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hi guys my name is Kelsey and my name is Becky and weed the saga and we are doing another episode of cribs but for you this time we are taking a comment from you guys you want to see clothing flips we’re totally into this fashion flip put fashions flip we’re totally into this we’re going to go see what we can find and we’ll be right back okay broke him down back girls fix anything what I do is actually really pretty it’s like very anthropology I’m digging this straight pin but I’m not sure I’m getting the stripe and the lace-up trend together not so much I guess not do you want to go haul it in a corner there sir all that work hi guys okay so this time at the surf store let’s drift all it for you you guys want to see clothing DIY so we just picked up a bunch of really cool clothing that we’re gonna transform so we got this cute and like ruthless it’s like a like it’s a beach print I don’t know it’s fun it’s so much fun it’s got little Sharky’s and sunglasses and we’re gonna do something cool with that yeah bra and then we found this black shirt which is actually new oh my god I didn’t notice that door tag on it and it’s got the little slits on the side which are super trendy right now so that’s awesome and most importantly we were not planning on getting any shoes but then I saw these and I love you know the simple like one strap trend um but I was like I don’t like these like jewels those jewels are a bit much a little bit much so me and I take those off as well as like the bows and just shine them up a bit I never buy shoes it’s nervouser but these are in good condition and they have potential we decided that heels are the one exception because you can actually kind of clean them unlike pair runner ears so you really can’t get into and you just shouldn’t and you don’t even know what’s in there yeah yeah alright so let’s see what we can do so our idea for this shirt is to do a embroidery on the chest kind of brandy Melville inspired but we’re going to do something Drake inspired instead we’re going to do the six hands because we form two six so we printed out just on this image of the six hand and going to use some felts to back it so that when I’m stitching it on it had something sturdy to hold it to otherwise it’s just gonna end up really wonky we don’t have any black felt totally thought we did but whatever we’re going to use this gray instead and the other thing is that these are just really fine lines so we’re going to be sewing over top of it to get the right image but I’m afraid the paper might fall apart or it might not hold up I don’t know we’re gonna see this is a really detailed image to embroider onto a shirt but try it as I’m really nervous below I’m just going to go in and out I’m just going to go in and out creating little loops and making sure that I go back close when I make the next hole you don’t want to go too far away like you would a normal stitch because hopefully in the end it all looks like one nice line so I’m just going to go in and then back out as close to that entry entry hole as possible so I think I’m pretty much done I left out some of the details just because I want to wait till I take it off to see if I want to add those and good news is the paper didn’t fall apart like at all um but let’s see how it looks I’m a little nervous okay guys little bastard oh I’m so happy I’m actually a little bit shocked I was nervous there when we were sewing I contemplated while I was sewing that maybe we should have used a sewing thread instead of embroidery so just because it was a little bit thick and the lines were so detailed but it looks great I think everybody’s going to be jealous and now you guys know how to make it so we can all be so flat together and you can do this of course with a word or anything like any kind of quote and oh my gosh it did not actually take that long it probably took like half an hour which is not bad at all we’re just like chillin yeah I’m with the best friend and like with Hank music also we had a total freakout and we saw how this turned out on snapchat so if you’re not following some snapshot you guys didn’t see when we like gave you a sneak peek of how this turned out it’s the story girls does it if you want to follow us on some chests so our next group flip clothing item that we’re going to be doing is taking this pretty basic plain white t-shirt and we’re gonna make it awesome by giving it a awesome I said awesome place but it is awesome a customized pocket so alright let’s go star we’re looking for something really great print and we happened upon this men’s shirt that has this awesome like tropical beach party summer vibe print going on and I love it like especially little Sharky is so cute a little cactus I love it so we’re going to use this to make a pocket for our white shirt so start by taking your print and finding whatever part of it you like the best I like this kind of sunglasses I’m going to use as like them accent part of the print I guess and just cut out like a large square around the area that you like and then this is just like a super kind of rough just estimating but I’m just gonna fold and to make kind of a pocket shape that I want to go with so I have kind of my pocket shape roughed and I just really fold it in the edges loosely and now I’m just going to iron this so that stays kind of in this shape oh and also I kept the top longer because I’m going to fold this over later to make like a nice pocket edge so now it’s all iron smooth I just trimmed off any excess and you can see it’s just like this