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The Arthropods | Educational Video For Kids.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hello friends and welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn all about the largest animal class on the planet introducing the arthropods [Music] the arthropods aren’t vertebrates meaning they don’t have internal skeletons they are a vast amount of them including this dancing crab these dragonflies this caterpillar or even all these tiny ants the arthropods are very different from each other or do you think this butterfly and this shrimp have a similarity truth is they don’t look light at all but yet all arthropods have common characteristics arthropod is a latin word which means outro joints and pothos feet or legs the main arthropod characteristic refers to what their name suggests they all have jointed legs another fascinating characteristic that they all have in common is that their body is divided into segments many of which though not all are protected by the external skeleton which is used as a shield or a shell some arthropods bodies do not grow at the same rate as this exoskeleton therefore making them shed it for a bigger size a process known as malting arthropods can be either terrestrial or aquatic the terrestrials such as this scorpion breathes through their trachea whereas the aquatic arthropods such as these long lobsters breathe through their gills arthropods eat everything some are herbivores such as this little caterpillar others carnivores like this praying mantis [Music] and others omnivores like the wasps which eat everything most arthropods have internal fertilization and are evirus meaning they lay eggs to reproduce lavas hatch from these eggs and then go through different stages before becoming an adult the changes is called metamorphosis as there are so many different types of arthropods they are classified into four large groups depending on the amount of legs they have insects have six legs such as an ant flies or those really annoying nets arachnids have eight legs such as spiders or scorpions crustaceans have ten legs like this shrimp or this shy crab and their mirror pods have more than 10 legs and their bodies are elongated like these caterpillars or these centipedes now we’re going to remember the most important things arthropods are invertebrates and their main characteristics are their jointed legs their bodies are divided into segments and they leg eggs to reproduce meaning they are a viparous the terrestrial arthropods breathe through their tracheas and the aquatic arthropods through their gills and they can be either herbivores carnivals or omnivores lastly and very importantly you must remember that the arthropods are classified in four groups depending on the amount of legs they have insects six legs arachnids eight legs crustaceans ten legs and mirror pods are those who have more than ten legs and have elongated bodies well that’s everything for today and now you know a little bit more about our wrathpots until the next video my friends and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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