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Teeny Weeny Challenge How Small Can I Bake? How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and today I am doing the teeny weeny challenge to see how small I can bake. When I did the Giant Magnum ice-cream you
guys challenged me to do something mini. Now obviously to do that the first thing I
need to do is build a mini kitchen so off to the shops to buy some MDF and a heap of
other things that I think might come in handy like tubing because I want to try and make
a working tap. I don’t do things by half. When we built our real kitchen not that long
ago I had about 3 weeks with no bench tops which meant no sink and no tap and no running
water, so I was filming on a little section with a bucket of hot water next to me, a kitchen
with no water is not a good thing people. Now I’ve built all the walls and cabinets
and I really want a working light in my fridge, I don’t know why I just do. I found a little light bulb for that. Push that through from the back and we have
light! Some miniatures I just had to buy and I’ve
adjusted them to make them how I wanted them. And now on to the sink!. I am just going to fold some aluminium flashing
and then cut out the corners and fold that in. Now I am going to use hot glue to seal it
and waterproof the joins. That wouldn’t work with a real sink but this
one is so tiny I think it will work. Time to cut a hole in the counter top and
make room for the sink to go in there. And just pop that into place from the underneath
and then poke through the tap. I have always loved miniatures, and we couldn’t
afford a dolls-house when I was little so I just used a shelf on my bookshelf and put
all little miniatures on there, most of which I made. I’ve just dug out my old stuff, this is a
tiny cross stitch pillow that I stitched and this little teddy bear that I made as well
and stuffed it with cotton wool. The fabric for this one, I actually made this
when I was older, this is the fabric from the bridesmaid’s dresses from my wedding. Enough reminiscing, let’s bake. So today I’m attempting mini chocolate chip
cookies. I thought I’d start simple, because hey I’ve
just built a whole kitchen. Grab the butter out of the fridge. And then place the sugar in the bowl …. and
then add the butter …. this is so teeny weeny it is really tricky to stir it and still
let you see what I’m doing. Keep stirring until it’s all mixed together. And then add in one egg,
This is looking eggscellent 😂 Write your puns in the comments below, I’m
going to pin the best pun to the top. Stir that together, and I am going to swap
to the whisk because the spoon is not really working for me. That’s looking better. And then add in your baking powder, don’t
you just love these mini measuring spoons they’re so cute. Then add the flour and mix that altogether. Stirring until you can’t see any more flour. Now add in your teeny weeny chocolate chips. The more the better when you’re making cookies. You can actually make this recipe normal size
too, I’ll put the recipe on the website for you and there’s a link below. Stir stir stir some more until they are all
mixed in. Let’s clear some room on our little counter,
put the flour away on the shelf, put all the dishes in the sink. Lots of kids tell me their mum won’t let them
bake – the secret is you need to clean up after yourself and then she will let you. Or maybe bake mini like I am and that might
work for you! Line a baking tray with some non-stick paper. Roll little tiny spoon-fulls of mixture into
a ball and place them onto the tray. Make sure you space them out so there’s room
for them to spread in the oven. Get some extra choc chips and put them on
top of each cookie because people tend to choose cookies based on how many choc-chips
they can actually see on top. Even though they are all the way through the
cookie we want to see them on top. Light your oven. And place the tray inside. Ooopps
Sorry, let’s try that again. Place the tray inside the oven and leave them
to bake. Take your leftover cookie mixture and wrap
it in plastic wrap making like a roll of cookie dough. Then you can put that in the freezer and any
time you want freshly baked cookies just take it out slice a piece off the end and bake
it in the oven. Time to wash the dishes, instead of a working
tap I should have installed a working dishwasher! I don’t know what Iw was thinking, I like
dishwashers. My fingers are way too big to wash the dishes
in here. Let me swap to tweezers. That’s better. They’re looking nice and clean. Oh wait there is still a spoon in there let’s
pull that out. Now we can pull the plug. Yay my pipes are working! Let’s check on the cookies. I am going to use tweezers because it is super
hot and I don’t want to burn my fingers. Look at that, they are looking pretty cool,
I’ll try not to drop them this time. The old wood-fired oven has cooked them nicely. I’d better put that flame out. Grab a chopping board to protect the counter
and put the cookies onto that. Now take them off and put them on a cooling
rack so they can cool down. Fresh hot cookies have to be eaten with a
glass of milk or a cup if you don’t have a glass in your kitchen. Grab a couple of cookies on your plate and
bring them to the table and it’s time to dunk them in the milk. Yummmy, the only problem is they are a little
bit small. Dave: “Awww they are so tiny … can you make
me … an ice cream sandwich?” I can try 🙂
Put all your mini baking requests in the comments below or any other challenges that you want
me to try. Click here to check out my other videos and
remember to subscribe to How To Cook That. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
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