eat that Nate well I have a better idea instead of you eating it will turn it into a ring that sounds like a pretty good idea to me alright welcome to my life on one condition you have to buy me lunch cuz now I don’t have lunch that’s fair okay I took a couple packets of ramen and put them in some disposable plastic containers I then used some clear epoxy resin vacuumed all the bubbles after mixing it and added a little bit of coloring in one I used some beef flavoring as the colour and in the other I used some blue alcohol ink which ended up giving us a lovely turquoise color resin I think both of these have now completely cured and set and we should be able to start making some fun jewelry out of them for thousands of years people have been using gold for jewelry but what’s the functionality of gold well now we can use an electronics but for a long time it was pretty much worthless except for being a cool shiny metal ramen though you know it’s the stuff of life this is worthy of being jewelry nice tenants on your finger exactly so we’ve got to our beef flavor and our blue blue flavor it was blue ink the blue ink reacts a little bit with the epoxy how should we turn these into rings we’ll cut out a blank and we’ll trim it down make it into a nice lovely ring shape and size and hopefully it’ll hold together if we need to we can do something like give it a carbon fiber liner for added rigidity alright so I’ve got some drill bits here we just want to pick one that is appropriate for our size probably the biggest I think yeah none at least on my hands I don’t know what cally but maybe your pinky yeah none of these are larger than my fingers so I think we’ll just go with the biggest one hmm it’s very easy to drill through the plain ramen part shocker although it looks like the resin is also drilling very smoothly and easily no surprise [Applause] it’s like a giant button Raman button alright we’ve got two of our beef two of our turquoise and the option to make more if we need I think we can start with these and we’ve got yeah be some tasty rings the smell in the studio right now is undescribable this is I think I can’t taste it kind of faint reasoning wrong menu a little bit of beef in the air a little bit a little bit magic in the air cool boy we’ve got our giant lathe here which until I learn otherwise I’m gonna call Fernanda we’re gonna take our Raman resin square here fit this in the square jaws we’re gonna mill out the inside of the ramen until it fits on the ring mandrel here and then we’re gonna be able to work on the outside at that point because this will fit on the inside we can lock it in place and then get to our real shaping all right let’s show this ramen what we’re made of this stuff actually seems to machine quite nicely it’s just powder icing [Music] we’re getting some shavings which is a good sign meaning that material is holding together so far so good that looks good yeah second a bit yeah this one might be there there we go first one down we’ve milled out the inside of these rings so they fit on the mandrel now one thing we do want to do we’re gonna use some superglue and sort of coat parts of it there’s a couple little pits in some spots where I think there’s a chunk of relman that may have flown out so we’ve got some very thin superglue we’re gonna spread some of that around and then probably just use a catalyst to make the superglue cure so that we don’t have empty spaces in the ring and it will all hold itself together all right now I’m going to take the chunk we’ve got here put it on a ring mandrel expand it to set it in place and then start shaving down the outer diameter it’s not terribly centered but because it machines so well we figured it would probably still work and we’re kind of just gonna go for it tell you what well you do that I’m gonna use pulse and belt sander okay so after we added the superglue to the inside of this it gave it kind of a rough bumpy texture which doesn’t allow the ring mandrel to grip it properly so I’m just going in with the dremel and grinding down some of the high spots [Music] [Applause] [Music] we now have a nice blank it’s starting to look like a ring that’s fantastic lovely there you go cutting off the circulation already [Applause] [Music] that’s looking good I love that it’s transparent yeah alright we’ve got the inside pretty much all the way finished we just need to throw it on the ring mandrel and we’re gonna work on just some of the finishing touches to make it a much more elegant and slim ring okay we’ve got the ring pretty nicely sanded this is looking really nice and smooth satin finish there yeah but we want kind of a gloss finish so we’re gonna add some super glue on to the top of it it’s very thin super glue should do a great job of filling all those like microscopic scratches so I’m just gonna have a spinning drip some super glue on the top while wiping away the excess down here at the bottom and we’ll see what we get that should be kind of good now just get the whole surface and any time oh my gosh really beautifully clear right there nice guys we have completed our rings of ramen look at that we’ve got one with some slight tilt into it and one with some delectable beef tint to filthy these little tiny flecks the beefy little unfortunately we drove poor Patrick insane with that late no I yeah I thought it was sandpaper grit and I was like how do I get rid of this this is not going away as soon as I finished the ring I was like oh yes apologize later there’s literally just dust in the resin flavor dust yes does it taste like ramen I mean it does not okay okay it is not is it more acquired dry superglue probably try superglue doesn’t hide okay so and yes it is just like it exactly Andrew doesn’t taste just like it at the same time we didn’t just fix something with ramen and superglue we made something with ramen and superglue how about that I love it fantastic guys if you got anything else you want to see us try and make that of ramen let us know we might give a shot guys we’re actually gonna be doing giveaways with these rings one of them we’re gonna give away on our Instagram one of them on Patrick’s Instagram so check our Instagram pages for details on how to win ring of power the power to create noodles I’m not yes captain noodle captain noodle after a broke college student ah there you go what a power what a power guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more for you to see click that box up at the top to check out our most recent video and we will see you in the next one talk to you then [Music]
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