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The 3D Printed Supercar – Czinger 21C

all right switch it up here we go what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie thanks for joining me on the channel i have access to the coolest car today they’re only going to make 80 of these cars in the world now check this out this is really cool a lot of these parts here are 3d printed so this specifically 3d printed 3d printed there are so many parts here that are actually saving on weight and this car right here is performance based first of all let’s have a look what it looks like with all of this closed okay look at this door look at this door this is so ridiculous i love it so much look how long it is just one big door kind of reminds me of like the koenigsegg mirror they came out with this four seater hyper car and there was just one massive door to get into both the front and the rear seat i just think it’s so cool you guys like come on and it’s so lightweight it’s so cool soft door closed now this is a pre-production car so we’ve got to be very careful with this this is only one in the world but i just wanted to show you like a front here the front design look how massive this front lip is that’s crazy and these headlights this kind of front design actually kind of resembles an lmp race card kind of does right you’ve got the zinger logo here it’s called zinger because of the founder’s last name so his name is kevin zinger look at this baby this is crazy so this car has 1250 horsepower but get this the weight of this car is 1250 kilos so it’s a one to one so basically that means for every kilo of car you have you have one horsepower which is kind of crazy you guys like when you go 200 miles an hour this actually has about 2 500 kilos of down force just sitting here on the wings which means in theory you can actually drive the car upside down without it falling which is mad don’t worry it can support just this and support the weight of the entire car so oh let’s just have a look at the back before we leave so you’ve got the exhaust here now talking of engines we are looking at a twin turbo v8 now i’m loving the inside look how it’s it’s a streamline very narrow cockpit right so you can only have room for one driver here and a passenger behind you if you don’t have a passenger you have room for your one bit of luggage here it is you can get this customized with the car that’s pretty cool because there’s no storage anywhere isn’t that mad i just look how wide this is i was like yeah this is a cool car but like how do you get it so there’s a whole thing right this is how you do it what on the 21c or by the way 21c stands for 21st century that’s the name of the car swivel don’t touch anything and voila it’s actually not that hard but when i saw how wide this was i was like yeah i’m not sure if i can get in here these are so cool from inside oh my goodness you get all of this like look it’s all open up here so you don’t feel claustrophobic even though it’s a narrow cockpit everything is open taking a look at the steering wheel this is a pre-production car some things are going to change like the steering wheel it’s going to be slightly different also all of this is pre-production so this whole screen is going to change as well so this is a real track focused car however it is road legal so you can drive this car on the road but this particular version is very track focused so they want to keep it very like a manual look you know all of these that you can actually manually turn now this is how you open the cardo like this boom and then you lift so the body of this car is all carbon fiber except for the parts that are 3d printed so there’s a bit of carbon fiber titanium and aluminium should we turn her on let’s do it here we go so follow the break and then we just tap the start stop button which is here now as in pre-production it sounds so different to everything else i’ve heard so i’m just going to tap here i’ll put it in first all right close the doors ready to go little rabbit ready holy moly you guys all right switch it up here we go oh [Laughter] [Applause] oh wow it’s so like honestly it doesn’t sound like any other engine open the door here we go this has actually gone to the track and i can’t wait to actually take it for like a proper drive lucas come on over so this is lucas guys he’s the co-founder of zinger and your last name is actually xenon it is this car can run on lots of different fuel right so you can run it on just normal petrol right if you want to guess right or race fuel right or race fuel or zero emissions carbon recycled methanol i was like cool sounds great what is it so let’s open the decklid okay yeah and if you take a look on our actual fuel tank here it says recommended m100 carbon neutral fuel look at that we are called neutral full emission certification with also a flex fuel yeah that is carbon neutral fuel that’s crazy so i was like okay so how do you get the zero emissions fuel you take co2 from the air right you grab that you do some cool stuff with it use renewable energy drive renewable energy to convert that into some kind of fuel and that fuel it does emit co2 when you burn it right you’ve absorbed more co2 in the process of making it we think it’s going to be adopted in the mainstream where you’re a normal gas station and can you get the same performance out of that as race fuel exactly same performance yes yes we’ll still hit 950 horsepower out of that same v8 that’s mad thanks lucas thanks for so much for showing us around guys what do you reckon pop your comments in the comment section below and uh we’ll see you in the next vid love you out [Music] you
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