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[Music] hey it’s a decent looking little neighborhood i absolutely love garden grove we always kill it in garden grove yes [Music] it’s a lot of trash windows all funky i see a little bit of dry rot right there ah geez the heck needs a new screen door oh it smells oh gosh oh boy well first impression right when you utter it smells really bad i mean right off the bat i would think about removing that wall removing that i don’t know why this was ever even like a design aesthetic all right so i would say to redo the kitchen open up the walls at a peninsula it’s probably gonna be anywhere from eleven to twelve thousand okay this is a three bedroom two bath 1200 square foot house the living room dining room and kitchen are separated by walls so if we bought this place we’d want to take down the walls to open up the space all right the backyard simple there’s already a patty here that we can do like mulch this way and saw that way so it’s kind of a combo we could leave that tree though right yeah good probably two to three grand back here nice yard this is a big bedroom bedroom two it’s weird how there’s these two like nooks what about the nooks huh all right that’s a nice sized bedroom so this is community bathroom so bathroom one it’s not the biggest but what are you thinking there to redo this it’s not that big i would say about seven thousand okay i just hope there’s a private master there it is there is wow is it terrible or is it decent terrible like beyond terrible but at least there is one ooh yeah it’s tiny teeny tiny actually it’s not that bad once it’s gutted and everything towel it all the way up to the ceiling you think 10 000 10 oh we’re probably about six thousand in here i don’t see it being that much i mean the roof’s good concrete’s good exterior is good there’s air conditioning there’s heating i would say probably 50 to 60. i agree are they like they want to sell right now pretty much they said if we can’t write an offer today they’re probably going to list it let’s write an offer yeah it’s always a gamble when making an offer without having the contractor inspect the house first but we just couldn’t let this house get away so after negotiating with the seller we finally agreed on a 425 000 purchase price [Music] jeff what’s good on you guys hi moving fast i see but i’ve got something to talk to you guys about already yeah let me show you something real quick just got here man so back here in this room the only big room in the house that you guys have we talked with the city and it turns out that right now i’m in your bedroom now i’m in your garage huh are you kidding me this is the garage they pushed this entire room out that’s three feet into the garage the city’s not gonna let you get away with that okay all right let’s go break some stuff all right [Music] hey jeff what’s going on you guys so obviously everything is downloaded we have to come up with layout me and christina want to open up this space and that space over there easy or load bearing load bearing which one that one or this one both of them but how much is that gonna be probably about three grand just for that wall or total total right so let’s do this let’s take that wall out take out this whole area we run a peninsula here so we can still have like two or three people for varsity yeah you could do that so fridge here we’re gonna have the sink there then we have in kitchen laundry is there anywhere else to put the laundry what we could do is close it up here right make this the laundry area and you can access it from the hall it would be a pop-out [Music] the floor plan issues didn’t end after we opened up the kitchen we still need to figure out a way to make a big impact in the master bath well the good news is we have a private master bathroom bad news is it’s tiny what can we do in here to make this bigger expand the shower by going into the closet here the problem is this would be the master closet it’s way too small right what’s on the other side of this wall so the furnace is on the other side of the wall can we move it possibly in the attic so if we were to expand the shower and create this walk-in closet move the furnace how much you think it’s a lot bigger shower but you’re probably looking at a couple thousand total couple thousand huh i mean it would make a huge difference yeah this is the master so we really should try to make it nice furnace bigger shower walking closet we’ll do that in addition to creating a walk-in master closet we made more closet space in the other two bedrooms by moving the water heater outside that combined with opening up the kitchen and adding space for the laundry will add a ton of value [Applause] well that looks quite interesting you like it i don’t know so it’s there it’s wrapping all the way around yeah it’s just really busy but the kitchen is so plain and very simple so this really adds like a super cool dramatic effect is there any chance that we could take it down and just make it white what i don’t think buyers are gonna like it that’s the style right now keep everything simple but then do like one pop of you know weirdness do i have a choice no it’s already installed [Music] is it better oh we officially have a big shower oh it’s way better in here it’s nice huh so this used to be half closet right right yeah it looks a lot better actually feels like a master totally so these are the materials you told me to grab right i mean we have the basics but i have one more surprise i don’t like surprises so i know how much you love this one please no so we’re bringing it back this right here is gonna make a big impact and it’s such a small space that it’s not gonna be overwhelming and it’s going to tie the whole house together so we have this bathroom and the other one well you want to do both besides when we do the whole shower walls in it you messing with me i’m just kidding [Music] all right i don’t know about you but i love the kitchen design kitchen’s huge yes how do you feel about the zigzag someone’s gonna like it hopefully so we have to come up with a list price we did spend quite a bit of money here we paid 4.25 we put about 70 000 into it so after closing costs our breakeven’s about 523. what are the comps they’re not looking spectacular 5 30 and 5 49. 5 30. yeah but the second one’s a little bit better so here’s what i thought you’re probably gonna say i’m crazy what’s new um i say we list at 5.99 what yeah 5.99 mark it’s hot all right it seems awfully high but give it a shot hopefully we get lucky definitely okay let’s get it staged buyers are gonna love the zigzag you’ll see pretty really nice it’s so big in here i was just gonna say that i mean it’s so much more open it’s a really really big kitchen i mean it’s totally open you have living room dining room kitchen this is the size kitchen you have in like a three thousand square foot house yeah you wanna check out the yard you know what this looks like an awesome family yard yeah it is it’s actually a really nice size yard and we have mulch it’s beautiful cute okay so we lost some closet to create a larger shower which i think was a good decision this is definitely a really nice luxurious shower and i think buyers are gonna love it the flooring here looks a lot better than it does in the kitchen so thank you i actually like it in here i know it’s cute it’s very nice very open very spacious oh i like the tiles i love the tile here and it’s bold it sort of sets the tone for the house yeah overall the color the house is nice i like the gray i like this really open kitchen this kitchen is amazing yeah i love that it’s all white i love the tile there’s a view out here too of the backyard oh it’s a lot bigger than i thought it was gonna be wow that’s really bold i love it it’s very modern tiles match the the kitchen the kitchen master bedroom oh i like this room it’s really spacious in here this walk-in closet pretty small love the tile what a great combination that’s different but it works yeah i really like the size of the shower too this shower is the real mvp i think so what do you guys think about the house i really like the color i love the open floor plan i love the tile in the bathroom i also like the towels a lot the restroom the kitchens oh you like the ones on the island yeah yeah it’s pretty cool he loves those they’re his favorite i do [Music] we were anxious about the price but i’m glad we helped firm a few weeks later we received a full price offer at 5.99 if this deal goes through we stand to make over 76 000 time to find another house to play [Music] you
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