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Tabata interval training is a fad scorching workout that can’t be matched join us for the 10 minute Tabata series workout that will leave you feeling the burn welcome to the workout you guys I’ve got Dani and Jenny here to help you guys get through this workout it’s going to be fun now remember an original full Tabata workout is going to be eight rounds four minutes long each round today we’re going to do two rounds each four minutes long so let’s just start with a nice warm up we’re going to start with hip extensions so you want to start with one foot up alright and we’re going to just walk it back and forth so bring that leg back bring the other leg pool to get a nice stretch through those hip flexor and bring it back and bring it forward if you felt like walking it out is a little bit too strenuous in your hips then you could always just pull the stretch okay and then switch about halfway through which would be about now going back and forth getting that nice stretch through those hips we’re trying to open it up good last one here and then we’ll come up onto the feet alright bot kicks neck so get those heels up to the glutes now we’re gonna fire up those hamstrings alright get the heart rate up a little bit remember this is high-intensity interval training okay it’s going to be a good challenge we’re gonna work those anaerobic and aerobic system guys ready okay remember 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest we’re going to start with our first two exercises alright for 20 seconds we’re going to start with a Burpee starting now you want to bring your hands down to the floor you can jump it or step it back add the push-up jump or step in and add that hop now we’ve got modifying Danny’s gonna modify this one for you so stick with her remember 20 seconds it goes quick so you want to work at your best quickest safest ability and wrap so we got 10 seconds to rest good job we’re going to do a plank and sidestep so for this one you’re going to start in a push-up position you’re going to take a step out and begin bring it back out and it’s good that’s it these are going to be the two exercises that we rotate through okay for the whole four-minute set 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest whew good three two and one bring it down you get 10 seconds to roll right enjoy it going right back into it that’s round one let’s get round two and three going with burpees and begin jump it in jump it up back down good down in and up remember to keep that back flat so you want to keep your feet wide and keep those hips low set chest stays high down and up awesome job you guys good job Jamie way to keep with it end time good alright we’re going back down to the floor round two finish it off with a plank and sidestep now keep your abs tight here guys don’t let your hips drop and go nice little tap side to side now if you want it to advance this move you could keep that foot off the ground alright and work those hips a little more whew those obliques a little bit more how about day yeah two and one good take that ten seconds to rest it goes by fast remember all these exercises our total body movements we’re working a lot of muscle groups here we go burpees let’s start with a push-up dude I’m ready down up jump it in or step it in you’re doing great round three in and up good abs are tight good form on that squat keeping your back flat keeping it safe good whoa one more feeling it whew good if you want a challenge you can hold this plank position okay you’re gonna bring those feet together we’re gonna start it up in three two and go here we go so I just I lightly touch the ground as if you were touching an eggshell or leave that foot completely off the ground good my heart rate you try it that is what Shabbat is all about you guys high-intensity interval training three two and one oh I’m gonna take ten seconds this time we’re doing great you guys we have another round you guys ready let’s round here for these two exercises starting now let’s go push up bring it in and jump beautiful back out push that’s the way out press okay and you’re doing good in that’s it press ahh up good whew and time awesome job we’re doing great we got our side step you’re ready these are the last one here push-up position starting it in whoo and four three and go side to side step it up good job Phil knows a reason I know me too working it good I know this is quick you guys quick transition well you can do it three two and one good now the next two exercises we’re going through split lunge hop and mountain climbers come on to your feet okay we’re going to start split lunge and switch okay you can do a modified version like Dani and Jenny’s doing another modified version okay or you’re doing push off both those feet the same time getting that elevation off the floor lower down slow back and forth and time beautiful good so there’s three variations there I’ll show you again keep it up you’re going downton climbers next push up position knees in and you’re going to switch now you can do this one slower just by walking it in and out go Jana keep showing that one going in and out keep those abs tight feeling it I know you guys out there three two and one back up to the feet pull bit more tops so you have your choice of variation the most challenging variations right here second to hardest is Jenny Danny’s doing the light ready and go push it up now remember to bend that knee nice and gentle towards the floor keeping your knees safe back and forth push off you’re doing good keep working sit good five four three two and one well I like to start a few oh good okay mountain climbers in five four three two and one let’s go finish round to go to a total of four around you guys for four minutes six bathing abscission that’s right just around the corner it’s Heidi hi yes three two and one whoo nice work okay you guys doing all right you got ten seconds to rest we’re going into round three catch your breath in three two and go split it up come on guys you got to really suck it up towards the end here do a modified version if you need to up and down ten more seconds push off nice soft landing burn it four three two and one whew mountain climbers are so close so close okay but it’s a maximal workout hang ten in ten minutes okay way to maximize your time ready and go back and forth remember you can always modify if you need to okay just try to keep moving still effective if you have it in that’s it oh yeah four three two and one woo now this is the one I love the last one cuz I just empty out the tank huh whatever gas you got laughing yeah let’s go alright three two and one go split it go come on man work those legs that’s it Oh giving them a down I know feeling it come on Oh Diop the taste whatever gas you got left go 300 back down we got it come on guy five four three two and god yeah last one right that’s right ha ha you can still talk and you’re doing okay yeah sit good ten seconds Oh burn baby burn I thought that murder workout keep working Oh almost there oh man relax great job you guys let’s take a couple seconds that was an excellent job we did two rounds of that tabata workout remember a total workout would be eight rounds okay line up to your feet it’s important to stretch it out a little bit let’s do a nice little crossover hamstring stretch so as you’re catching your breath I want you to take a big inhale as you roll down you’re going to exhale that breath out you’re going to reach down towards those toes take a nice deep breath in and then exhale roll it up go ahead and switch it up outside take a nice deep breath in roll down peel that spine down can I see breath in down here and then exhale roll it up excellent job let’s just get a nice little tricep stretch here great job open up the shoulders your lats we’re really working to support you in that push up getting that next side great job with the Tabata workout later right proud of you guys thank you Anna well I felt that workout everywhere and I hope you guys liked it let me know what you think in the comments see you next time on pop sugar fitness you
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