I fold it in the sides and then fold it in the bottom to make a nice little point and again I left the top longer than I needed to because now I’m going to fold this over to make the nice top pocket hem so now I’m just gonna do what I’m calling our decoration hem most pockets if you look have like a hem kind of partway down the top just to give it a nice rim again so I’m just going to use a white thread that’ll stand out and Stitch about like 3/4 of an inch down and it’s folded over so it’ll be like about here okay so now I have this straight line done across the top and it’s looking great so I’m just going to take a dark thread that matches the actual pocket and just stitch up these four lines to actually attach to the shirt you okay so now the pocket is totally sewn on and honestly this looks so cute and I can’t even believe how quick this took me like maybe ten minutes I redid the line a couple times says being a perfectionist but you totally don’t have to it’s so easy it makes this white shirt way more interesting and just so much more fun you guys love it you guys love it you can do this in any print any color it’s just so easy and you guys know we have an entire shirt left of this awesome fabrics list know what else you should do with it because it’s too cool to just not use for something as you guys know I got these little guys there were only 5 bucks and I’m like all right let’s try let’s try to take off the jewels because they’re kind of like falling apart and may look a little rusty even um get rid of these bows just see what we can do to bring these into 2016 and not like 1890s mm Oh someone’s like just 2003 which is so long it’s dated yeah that’s like almost that’s over 10 years ago okay all right so I’m nervous I what it looks like I need these jewels but uh we’re gonna find out as I figured they’re probably glued down oh it’s actually just sewn on chain oh my god even better yes thought it was gonna be glued which would make it so much uglier Wow okay and we can see why we’re getting rid of this all right so it looks like this piece is kind of just sewn on so I’m gonna stand rip it off so I’ve taken off the jewels they came off pretty nicely I’m gonna have to definitely like try to clean this up a bit um these little side pieces that were holding on the jewels I pulled them off they were glued so hopefully you can get rid of that I’m just gonna use an exacto knife to cut them off at the base well hot damn they aren’t looking so bad and the next thing I want to remove is this bow this one’s already coming off so I think I’m just gonna cut it up an out and seam rip it off so everything came off okay and the bows came off pretty well and now I’m just going to clean them up a little bit because they are from the thrift store um even though they are in like fantastic condition guys I’m so happy with how they turned out I definitely saw the potential in these shoes when we were at the thrift store they were in my size it’s hard because like if you know they’re storing like shoes they’d also be in your size it’s like winners right um yeah very excited with how they turned out I can definitely see myself wearing these and I’m glad to have the ankle strap trend because I haven’t and everybody else is been wearing it and it just doesn’t seem like it’s going out of style anytime soon it’s very classic so I’m happy all right guys how do we feel how do we feel I feel really good about how split once it was so easy to I’m like too easy like it’s too easy that I’ve already showed this like taking a photo of it multiple people they like to and I go in and I have one can I have it I’m like oh and they’re all like oh my god how long did that take you to do I’m like only like 20 minutes but for you like no no no like yeah I’ve hours you can’t have one they’ll just have to watch this video that we’ve been doing we’ve been sending everyone like well the video comes out in a week that’s how we did it yes whenever somebody asks me like me oh my god why did you do it like well honey you should ask this video on it you know you know and I just want to thank you guys because this theme this week was a request from these guys that wanted to see some sort of clothing yeah and even embroidered was like that specific so exact thank you for the idea we took it we rolled with it and the surprise shoes that I was just so excited to find I was like well we have to include this that’s the magic of going to the thrift store because you never know what you’re gonna find right it’s always like well I planned on this but I found this which is even better and then here’s what happens I’m so excited to have those shoes because I don’t know everybody has them and they’re expensive they’re expensive and these are like so cute and I think that they’re like they like vintage it’s better to buy use the time yeah exactly definitely especially I don’t think Colton good quality mm-hmm so let us know what sort of theme or even an item you want to be do next and we might just take your idea definitely we’re taking also the comments because otherwise we would just like GOI everything you know I would just do the same thing every time because I’m really into like I guess furniture pieces or whatever yeah and I would never try to take new but you guys inspire us to try all sorts of things it is awesome it’s true it’s true so if you guys like this video make sure you like it and if you love it make sure you sub it and we’ll see in our next video you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJRYfEgH53E

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