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Testing Hangover Cures Ft. Mamrie Hart | The LAB

mitochondria is the powerhouse of the phone coming Astro hello and welcome back to the lab where we take your questions and turn them into experiments my name is Mitch and I’m Greg and today we’re going to be getting hung over for science no seriously there are a lot of claims for different scientific hangover cures but we thought we’d take some of the more simple ones that are backed by science and test them on our cells the reason we’ve got hangover in the first place has to do with a few thing as you drink the alcohol actually promotes the excretion of many components like sulphate Adam and glucose which are required for normal muscle coordination and brain functioning but perhaps more important is what happens in the liver your liver takes an alcohol or ethanol breaks it down into acetaldehyde and eventually into acetate which is easily extruded by the body but the problem is that there aren’t a lot of enzymes to convert it to acetate meaning the more you drink the more that it accumulates and acid aldehyde itself is 10 to 30 times more toxic than alcohol leading to headaches and feeling nauseous we are here in LA with mamrie Hart tell us about yourself ok well hi I like long walks with the EPA my name is maimry and I have a channel called you deserve a drink where i make original cocktail and I’ve had more hangovers than nation survive so we’re going to make a drink for us tonight but first we got a key so we’re starting out with fatty foods because it slows the absorption of alcohol into your blood and lessen the stomach irritation well carbs on the other hand prevent low blood sugar and easier nausea which is a good thing because I haven’t barf from drinking in a long time and I don’t plan to vomit yeah that’s why you’re so good we fight so much we swim 10 mins ago I’ll do it again below Tama like I think I get more hungover when I pop around yeah I danced with everybody that was cute from drinking and I’m good I think I had a pretty bad one a couple weeks ago so you didn’t draw my life my phone yeah not more than growing up eating helps your body have more time to eliminate the harmful byproducts of drinking about getting food with your buddies and some examples after the bar is actually too late it’s important that you eat before you drink or even while you’re drinking because this can actually decrease your piece blood alcohol concentration by a doe 2/3 but I always eat when I’m already drunk yeah crime is an idea I’m a cheap drunk yeah next up we get to start drinking but we’re going to stick with a lighter color liquors because dark drinks like bourbon or even red wine contains something called congenita stalks the chemicals your body is going to have to get rid of that can cause inflammation so now we want you to make a drink with this clear vodka okay well I figured a good like safe thing it’s just like a boxer so honored yeah here we go you’re really gonna look real on this awesome most bars a lot of a free pitcher of water and you need to keep your eye on it and keep drinking it because a big part of hangovers is dehydration because alcohol makes you excrete more water than you take in this affects your body and literally makes your brain shrink so you need to make sure you’re chugging water when you’ve at home and put a glass of water beside your beds that you can drink it as you wake up in the night we’re going to try and match how much we’re drinking and alcohol with equal amounts of water see my body just normally has an aversion for water smell so I’m trying to treat it with the red cup pouring Cheers have you guys ever been sober over where you take a difficult water you’re like water water is good yeah like you just discovered it a lot of water so much I wanna bring a lot of different pills in the substances claim that they can help your hangovers but most full short when actually studied and in this video we really want to focus on simple solutions and cheap solution but a recent study looked at something called a Kiwi empanada which is an extract from a shrub native to Japan and found that it actually does help in minimizing hangovers so we got our kannada extra the moon and helpful bit more we love it and if this works they will be making their money oh yeah we should buy some corn off it off Cheers Oh time for the more water water heart forever so we just wrapped up filming with mamrie are we wasted or what that’s a very Christ wash yeah so we just watch mamrie is hydrating and we’re going to go for some more drink more vodka great feeling on a tipsy if you like I should have a hangover tomorrow but so we got like gank guess you come about a fresh juice watermelon lime please this is how you know I’m in LA for bed we took some aspirin which has been shown to decrease something called prostaglandin which ultimately contributes to hangover Jannah that is constant – oh wow I don’t even II do not do this at home you’re telling me – no don’t do 17 of the cells that actually didn’t taste bad but try to stay away from its – the minute vent or Tylenol as it can be harsh on your livers enzymes and in conjunction with all the drinking you just did to do some real liver damage of course now we get to see if any of these solutions actually work and if we wake up feeling any less hungover than we would have on a night of equivalent drinking I don’t know so work I look dreadful I kind of feel I don’t know if I feel as bad as I would having to drink that much but I’m definitely hung over her I think I’m feeling okay I definitely am a little hungover but I got them all night water and I’m having water now and then I do think am i based on that cement alcohol and I drank that another time I would be more however but it certainly wasn’t a fix-all just enough not feeling perfectly not like I work it’s technically not over yet we have some morning routine stuff that can help that we’re going to test out so we’ll give a full review by midday of how we feel foods like eggs bananas and fruit juice help to replenish your electrolytes and contain nutrients and compounds which actually assist and break down the remaining alcohol in content okay so we made it to midday and feeling a line absolutely better Allah God I do go much better I feel like even though this wasn’t a perfect test I’m sort of comparing to other childhood dreams of the same immense I have been a worse off all of it yeah but but definitely I felt like I became less than over faster than I normally would yeah we drink lots of water and again everyone’s body’s process alcohol quite differently this was in no way a perfect test but obviously being conscious of trying to not be hungover the next day will help you in some way so thank you for watching you know follow these steps because they did help and then let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you want us to test out absolutely and make sure you go launch mamrie Hart video that we did on her channel doing some [ __ ] also balance and alcohol experience it’s really really cool so go check it out on our Channel and we’ll use it
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