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“That Girl’s Got Issues” Ft. Meg DeAngelis | CHOPPED UP!

(upbeat music) (dramatic music) – Hi, my name is Cassie Ho, and today, invited Meg DeAngelis over to the kitchen. It’s on. (dramatic music) – I’m Meg DeAngelis, and
I have a YouTube channel called MayBaby, and I like
to do lifestyle content. – [Announcer] Today’s chefs,
Cassey and Meg will have only five measly minutes to battle out their best dishes using the ingredients in these mysterious baskets, black olives, a pear,
green seedless grapes and a toothpick bundle. – So I’m examining my basket, and then, this envelope just falls right in front of my face. – We unfold this letter, and Dining Deity has written a poem for us, some type of a riddle. – Dear competitors, welcome
to the Chopped up kitchen. With the tools I have provided, you will make this hog, I have decided. – Recreate this prickly beast. – To offer up in a fruit-y feast. Five minutes is all the time in the world. I could probably make it in two minutes. (dramatic music) First, I see these toothpicks. Then, I see a pear, and some grapes, and I also see olives. It’s a little bit of a weird combination, but it’s going to make the
perfect porcupine hedgehog. – Meg was such a mess in the kitchen. I mean, all she had to do was
open her toothpick bundle up, and it exploded, and it
was totally in her hair. – I didn’t really expect the
little explosion to happen. I sorted myself out, and I kept going, and I don’t think it’s
affecting me at all. (upbeat music) I am peeling the face of the hedgehog. I needed to peel the face
away so that I could have a spot to put the eyes. Time to build the grape crown. (upbeat music) So I have this double
grape technique, right? So basically it’s going
to make it look puffier, and then there’s going to be
little spikes that poke out, so it’s going to make the
spikes look more prominent. – I think mine way more
represents and gives justice to the photo the Dining Deity wanted. (upbeat music) – I’m just working on my piece of art, and I feel this grape hit my face. I got a little competitive at that point, I guess you could say. – I thought she was sane, but honestly, that girl has issues. (upbeat music) Meg comes over with a toothpick
and blinds my hedgehog. Animal cruelty, hello, PETA. – I don’t know how a blind
porcupine is really going to win. There definitely weren’t any
toothpicks in the diagram. (upbeat music) – Well, that was
stressful, let me tell you. Who’s going to win? Well, obviously, mine
looks like the picture, and hers is so fluffy. I mean, double grape
technique, what is that? I hope the Dining Deity
appreciates the sunglasses, and I hope he knows they’re sunglasses ’cause I feel like it
adds a really nice touch. (light music) – [Waiter] Chef Meg, chef Cassey, who will say she hates my
prestigious palette today? Chef Meg cute, cute, unique
double grape technique, and oh, definitely not the
best constructed hedgehog in the world, but the sunglasses
are an adorable touch. Chef Cassey, on first glance,
very well put together with an eye for symmetry,
but these toothpicks could really hurt someone, ow. This is more of a weapon than a dish, and what is this, blinded eyes? How brilliant. I know exactly what you were going for. True sight is not in the
eyeballs, per se, but within. What a beautifully portrayed
message, so who will it be? Drum roll please. (Cassey rolls tongue) (Meg rolls tongue) (upbeat music) Chef Cassey. (Cassey cheers) – Oh, I’m sorry, what, what? Well, Meg, that was a good game. Thank you so much for
being a great competitor. – Of course, aw, thanks. – So fun to have over. What’d you think of
making these porcupine, or hedgehog things? – It was fun. Now that I’m looking at
mine, it’s a little lopsided. It’s artistic. It’s very abstract, Picasso style. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I mean, the sunglasses. – I wouldn’t have expected
that the Dining Deity would have liked the poked eyes. – That was my doing. – Guys, if you want to
check out Meg’s channel, click right here. Yeah, so we did some cool, healthy snacks and meal ideas for the New Year on my channel, so click the (mumbles). – Yeah, and Meg is literally so cute, so you got to watch her and subscribe. Alright, bye guys. – Bye.
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