Testing An AI Robot After It Watched All Of My Videos

– I’ve answered hundreds
of your medical questions on this channel, but
I’m getting burned out. So I built a Dr. Mike
Robot forced to watch every single one of my videos, and now it’s artificial intelligence thinks it can answer your
real medical questions. So let’s see how it does. Huge thank you to SimpliSafe
for sponsoring this video. – Good question, P world. Why do I pass out at the sight of blood? – So it’s a type of diabetes
and you really want to avoid unless it’s absolutely mandatory. – What in the world! Dr. Mike Robot, I think
you’ve been drinking. Passing out at the sight of blood has nothing to do with diabetes, and you wanna avoid it at all costs, not even up when it’s
absolutely necessary. The reason you pass
out the sight of blood, it’s almost like a protection thing. Probably has something to do
with the vasovagal response or neurocardiogenic syncope. Your body actually has muscular
control of the arteries in your lower extremities,
keeping them tight, which maintains blood pressure, therefore maintaining circulation
of blood to your brain, bringing oxygen. If something happens like you’re in shock, or it gets really hot,
or you stand up too fast, sometimes those arteries
relax or don’t adjust in time. As a result, you don’t
have enough blood pressure allowing blood to reach
the brain and you pass out. Are you good at sewing after
learning how to do stitches? – I am good at everything. – False answer Dr. Mike,
I’m not good at sewing. And I’m just okay at doing sutures. I can just do basic sutures only. Dina, is it true that drinking breast milk is good for bodybuilding? – I mean, research has shown that it is a 100% certain, maybe not for everybody but for me. – No, not for me. That was an anchorman answer. – 60% of the time it works every time. – Drinking breast milk is
not good for bodybuilding ’cause babies aren’t bodybuilding. Are babies bodybuilders ’cause they’re kind of
building their butt? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, but not for the type of
bodybuilding you thought, I ate a LEGO is that bad? – I have to say this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. – Is eating a LEGO the worst
thing I’ve seen in my life? Definitely not. You have no idea the things
I’ve seen in my life. You have no idea that things
I’ve smelled in my life. The hospital’s full of
smells, sights, sounds, things that I wish I could
unhear, unsee and unsmell Azalea, what was the
hardest part of med school? – The SCQ. You need a lot of therapy – What is SCQ? I need to Google what
this Dr. Mike is finding. Social communication questionnaire. I literally don’t know what that is, but you do need a lot of
therapy, so that is accurate. Jay Tommy, could you overdose on helium? Like if you’re breathing it
in to make a funny voice? – Yes, absolutely. If you overdose on helium, you actually wouldn’t die from it. It’s technically kind of a status that it doesn’t really mean you’re dead, but it’s certainly a deadly thing. – What in the world did I just read! First of all, yes, you can absolutely die from over inhaling helium. If you just inhale so much helium that you’re not breathing oxygen, yes, you can die. I’ve recently started trying
to fall asleep with a fan on to keep cool. I noticed after a few minutes of the fan hitting my face though, I start to develop headaches. Is it possible to get
a headache from a fan? – Yes, and the most common
locations for headaches are in the anterior
singular cortex or the ACC. – Either this Dr. Mike Robot
knows a lot more than me or just completely making stuff up. This whole ACC singular cortex thing, no idea. What I can’t answer you is
that you can get a headache from a fan blowing on you,
because what a fan does, it causes direct cooling of an area which can then decrease
circulation to that area especially if you have a muscle, thereby creating a tension headache. Can I buy your dog? – No you can’t. You can buy a used dog. – What is a used dog? No, you can’t buy bear. I loved there bear. This gentleman wants to buy you. Do you want him to buy you? Be honest. Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Is there any benefit to
using natural deodorant versus deodorant that has aluminum in it? – I love deodorant. It really does smell great, but I’ve never tried it on. Deodorant should only
contain essential oils and deodorant should
contain no added fragrances to help your body smell properly. – Well, I don’t know what I just read, but deodorant should absolutely be used if you wanna smell normally. The way deodorant works
is one of two ways. You either have an antiperspirant that essentially clogs
the pores in your armpits, thereby decreasing the amount
of sweat that’s released there by decreasing the amount
of bacteria that eats it and then releases a foul smell, or you get a fragranced
one that has alcohol in it that kills the bacteria
and replaces their smell with the fragrance. Clearly this new technology isn’t so great at giving medical advice, but thanks to SimpliSafe, there is some great technology
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to learn more. Remember Dr. Mike is spelled out. All right, let’s get back and see if this robot learned anything. I’ve heard that if you’re
having trouble falling asleep, you should close your eyes and then move your eyeballs
in a circular motion. – What you’re doing just very dangerous. Do not let your eyes close
during these motions. That could potentially
open up the blood pool and cause you to bleed out. – Oh my God, it’s like
having fever all over again. No, you’ll not bleed out
from moving your eyes in this fashion. That’s a form of distraction, you’re essentially giving
your body something to do and concentrate on at which
