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Superstar Communist Slavoj Zizek Is The Most Dangerous Philosopher In The West

ah now you stopped now we can say long live Stalin or Wharton yeah we are not recorded there Slavoj Zizek is a big friendly Slovenian Marxist intellectual he spends as much time blathering on about Batman films as he does about Hegel he’s written about 75 books most of which remain impenetrable to me but it’s his public appearances both at lectures and at events like Occupy Wall Street which have really cemented his position as the most broadly popular anti-capitalist philosopher working today this is because unlike pretty much every other anti-capitalist philosopher he actually has a sense of humor his latest project is a film the perverts guide to ideology directed by Sophie finds in it Slav uses Hollywood blockbusters to explain why the bulk of us remains so enthralled to capitalist power structures that we cannot even escape them in our sleep I wanted to know why I was such a sheeple so I went to Slovenia to meet a man hello you hate life hell of a day hey it’s me okay whatever I sleep on it shall we go my place they’re not amazing friends when you’re in town it you ever get approached by local fans or something like that what do you mean by fans people hate me pretty much here I’m not kidding I wasn’t for independent Slovenia I didn’t care about that I also didn’t have any Yugoslav nos culture many leftists have it and they consider me a traitor there my nostalgia is for the old times forty years ago when I was young you know even songs from up you so much this was nice because once a day in the morning both arrived and that was it that was all communication yeah then you know you are free for 24 hours unless you go just Alan this is just sure that it not I don’t mean you personally idiots when they enter the flat ask me why do you have them it’s strictly if it’s just to annoy people absolutely just to annoy people I’ve read on the front of your books is quoted you’re the most dangerous philosopher in the West you don’t seem very dangerous to me here I must disappoint you you know I am this of a joker guy I mean Joker from Batman oh yeah and I laugh and so on but I can be a Stalinist in when I if you give me power I know how to use it that’s why I’m afraid almost of myself I don’t want power I extremely sensitive it’s beautiful that you were on time there yeah you know even in love relations you know it’s my motto I quote Lacan when he says my fiancee is never late for an appointment because the moment she is late she’s no longer my fiancee Thanks the attitude you know it’s one of my tricks I like it when I give a talk or especially if it’s a debate it’s good to begin on time or even a little bit earlier because then people who are even on time or two minutes late feel a little bit guilty you know why do you want them to feel guilty to say I don’t ask stupid annoying questions I hate debates I people think that I like to give talks no I like to write if you don’t like giving talks how do you feel about making films because obviously the perverts guide to ideology is coming out that’s how you talking about a very dramatic point I’m disgusted just looking at myself on screen so it’s not some kind of extravaganza to say I really I didn’t he I saw neither parent guides to cinema noir this one pervert guy to ideology I’m too horrified at looking at myself on screen ordinary Americans as ordinary people in all countries have a multitude of fears we fear all kind of things we fear maybe immigrants or people whom we perceive as lower than ourselves attacking us robbing us in Steven Spielberg’s jaws the function of the shark is to unite all these fears so that we can in a way trade all these fears for one fear alone why are you set up why is cinema such a useful tool for you when you try to analyze the world mostly the way I talk about cinema is simply to use it to illustrate where we are today ideologically how do we experience our lives what do we find worth fighting for what’s the meaning of our life or smaller it well you have to look at Hollywood where you get it in pure distilled form hey buddy you’re gonna pay for that or what look buddy I don’t want no house today either pay for to put it back your film starts with a clip from they live the drunk up 2 movie which is a great movie if we were able to put on those glasses yeah what do you think would happen if everyone in the world suddenly put on the they live glasses what would the next day be like it will do the end of idealogy I mean I say III claim that okay and give you one example a typical boss no longer wants to be a boss you know imagine this postmodern companies like some digital programming company creative agency a boss is it comes in jeans embraces you with all well guarantees did you have a good last night whatever but you then he remains abortion and ellas gives orders but the social game is you have to pretend that we are friends and so on in this relations the first step to liberation is to force him to really behave like a boss to tell him no you know combat rip treat me as the boss give me explicitly orders and so on so it seriously can I give you some fruit juice or a glove some coke iced tea so here you can do that the cancel you get because it’s zero which means instead of sugar you get all those sweeteners some films that you seem to be pretty interested in although very critical of the like Christopher Nolan Batman films this is how crazy Batman’s made Gotham if you want order in Gotham Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in Oh every day he doesn’t people will die starting tonight I think he’s a great director you don’t think Christopher Nolan has a concern generally beryl he’s a liberal who is afraid of too much commotion too much too violent but he says this the one with Heath Ledger Joker it’s really a bush hear a feeling because at the end you have reasserting the necessity of a lie no like Batman has to Gilbert himself blah blah blah and it’s interesting how so it’s the other feeding myth – yeah basically the magic is our societies can only survive through a benevolent lie or whatever there’s a point where you talking about taxi driver you’re and and that was a problematic point in incidentally in the sense that state secret I don’t like Scorsese I did not learn in the