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Teeny Weeny Donuts Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann
Reardon and this is teeny weeny baking challenge number five and you asked me
to see if I could make miniature donuts so let’s give this a go. To make donuts
we need flour … just tip that into the bowl … everything’s a little bit more
fiddly when it’s tiny. Some instant dried yeast and of course some sugar so that
the yeast can work. Then we need to take the butter and melt that in the
microwave. You don’t want it hot, you just want it melted so about ten seconds
should do it for this small amount. Add that in with the dry ingredients and
then pour in the milk. If you know how to make pottery or porcelain let me know in
the comments if you can make fine miniatures … most of the miniatures I find
a really chunky and clunky so I’d love to talk to you if you actually make your
own. Add a couple of drops of vanilla and two eggs and then you want to mix that
all together until you get a dough like consistency. Clean up your workspace, put everything away and then put some extra flour on the bench and tip out the dough.
Now we need to knead that to develop the gluten in the dough. Gluten is just the
protein in wheat and when you need it and develop it it makes the dough really
stretchy. So see here it just breaks when I pull on it so we need to knead it some
more until it becomes stretchy like this. That looks good so now you want to put
that dough back in the bowl and cover it with some plastic wrap. Plastic wrap can
be fiddly and hard enough to handle it normal of times but in miniature size
it’s proving a little difficult … got it 🙂 Okay once you’ve covered that you cover
it so that the dough doesn’t dry out and you just want to leave it to rise. Once
it’s doubled in volume you can remove the plastic. I’m having trouble with this today and then just knock it down … normally you’d
punch it with your fists but my fist is not going to fit into that tiny bowl.
Take it out of the bowl and then put it on the counter and roll it using a
rolling pin. Whenever you guys give me a new teeny-weeny challenge to do there’s
always some piece of kitchen equipment that I don’t have in mini, so I need to
make it before I can start baking. This time I needed a strainer for when I get
the donuts out of the hot oil and I also didn’t have a donut cutter. Donut cutters
have an inner circle and an outer circle so that when you cut with them you end
up with that perfect donut shape. I have a big one of these but I had to make a
mini one. Just pull the centre out and you can re-roll the centres or you can
use them to make donut holes if you want to fry them up like that. Then you want
to leave your donuts to rise again. Look at that one that’s risen a bit too much
I think. Light your stovetop and put your pan of oil on top to heat up. Once it is
hot, add your donut into the hot oil and let it bubble and fry until it browns.
Look at that … perfect 💕 Keep frying all of them until they’re all cooked and then turn
off your cooktop you don’t want to leave hot oil getting hotter and hotter or it
will ignite … if you watch my normal donut video you can see that happening in real
life 🔥 Once they’re cooked it’s time to glaze them and I’ll link you to my
donut glaze recipes in the description below. The donut ingredient
quantities are there too so that you can make donuts in real size or mini size
depending what you want to do. My favorite glaze is the chocolate one YUM!
Look at that so shiny but my kids like the pink marshmallow glaze it actually
has marshmallows in the glaze recipe so it tastes really good and then of course
you might like some sprinkles just on top of that. And for those of you with more traditional tastes let’s dip some of
them in cinnamon sugar. Teeny-weeny miniature donuts have been fun let me
know what you’d like me to make in my miniature kitchen next in the comments
below. If you see something someone else has already suggested and you like that
idea give it a thumbs up so that we can get the one that’s the most popular to
the top. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy sweet creations … click
here for more mini videos and here for normal sized videos. Make it a great week
by loving others and I’ll see you on Friday.
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