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Successful 90 Day House Remodel! $415K To $650K | Flip Or Flop | HGTV

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, you ready
to see this beauty? But the weird thing
about this house– it’s a small house, 1,600 square
feet, but it has 4 bedrooms, and it only has 1 and 1/2 baths. So. Oh my gosh. Your backyard is literally
staring at the neighbor. Look at this. What? Oh, come on. Come on. It a lot of damage
going on here. Just to rebuild this patio
right here, put up a new fence, we’re probably
looking at 5 grand. Yeah, at least. Oh! So weird that the
laundry is outside. This thing is about to collapse. Oh no. Welcome home. Looks like a
kitchen to the left. What’s this room on the right? Oh. Do we have a cat
house on our hands? I hate cat houses. I always bring home a new
species of flea on myself. OK, so this is a bedroom. A couple grand in
here, nothing crazy. There’s a lot of fur in here. Do me one favor. Walk around. Let me know if you
feel any big lumps. Oh, no thank you. So this bedroom enters
into the kitchen. Oh, man, it smells so bad. Oh my God. This kitchen is tiny. I think cosmetically in here,
we’re looking at 8 to $10,000, but if the house
needs a re-pipe, we’re looking at
thousands of dollars. Yeah. Oh, you have a dining
area here, and it’s open. It’s very dark. Look– fireplace. That’s nice. What’s going to get expensive
is removing all this paneling, because we’re going
to have to put new drywall, new texture, new
taping, new mud, everything. Oh, God. Oh. I mean, that’s probably
at least $1,500. So the screens are kind
of cool, but that for sure can be removed. This is a huge transformation. Oh, no. What? This is the bathroom. What? This is the only bathroom? No, the house is
1 and 1/2 baths. That’s more like a quarter bath. That’s disgusting. Bedroom number one. So why do they have a
Dutch door in the bedroom. The red room. Oh God, I can’t imagine
what went down to this room. [SCREAMS] Oh, I thought that
was an animal. OK, well, yeah, lots
of work in here. OK. A couple thousand bucks. I don’t see any space
that we can take to– What is this?
Is that a closet? –open up the floor plan. Yeah. There’s carpet in the bathroom. I’m going to be sick. Oh, you got to see this. I can’t believe this
costs over $400,000. This is crazy. So here’s what I’m thinking. We remove this.
Double vanity. Toilet. Full sized shower. It’s probably going to
cost us $8,000 to $9,000. You’re actually making
my stomach hurt. But I want to just go on
a limb here and assume we have plumbing damage. So we’re probably
an extra three grand in plumbing to fix everything. So gross. Bedroom number three. They all have Dutch doors. That’s cute. This one looks like
a grandma’s room. So, this bedroom’s
a pretty good size. Remove all the wallpaper,
scrape the ceilings, new light, new closet. A couple grand,
it’ll look brand new. This is a really good
sized bedroom too. The bedrooms are
really good size. After some back and
forth negotiations, we got the house for 415. Have any idea what the
bid’s going to come back at? Justin’s out right now, so
we’re going to find out. It’s old.
Hi. Hey guys. So, we’re going to be looking
in the mid 90s on this. You’ve got electrical issues. You’ve got plumbing issues. We’ve got to put fences in. And this is on top of
just a standard remodel. Look at these windows. These things are
ancient, and that doesn’t include any structural changes. So that number is
going to go up. This whole house
is such a disaster. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey look– the carpet’s
new under there. This dresser’s been
there for a while. I feel like everything
in this house has to go, but there’s one thing
that I think should stay, and it’s these little
panels right here. I was thinking we could
paint them and display them in the house, because I’m
thinking it’d be cool to be like a retro design here. That would actually
be really cool. If we kept these,
we framed them, we put them up on
the wall right there when we’re selling the house–
that would be really cool. All right, awesome. [CLATTERING AND BANGING] Oh, look at that. We got a raised ceiling. [CLATTERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, wow. This is awesome. Your kitchen is coming together. Ut oh. Oh. That looks terrible. Why is that like that? That’s got to be the laundry. Weren’t we supposed to do like
uppers and lowers here, or something? Now you can’t even put
cabinets on this wall. We just ruined the whole house. Well, we’re going to
have to do something. That’s not going to work. There’s no kitchen. Sometimes, when you’re
designing a small space, you solve one problem and
it causes another problem. So if we make the closet
smaller for these back bedrooms, we can have a stackable here.
