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Tasty Producers Swap Their Favorite Snacks • Jasmine & Lirim

what you do is you take the plate and you slowly lick it off dj don’t let anything stop you hey everyone it’s me jasmine and today we have a very special guest i’m larum from tasty uk it’s an awesome channel y’all should go check it out today we are swapping our favorite snack i’m excited good you should be a very good taste ready for the first snack i am indeed you better like these what is it nuts they’re gummy clusters usually it’s a nerd’s rope it’s like very long they didn’t have them in the store today because they were just that popular so it’s a sweet oh yeah this is candy okay we call them sweets we’re not candy oh but yeah i’ve never heard of nerds these are the perfect snacks for like when you go to the movies i usually only eat it if it’s an action movie if it’s too loud to eat i thought you meant like the sugar gets you like hyped up for the action movie always always so i have got england’s finest cherry bakewell tarts for what i love with these you know they’re like fake cherries maraschino cherries that’s my favorite the packaging has been a bit messed up from my flight this is a tea time classic it’s as british as you get i need you to try mine first i’m ready to nerd out oh they’re a lot smaller than i imagine he loves it yeah so what are the nerds the nerds are little things yeah i prefer the chubby center i’m not a fan of the nerds oh would i want to watch an action movie please yes i see it because you kind of like chew and you’re like watching yeah that was a weird face i just pulled back you’re going to go for the bakewell tarts i must the tea time classic you say cheers right it’s really good i personally love a maraschino cherry i would totally have this with teeth this is a perfect tea time snack i think i would keep my own snack i would not swap well then neither would i can i just have both oh what is this this my friend is a curly wurly a curly whirly it needs no introduction it is just a beautiful piece of chocolate this you could do at the movies with some popcorn maybe a bit curly early in the popcorn hi you’ve brought me popcorn have kettle corn kettle corn i’m a big fan of sweet and salty yeah you might have this one do you have trader joe’s no what’s it that’s like a farmer’s market type thing right should we swap yes all right i’m ready for my curly wheelie wow please enjoy one with me okay let’s do it look how curly and whirly it is look at that that’s a that’s a curly hurley what that’s how you eat a curly word is that really how you eat no no this is a flattened rolo it’s really good kettle corn aka popcorn i think you guys have just called popcorn kettle corn no that’s popcorn sugar on popcorn is petal corn that’s pretty good you’ve just renamed popcorn not all popcorn has sugar on it but the popcorn with sugar on it is called kettle corn there’s just flavors to popcorn final thoughts this is a hundred percent kettle corn and i will be keeping my snacks give me my curly welding back then next snack ready i’m worried three two one what is that is that a boiled egg sorry i’m just in shock that you’ve brought me a boiled egg with soy sauce i’ve brought you a teres chocolate orange which is a chocolate orange it’s self-explanatory who’s terry you’d have it with some kettle corn yeah that’s right see i’m learning i’m learning the ways you got to unwrap it and then give it a little whack on the head and then the slices should fall out i have brought this snack it is a childhood snack that i had growing up i can understand your reaction because i would bring it to school and the kids would also say what the heck is that here’s your egg thank you do you like soy sauce i mean you’ve bought it so i might as well i pour it over i’ll do the same thing with mine oh so you’re gonna join me we’re gonna wouldn’t miss out on this i’m pretty certain i know how this is gonna taste wait there’s a process you’re going to cut it in half you’re going to separate the yolk from the whites so now we’re going to eat the whites that’s exactly what i imagined it to be so good right i’m not sure about the process of it though that’s confusing trust the process trust the process push it to the center of the soy sauce and you’re just gonna smash you want it to be pasty and make sure to soak up all the soy sauce i can’t believe i’m doing this on video one time my mom walked into me doing it’s embarrassing what you do is you take the plate and you slowly lick it off numb don’t let anything stop you it’s not terrible it’s good i don’t understand that method of eating it when in rome now for dessert so unfoil it whoa oh so you didn’t need to whack it no bonk necessary give it a little bunk give it something there you go wow it’s so pretty shall we cheers cheers mmm this is so good would i switch snacks well it’s hard to say because that was savory and this is sweet no sorry to be brutally honest i’d be down to squat but mine’s really good okay next snap next okay oh flaming hot i’m seeing i know you said you weren’t good with spice earlier so good luck these are funyuns they are onion rings and coated in flamin hot dust i’ve heard of onions i’d like to try it do they taste of onion oh very these are my go-to snack period a battle of the crisps these are hula hoops and there’s a really fun way of eating these as well they’re barbecue flavors you’re gonna make me put them on my fingers huh yes oh you know what these all right ladies first okay they’re so cute they’re cute right now you can get different flavors but these are my favorite cheers and then just yeah hmm i like them they’re really good yeah they taste like beef yeah it’s beef barbecue though oh boom right should i try your funyuns now that’s a potent smell oh it’s spicy too spicy no oh wait let’s cook it in a bit i’d rather a hulu personally i’d rather a bunion well let’s swap back then give me give me lips i think mine are more fun than yours wow let’s see what the last one is final snack let’s do it oh that looks yummy i like ritz oh yeah i’m happy i’m happy with this so these are penguins it’s a chocolate biscuit i used to have my packed lunch when i was a young boy and the best part of this is it’s got a little joke written inside kind of like a christmas cracker you pop it open i have rich toasted chips in the sour cream and onion flavor this is so underrated that sounds really good actually this is one of my favorite snacks to bring when i go to the amusement park so i’d like you to channel that energy oh you’ve got a gift for me you can wear these and eat it amazing all right that’s what all right you go first and read us that joke who is a penguin’s favorite family member i don’t know antarctica [Laughter] would you like to enjoy one with me cheers cheers it’s really good it’s exactly what i thought it would be it tastes like two milk chocolate biscuits with a thicker milk chocolate cream in between you ready to try this rich yes i am well quite like oniony i see what you mean about the amusement park i see myself i think we need to photoshop you into the parks i think i would swap these you know i like them you like very oniony things i can’t let go of the ritz i can’t but i would love to eat these so you would swap one you would swap i would swap and you would swap yeah we’re swapping that was a lot of fun lyra a lot of fun thanks for having me you brought a lot of really delicious snacks i will say likewise so i think next time we should just bring all the snacks together we don’t need to choose which ones better we just eat everything i agree all right guys thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this snack swap head to tasty uk’s youtube channel where amy and merle are also swapping snacks bye guys see ya you
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