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Testing Sherp ATV On Water!

foreign check this out this is the rescue shop ladder guys this is my second car review this car is embarrassing me here we go oh my gosh [Music] they could actually take me up on the helicopter this is the fuel tank and where the engine is and the reason why you have access to this is because if you’re stuck on the desert you’re stuck in some swamps somewhere and you can’t actually get out of the shop to check out your engine you can fix your car from right inside here we’ve got seats [Music] we have an ax [Music] there’s a pickaxe in here as well so make sure that you uh really trust the people that you’re going on Long missions with that they won’t get too hungry life jacket over here because obviously we can get in water foreign 58 liters of fuel inside of it it’s crazy all you do is give us a special tool that opens up the sky you pop it in here we go oh got our ladder coming down oh my gosh okay this is literally a tank can you see what’s missing what is missing from this picture this is our steering wheel right over here you’ve got your mics over here mayday mayday oh I can kill myself hi guys if you can hear me please like And subscribe over and out put on the clutch push myself down what little sirens and horns and stuff so the way that you inflate the tires check this out you put this on because they inflate using the exhaust gases all you need to do is accelerate and watch the tire pressure rise so let’s accelerate foreign heater and what’s also really cool is not only does it heat the cabin but because this is a all-terrain vehicle and it can actually operate in plus 40 degrees Celsius and minus degrees Celsius the engine and the tank needs some time to heat up so it’s got a special fuel heating button over here that you put on if you’re deciding to go in the snow let’s check this out we’ve got our little rear camera no doors on the side only at the front but we have an emergency exit there we go okay I’m going I think it’s time to ride this ATV okay oh my gosh it’s hail okay we’re turning can I go down the hill okay straight straight ahead hold on there you go play in Drive we’re gonna do a spin [Music] oh Jesus oh well done we’re going over all terrain [Music] okay we’re heading to the water here we go [Music] just when you thought it couldn’t get cooler oh my gosh [Music] oh my God we’re on the way to go save you [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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