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Tasty Producers Swap Their Favorite Snacks • Jasmine & Murad

go oh my god hey everyone it’s me jasmine and i’m joined today by a special guest hey i’m murad we’ve chosen some of our favorite snacks i’ve chosen american snacks and i chose snacks that i grew up eating as a palestinian after every round we’re going to see if we want to keep the snack or swap them let’s get snacking my favorite thing to do time to reveal our first snack ready let’s go three two one oh oh my god i’m excited to try those i love me some nuts so i see you brought some cheetos flamin hot cheetos lime baby i haven’t been eating a lot of american snacks lately just because i’m trying to watch my figure but yeah these will be new to me i might be down to swap we’ll see really can you tell me what you brought today so hospitality culture is really important in the middle east basically anytime you go to an arab or a middle eastern person’s house you’re going to see like a ton of food but specifically like a lot of different kinds of mixed nuts these are my personal favorite they’re really good they’re sweet and sour and pistachios are just always awesome let me dig into mine ah nothing like opening a fresh bag of hot cheetos eh cheers i don’t know how i’m gonna be able to swap with you my mouth is salivating weirdly mine too whenever i get the munchies these are the first things i think of if you’re brave and you can open a pistachio with just your mouth you could just like throw the whole thing in your mouth you ever suck on the shell that’s what i really want to do but i can’t do it on camera i’ll do it shall we trade let’s do it yeah i’m not gonna lie because they’re pretty good let me know what you think of you okay cheers mmm wow i don’t taste the sweetness it just tastes like pistachios doused in lime i think maybe the sweetness is on the shelf when you get a bag of them there’s like a whole like layer of powder at the bottom and it’s like all sugar what’s happening i did it with my mouth nice it’s very good it’s just hard to choose you know what i don’t like this keeper swap thing i want both yeah this is hard because i haven’t had these in a long time i kind of love those too much it’s like in your soul right yeah i feel like i’d be betraying my culture if i didn’t i could eat these i could swap i’m gonna keep this on to snack two all right ready to do this let’s do it three two one oh my god i have brought fruit by the foot a very very iconic part of my childhood my mom would put these in our lunch boxes i just put them in my mouth and eat them like all rolled out and just i can show you what i do so i brought you guys might know this as turkish delight but i grew up calling this halcum they’re super sweet usually rose water flavored and it’s coated in like powdered sugar this is a foot long fruit gummy it’s actually longer than a foot so i would roll it out all the way and then i would take this part off and i just like walk around imagine a small jasmine walking around at school and then sometimes you stand up and then you count down and see who can eat the fastest you wanna do it let’s do it and i noticed it’s gelatin free so my family if you guys are seeing this there’s no pork on this i bet they made the paper edible too because i’m sure people are eating the paper it’s not edible so you can put up to like a tongue’s length in your mouth and that’s it three two one go oh my god how the heck did you do that really hard vaguely fruity so tasty shall we try these let’s do it to me these are like old lady desserts because one of my aunts houses they’d usually have a plate of these i hated these for a really long time but these are pretty good i’m not gonna lie i love it yeah i actually also grew up eating turkish delights and one time our family watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe yeah and that’s when our family obsession with turkish delights came about you can’t really avoid getting the sugar all over yourself it’s like a more delicate elevated pretentious dessert in comparison to fruit roll-ups i will actually swap these because they’re good and i’m nostalgic but that was fun i did like that fruit roll-up experience all right so then how about you take these i will actually swap with you because i love them and with the rest of these why don’t you practice and we can do a rematch next time let’s do it on to the next one three two one oh i have brought ritz toasted chips sour cream and onion flavored have you had these no i’ve actually never had these they will blow your mind my roommate brought them home one day a couple years ago and she was like do you want some i was like sure and i was like i could literally see my pupils like dilate and ever since i’ve been addicted what did you bring i brought malmo these are date cookies i wish i was able to bring fresh ones like the ones that my mom makes because they’re 10 000 times better but these will do i know a lot of people don’t like dried fruits but dates are actually surprisingly good as a cookie filling they’re really soft and so soft that they’re like kind of smushed sometimes but oh my gosh still really good they’re very crumbly and dry they’re dry in a way that complements like tea thank you so much i feel like i’ve got the golden ticket it’s so pretty cheers mmm it’s like a shortbread cookie yeah actually yeah this is very good traditionally they’re made out of farina which is more crumbly but these will do in a pinch any idea of like ritz that you had on your mind throw that out because this is a whole other level oh so good they look so fancy oh my god i’m not even joking these are so freaking good so good also best flavors sour cream and onion regular roots look manufactured the flavor is like more intense it just feels more like artisanal yeah almost like a flattened breadstick for this one i’m gonna have to keep this one oh i was going to swap it but only because my mom makes better mahmud and these would be a good addition to my pantry so you are i want to swap i’ll share with you yeah okay next step ready let’s go three two one oh so colorful these are jordan almonds they’re basically just like candy coated almonds and for some reason i really associate these with like weddings i feel like a lot of wedding goodie bags had these growing up that would be like the highlight of a wedding for me and i see you’ve also brought something very colorful the ever so loved sour patch kids when i think sour patch kids i think of movies this is like the go-to that we would get at the movie theaters and i say that lightly it was more like i went to target first put in my purse and then went to the movies and then ate them during the movies all right family size baby i don’t have a favorite but for some reason i always go for the blue are they all the same flavor because i’ve actually really wondered about it i don’t i think this one’s blue raspberry orange this is either green apple or watermelon and yellow is lemon cheers gummies are my favorite candies that’s so good i love when it sticks to your teeth i don’t think i like that so these are all the same flavors unfortunately yes tradesies you know i will say the colors of these make me feel so relaxed cheers i love candy shell i’m not gonna lie when you said they were almonds i was like i don’t really like almonds i really only taste the hard shell candy which makes me like them more really good so unlike the almonds i feel like these are gonna stress me out they’re pretty good i think you can’t eat too many you definitely can’t go crazy with sour patch kids i’ve never experienced anything he’s talking about family size should say jasmine size i’m definitely keeping mine i have to say i’m keeping mine too yeah okay you can take it but i do love these okay they’re really good that was really fun murad thank you for bringing all those snacks i love trying some new foods yeah thanks for bringing a bunch of foods that i totally forgot i loved and now you have some homework work on that fruit by the foot technique and we’ll do a rematch okay we’ll see who wins next time because i think i got it until next time bye you
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