point you’ll get bored and fall asleep. So if that works for you, cool. I like deep breathing techniques, like having an inhale of four seconds and exhale of eight seconds. Is it true that putting a
wet cloth on your forehead brings down a fever? – Yes, that’s great, but
it’s not the only way. Another thing you can do is
to take some acetaminophen and a sort of antihistamine package and put that on your skin. It actually stops the fever. – Oh my God, It started off so good and then it just fell apart. Does putting a wet cloth on your forehead bring down a fever? Minimally, mini-securely. Especially if you’re really sick, your body’s gonna keep
that body temperature up. Now, if you do take
acetaminophen or any antipyretic, any medication that lowers
a fever, it will go down. Okay, I know some people
don’t believe in spirits, but when your ears ring, it could be a spirit
trying to communicate, but it is probably a medical thing, right? I’m interested in this one. – The phenomenon is
actually a medical condition that is essentially disorder of the heart, specifically the left ventricle. This is the part of the heart that actually gives a voice to the heart and receives the sound of the heart. This is the worst robot. What you’re describing
here sounds like tinnitus, and that is ringing in the ears and it can be caused by several issues. One of them being
sensorineural hearing loss. So there’s a lot of different
issues with tinnitus. There is a rare condition to give this Dr. Mike Robot credit, where you could actually
hear your own body sounds, including your own heartbeat. So there is some truth that you can hear with your own body’s
processes in your own ears. Sunscreen blocks the UV rays from the sun that are damaging the skin. The sunscreen also block vitamin D and other positive effects of the sun. – Yes, sunscreen is important, but it only lasts a few minutes. Before that, you should be in the shade. Some studies even show
that the entire daily value of the sunscreen consumed by Americans is less than one ounce. So please use that responsibly. – What is going on, this is so weird. Sunscreen lasts a couple
hours, not a few minutes. So fact check on that. You should be in the shade, that’s true. The daily value of sunscreen consumed, I didn’t even know
there was a daily value. I don’t think there is one. While sunblock does negate
some of the positive effects of the sun like the vitamin D, it does still allow your
eyes to see the sun, which allows the sun to
set your circadian rhythm. How do you prevent acne scars? How do you remove acne
scarring you already have? – Beans. – Beans, just beans. First don’t pick at your acne. The more you pick, the more
likely you are to get a scar. Also treating the acne,
meaning going to see a doctor, a dermatologist to figuring
out the reason behind your acne could go a long way to
preventing scarring. Tal, how should patients go about finding a new primary care doctor? Ask for a list from our
insurance company and play darts? – Insurance companies will
have a list of providers that they can choose from. Also, I love darts. – Maybe one of the most accurate one. Although I don’t really love darts, but that’s a funny answer. There is a list of providers
that insurance companies have. You get to lists, and then you use the web to try and verify if other people have had good experiences there. Don’t just settle on the first one. Remember this is a long-term commitment, much like a marriage. Is it possible I’m damaging my eyes by staring at my iPhone all day? – Yes, you can actually
style up your eyes, just look at it. – What! A style in your eye has nothing to do with staring at your iPhone with it. Like parents love bringing their kids in and trying to use me to
spread misinformation to their children, acting like whatever their problem is is caused by looking at a screen. It’s not always the
iPhone that’s at fault, sometimes it’s serious thing. So don’t just always
reflexively blame the iPhone. Hey Dr. Mike, I’ve been
wondering this for a while now, but how do you know if I need
to get my toe nails removed? Tonsils. – If it’s very tender,
like milk tonsillitis, you might need a phone consultation. If it’s very inflammatory,
like polycythemia, it could be a genetic problem. – Milk tonsillitis isn’t a thing. Polycythemia is a
condition Polycythemia vera where you have excess
production of red blood cells. The decision to remove tonsils happens, A, how often you get strep infections, B, lifestyle issues that can come about as a result of inflamed tonsils, and C, a conversation between
a doctor and their patient. Katelyn’sWorld, every time I
bend down or move my knees, most of the time they crack. Is this okay or should I get
it checked out by a doctor? – Your knees should be sagging at least slightly during the day. I would add, that your
hips should be sagging, at least sightly as well, possibly more so to get your
hips a little more support. – Forgive me, maybe the only thing this robot could be saying is that when you’re taking a step, you should be bending at
the knees and the hips in order to absorb shock. I’m obviously reaching there. My knees crack all the time,
it’s no big deal for me. But that being said, there are certain conditions
like a tear of the meniscus, which can cause locking and
cracking sensations of the knee. So it really depends on what
other symptoms are present. All these things are really
important to check and evaluate using special tests with the
art of the physical exam. I challenged Brad Mando to pick my outfits and the results were not so great, but really interesting to watch. Click here to check that out, and huge thanks again to SimpliSafe for sponsoring this video. As always, stay happy and healthy. (upbeat music)
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