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hello happy friends today we’re going to meet a group of living beings that i absolutely love today we’re going to get to know the animal kingdom [Applause] [Music] the animal kingdom is divided into two main groups vertebrates and invertebrates [Music] vertebrate animals like this elephant this parrot [Applause] or this little frog have a skeleton they have bones look look this is the skeleton of an elephant [Music] this is the skeleton of a frog and this is the skeleton of a fish invertebrate animals however have no bones they don’t have an internal skeleton like this ant or this slow snail within the group of vertebrate animals are mammals like these funny dogs birds like our friend the parrot reptiles like this gecko which is a kind of lizard fish like this fearsome shark [Music] and amphibians like this little jumping frog remember there are five types of animals that have bones there are five types of vertebrates mammals birds reptiles fish and amphibians within the group of invertebrates in other words those animals that don’t have bone there are arthropods like this shy crab [Music] mollusks like this octopus and its eight tentacles annelids like this worm echinoderms like this spiky sea urchin sponges and nadarians like this shiny jellyfish they really do have some strange names arthropods mollusks annelids echinoderms sponges and nadarian really are very curious aren’t they now let’s see if we can distinguish which animals are vertebrates and which are invertebrate [Music] is this dancing bear a vertebrate or invertebrate of course bears are vertebrate animals they have bones and they are also mammals what about this slug slugs are invertebrate animals they are mollusks they have no bones and are very soft and this eagle eagles do have bones they are birds they’re animals vertebrate animals and finally these bees hmm are they vertebrates or invertebrates bees do not have an internal skeleton and they do not have bones they are arthropods in other words they are inverse for animals and what’s more they make very delicious and healthy honey well we’ve already learnt more about the animal kingdom and about vertebrate and invertebrate animals [Music] let’s take a look over it so we don’t forget let’s review the animal kingdom is divided into two main groups vertebrates and invertebrates vertebrate animals have bones an internal skeleton and are classified into five groups mammals birds reptiles fish and amphibians invertebrate animals have no internal skeleton no bones and are classified into six groups arthropods mollusks analytes echinoderms sponges and nadarians now before we say goodbye i want to tell you something very important we must always take care of nature the home of all animals and living beings including you and me [Music] if we all manage to keep the forests and the seas clean we will manage to make the world a better place goodbye happy friends [Music] you
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