movie no leak until Scorsese films in the movie which is the other one Last Temptation of Christ yeah but this was because Sophie want that me to do something about Christianity blah blah but my heart was not unique I see yes I didn’t like school Sadie but I feel like you identify with Travis people she was on the right path in a way Travis in the taxi driver you should have the outburst of violence and you should direct it at yourself but in a very specific way at what in yourself change you ties you to the ruling ideology within the film you seem to use his his suicide as a an example of what people should be doing and people should be violently ripping themselves apart from the ideology but you have more intelligent ways to do it like my favorite example here from Fight Club you know when he confront his boss and then starts to beat himself this is a much more painful shocking scene than if he were to attack directly the boss this is a better example I think if you want to do kick of ideology if you wanted to get free first you have to beat yourself I am Jack’s smirking revenge how are you doing theology is not only the world we live in but especially the wrong ways we imagine how to escape there precisely when you dream how to escape from reality you just reproduce the same world I was in the London riots and he talked about the London riots and what struck me being in them reporting on them was how different they were to rats have been in Greece or I’d been in in Germany yeah every violent acting out is a sign that there is something you are not able to put into words even the most brutal violence is the enacting of a short key symbolic deadlock I wanted to find out if you thought that this was an example of the true power of ideology when for one night the superstructure collapsed yet people seem to be allowed to do whatever they wanted yet all they wanted to do was steal more training to consume but for this I’m hated by many leftist who desperately tried to redeem the not London riots they claimed and I personally very personally agree they claim even if it was just attacking the supermarket whatever nonetheless it was a blind large-scale protest but where I disagree with them was that they claim you begin like this and then you make it a proper political movement yeah I tell them okay but this second step will never happen no it’s like Stalinist were saying okay we have some violence purges gulags now but wait one generation then we will can sorry that second step will never arrive if you look at practically all evolutions they happen when things get a little bit better a little bit of opening than expectations explode and are disappointed and so on look even at Egypt and sorry to tell you this is horrible to say but you know that under Mubarak Egyptians probably lived relatively well on average there was a new middle class and so on and so on and they yes the middle class the roses love it remember yeah and then we also saw in a tragic way the limitation because the middle class there was no more broad popular left for them to get connected to I think some people would eat it seemed to assume that because of this kind of revolving situation of coos all of the revolutions have been rendered pointless I wonder if you think that it’s kind of the seeds of something more revolutionary have been set within the long-term yet because you know I’m not a total person is there it’s not simply that we are back at Mubarak’s time something did happen to put it in pathetic terms civil society awakened you have a whole network of trade unions women organized intellectuals society social secular life neither corrupted army industrial complex nor Muslim Brotherhood awakened and this is something you know I always quote today Valtor Benjamin who said that behind every fascism there is a failed revolution we should never forget that so-called Muslim fundamentalists are a result for the failed left the key event in Arab countries of the last decades is the disappearance of secular left take Afghanistan Afghanistan was not a conservative fundamentalist country I remember 40 years ago it was a progressive monarchy with the pro-western king then they had the local Communist Party which was so strong that it even took over and then you know Russia intervened American supported fundamental Muslim that is to say forty years ago Afghanistan was a relatively open technocratic secular country it is true it’s very involvement into international politics that it became fundamentally and even Islamic fundamentalism has its roots in kind of cycle tube and his kind of Marxist view of Islam yeah yeah yeah yeah and I think so I think that this is the big task today how to get out of this vicious cycle of pro-western liberalism and fundamentalism they are really feeding upon each other I think what do you think’s gonna happen with Syria because there doesn’t seem to be I was so attacked for saying when I wrote they published it in a guardian only under net that it’s a chador conflict what do you mean by things yeah yeah I know that observe the conflict but people are dying how can you be so cynical no but so the country crime of course it’s a tragedy people are dying and so on it’s simply a technic religious conflict no big emancipatory stakes are involved now I’m totally against Assad I believe in incredible brutality they are doing but with this poisonous gases okay what makes me furious hear it now media start to tell the story oh my god they are poisoning their own population where well Saddam was doing this against Iranian set cars United States were giving him satellite photos we all know and providing him even gases I don’t like to be manipulated and shown by the media you see it’s horrible what happens there yeah it’s horrible but my god every revolution is not only if it is an authentic revolution is not only directed towards the future but it redeems also the past failed revolutions all the ghosts as if we’re the living death of the pass revolution which are roaming around unsatisfied will finally find their home in the new freedom I know what will you do with them to me then I have to sign some papers which basically means hardcore you can use me you can put my head on the guy and I cannot complain I can complain with it I don’t care I don’t care looks true yes
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