Mm-hmm. You’re going to have
to rerun everything. You’ve got vent lines
and everything else that runs up through there already. How much is all
this going to cost? Maybe 2,500. We can’t leave the
kitchen like that. All right, well. Come here real quick. How much smaller are
these closets going to be? Maybe– probably going
to go to about here, so you end up having
like a 5-foot closet. That’s fine. We’re going to have to do it. What a bummer. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CONSTRUCTION NOISES] [SAW BUZZING] Look at this kitchen. Looks great. Walk in there. Pretend you’re putting
away your groceries. I’m so glad we got rid of that
weird bump-in from the laundry. That was terrible. It cost us some
money, but it was definitely worth it
because it’s finally looking like a super kitchen. Beautiful. [NAIL GUN POPPING] Ready to see this
new master bathroom? Check out my tile. I think it’s cool.
It’s different. Yeah?
Yeah. We’re going to do that really
amazing wallpaper in here along the back wall, and I think
between the tile and wallpaper, it’ll kind of give it that retro
feel that the house had before. And Taylor help me choose
it, so hopefully you like it. Ah, Taylor let you choose it. I have to approve it. I text it to you. You approved it, so don’t
say you didn’t approve it. What color is it? Pink. It’s blue. You know we need
to figure out too? Our patio. So, how much would it
be to build a new deck, and how much would it
be for a concrete patio? So, if you guys want
to do concrete patio the same size as what the deck
was, you’re looking at $2,500. If you want to rebuild the
deck as it was existing, you’re looking $3,200. So it’d basically
be stairs going down to a concrete patio over
there out of the master, or a deck new. New concrete. New fence. Nice grass. I think that’s perfect. Let’s just do the concrete. All right, concrete it is. [MUSIC PLAYING] That actually looks
really, really cool, and I love that color. So basically, I’m going
to frame both of these and put them on
the wall like art. I like that. I think it’s a great idea. I also grabbed some
tile for the fireplace. I was thinking this one,
straight set, cover the brick. And these cement tiles on the
hearth, and I like the blue. I like that for the
hearth because it really goes well with the flooring. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DRILL WHIRRING] [CLATTERING] For the outside
of this house, I’m going with light gray
stucco, dark gray siding, navy blue trim, and I have a
fun idea for the front door. Yellow?
That’s not good. I already know that’s
going to look terrible. Well, it’s too late now. [MUSIC PLAYING] Can you show me it? Look at the paint colors. It looks really, really nice. Even the yellow front
door looks kind of cute. Oh my God. It looks so good. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, it looks so
freaking good in here. Looks so pretty. Look at that. That kitchen looks so amazing. I love the cabinet color. Hi baby. I miss you. I want to show you the kitchen
that your mommy and daddy did. Oh that’s pretty. [MUSIC PLAYING] Look at the size of the room.
Oh, wow. It’s huge. Now let’s see the new bathroom. Oh, you’re going to love this. Oh my gosh. Just the wallpaper, everything. It is gorgeous. Bedroom number one. Super cute, mid-century
modern staging. Nice design. Bathroom. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, the house goes on
the market this weekend. I hope we’re priced right. 650. What do you say, handsome? 650? 650. All right, 650. I love you, handsome.
Bye. Bye. Well, it looks like we
priced the house right, because after just a
few days on the market, we received multiple offers
which created a bidding war. We ended up selling
the house for $700,000, which is 50,000 above list.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxFC_svLzYQ

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