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right here big big pot of oil huge pot of oil not a lot of oil in it though why because we learned our lesson flashback to what happened when we deep fried in this house we almost burnt the house down last time we had that pot out here filled with oil i was like we’re not deep frying my house again almost burnt it down uh it’s 10 a.m right now and i’ve uh only had like six bags of chips for breakfast that’s that’s how i used to do back in the day one time i went on a pringle diet in america they were like 89 cents a tube back then i’d just be i’m only eating pringles and discounted i think it’s like dr pepper but not dr pepper the diet didn’t go well today on epic meal time we’re making a deep fried pizza by deep fried pizza i mean every ingredient on the pizza is deep fried the crust is deep fried the pepperoni deep fry the sausage deep fried the mushrooms there’s no mushrooms no okay no mushrooms okay we’re not gonna have mushrooms but if there weren’t they’d be deep fried everything’s deep fried except the cheese that’s not deep fried we were gonna deep fry for lulu cheese and i was like nah some of these they’re not even cultured enough for that plus we’ll see if he’ll be for another episode all right hit that subscribe button and if you’re a fat [ __ ] or a heart slap a leg butt with your man taking it’s epic meal time baby i got scared it felt like the floor disappeared from beneath me for a second what are you smoking on this only hatch so we got some standard issue pepperoni here but we got to escalate and bring it to another level we got to give it some deep fry armor so first step some flour so there you go i got a little flour that pepperoni i’ve seen a lot of people do that these days in the kitchen because a lot of days people aren’t cooking in their kitchen they uh uber eats a lot but that’s okay no it’s the world okay that works you’re doing pretty good i know how to do it nope oh [ __ ] always touch your friends bellies that’s the most important part to a good friendship so we got all of our pizza toppings breaded and ready for deep fried but we’re also going to deep fry the pizza dough this is something completely new in epic meal time territory we got our deep fry apparatus the pizza is safe in theory gravity should lift the pizza from the receptacle doesn’t like it watch out coming up need a lot of space so we’re learning this time all right so we’re attempting number two with bigger deep fried popcorn holes your eyes are as red as the pepperoni it’s cause also not just that it’s because the air is very spicy in here we have a lot of oil heated up my eyes get sensitive you know i got [ __ ] eyes not gonna lie the feeling of the back of the spoon spreading the sauce is a very enjoyable activity for me can we put some more pizzas off of those it’s good now okay that’s a fix that’s it that’s what thick shred big thick shred every time i work out i have drinks and i’ll be fixing a little bit if you had to guess what these objects were from their deep fried [ __ ] are these danny kings no let me know show me tell me this is the candy cane bro tell me we didn’t deep fried candy cake it’s not it’s green pepper where’s the mushroom no mushrooms bro oh yeah oh i wonder what this is oh i wonder what this is one ring did you make that joke already not yet okay do you want to make it to rule them all wait let’s get pepperonis down first they’re important so thank you don’t you have to make it not the bacon sausage balls right here right they look great that was amazing why isn’t that a thing how dumb is that no one’s like popcorn sausage why do we got to get stoned on tuesday not enough natural liquids in my mouth right now to easily swallow the popcorn sausage that’s why i got that chick-fil-a polynesian sauce if i go too hard that was perfect i guess i am the boss yo that was so good we got here oh color oh we got a little drippy that’s the best thing i had out there like that’s a strip well sweet to the camera man hey which show you know what this is right here this is a tortilla you know that there’s a tortilla it’s a bear pie where’s that thick cheese at oh we got the thin cheese now they actually sold out nice saving some money in here this is actually uh a tortilla that’s all though it’s a meat pie it’s a backup are you doing that they’re going in oh look it’s like look you see wow [Music] oh yeah yep it’s like the best ever meal we’ve had in like four months yeah it actually tastes really darn good i was looking forward to going home like drinking but like i think i gotta eat this pizza now it’s really good right it’s pretty good i don’t know i’m not gonna like really i’m good i’m not like surprised but not surprised but surprised he said we’re not gonna lie move live before not this time that sounds like a lie eh stop though [Music] definitely slice comes home definitely come home how good is that [Laughter] it’s like the rudest thing i’ve ever done in my life on camera yeah yeah hey yeah i’ve done more room stuff by bed so if you need to make a pizza super fast i think deep fry the dough because it took literally i think two minutes that dough is cooked it is good it’s really good definitely definitely slice yeah i like that and the dough is different that’s i haven’t tasted a pizza crust like that before and it’s not soggy like the dough didn’t get like whenever we deep fry big mac the bun gets all up you’d expect this to be like a sponge of grease not present you’re not getting a soggy grease [Music] but like they say high risk high reward the world the video games because as much as this is delicious you can burn your house down you you could your whole your whole family lifeline everything generational wealth gone out the window so don’t be greedy make sure you take the precautionary steps um great that’s pretty like i’m i’m maybe taking this piece home with the leftover saving that and when i cut a slice we revolutionize pizza that’s one big step for pizza the dough the extra cheese extra sauce really makes it here we made that from scratch next time we need a thousand milligrams of edibles i’m scared post credit scene this is this is basically nick furious the torque deer is just not as good as a chicken pot pie there’s no tears around our hands just stumps how’d you feel okay mine’s a little what did you think though life life is okay
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