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[INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] I love how many
statues there are of women, here in Mexico City. That’s not something that you
see very often in the States. So. I work in the tourism
industry and Mexico is one of my favorite
countries in the world. I would come at
least once, normally, a couple of times a year. And between me being
self-employed and having the ability and the opportunity
to work from anywhere, it made a lot more sense for
me to be the one to move, than Marco. He has a brick-and-mortar
business here. I am a karate instructor. I run a full-time Dojo
martial arts, Dojo. We don’t really want to
be waiting indefinitely. So, it’s time for me to
move so we can be together. Mexico City, I would consider
it a cosmopolitan city. It’s very welcoming
to the foreigners. So, the first apartment I’m
going to be showing them, it is in Jenny’s desired
location, which is Roma Norte It does have outdoor space. It does have a balcony. We are currently in Roma Norte. I know, Jenny, this
was your first choice. Yes, I love this
neighborhood so much. Well, I have a
beautiful two bedroom, one bath, renovated
kitchen and bathroom, with its very own balcony. Great. And it comes fully furnished,
all for the price of $1,200. [BELL SOUND] Yeah? Koko, that’s expensive. I know, I know. But I think you guys
are going to love it. And we’re also in the
heart of Roma Norte. Let’s at least see it. OK Come on in. Mm. What do you guys think? Well, it’s a little
small for $1,200. But I do really
like the kitchen. I could see myself
cooking here, for sure. Great appliances. Yeah. I like the style. It’s my style. You also have your own balcony. This is great. I can total– I love the tree in
front of the window. Yeah, it’s great shade. That’s amazing. This is pretty long. Is this all the same apartment? Yes, it is. You actually have access
into the main bedroom– Oh.
–right over there. I’d love to show it to you guys.
OK, great. Can we enter from– Absolutely. Amazing closet space,
and great light. What do you guys think? Yeah, I really like the closets. The apartment might be a little
small, but definitely enough room for both of us here,
especially all of my shoes. Yeah. Marco? The light is perfect. Yeah. It’s very well– Great to wake up to.
–light Yeah.
Yeah. I would not mind having
this view every morning. Yeah, it’s nice. Mm, it’s pretty small. It could work, but we’d
have to take everything out. And even then, I
think it would be really cramped to have both
a desk and a guestroom space in here. Yes, it’s very small. Yeah, let’s see the bathroom. OK. OK, I like it. Are you sure? Well, more storage space
would be preferred. What do you think? It’s fine to me. It’s nothing special. Yeah. It’s just a bathroom. Yeah. Well, it’s a two bedroom,
and that’s definitely what we’re looking for. The second bedroom,
though, is really small. I don’t know if that would work,
even as an office, let alone, also, a guest room space. But there are
other neighborhoods in Mexico City that are also
fun and not that expensive. Marco and Jenny,
I love that they met and she’s taking the move
to Mexico City based on love. Jenny is more
outgoing versus Marco. She has more of a list of,
more of a demanding list, versus Marco. I do have a two
bedroom, one bath, all for the price of $750. Great, I can’t wait to see it. Ah. Wow. I like the size. Natural light. Yeah, these windows are good. The view is not great,
with the power lines. But it brings in a
lot of good light. Great layout. Yeah. No, I can definitely see having
both a living room and a dining room space in here. I love the floor. Is that the kitchen–
It is. –over there? Please, take a look at it. Oh, I love this. Yeah, it looks good. There’s so much storage. And the nice windows
are in here, too. Yeah. I really like when kitchens
are their own room. That’s great. And the appliance too,
great appliances over here. Yeah, no, it’s an
attractive looking space. Wow, it’s a great bathroom. Yeah. It’s modern, and sleek,
and has great storage. The shower’s really nice, too. Yeah, it looks clean,
white, minimalistic. [JENNY LAUGHS] Yeah, we really love this, Koko. I thought you would. I honestly really do
love this apartment. I think that if it was in
Roma Norte, I might be sold. But the neighborhood, I think,
might be a deal breaker for me. So, what did you guys think? It is a really nice apartment. It has two bedrooms. I love the kitchen
and the bathroom. That’s exactly what
I’m looking for. Yeah, see, that’s a
lot of natural light. It’s big enough, great space. And the price is great. You can’t beat the price. Yeah. Well, one of the reasons
the price is so low is because we’re
not in Roma Norte. It’s not the neighborhood
I want to be in. And there’s no
outdoor space at all. I chose this place because
the location is excellent. It’s right in front
of Rio de Janeiro Park and located in Roma Norte. But it is not a
one or two bedroom. It is a studio
open-concept apartment. The location is incredible. Yeah, it’s so amazing. We’re practically
in the park itself. Exactly. I do have a studio
apartment for you guys, and some outdoor
space, all for $1,000. A studio? Gosh, that changes things. I’m looking for a two bedroom. This doesn’t even
have one bedroom? Well, we are in the Roma Norte. It’s underpriced. So, we should check it out. OK. Well, here we are. This is it. It’s cute, but where
is the rest of it? It’s wicked small. Yeah it’s small. But, if you look
outside the window, you are literally in
front of the park. That’s true. This is a pretty
incredible view. It’s all in the same space? It is. It’s an open-concept
studio apartment. Let me show you right over here. This is your king-size bed,
with mid-century finishings, which is incredible. It’s comfortable,
I’ll give you that. Yeah. The good part of the
furnish is that we don’t have to worry about it. We can save some money. And it’s done with great taste. Yeah, this would be
the type of furniture I would purchase for myself. I’d love to show you
guys right over here. You have your own
private outdoor space, which is great for you guys. Yeah. This is definitely
my favorite part. This is really nicely done. And it’s a good size. We don’t need much more
space outdoors than this. I think this still
might be too small. I can barely even
call it an apartment. This is in your
price, at $1,000. Yeah. Which, yeah, we had said
we would go up to $1,000, but maybe not for
a space this size. So, probably, I
would say, the studio is not going to work for us. I think so. Yeah. I’m sad to give up the location. But at least there’s
another option in Roma Norte that we can consider. The first one we saw
was the two bedroom apartment in Roma Norte. Yeah. That had a lot of the basic
things on our wish list. But you also have
your own balcony. This is great. I can total– I love the tree in
front of the window. Yeah, it’s great shade. That’s amazing. But the downside is that it’s
kind of a little bit small. Mm-hm. And the price, it was
the most expensive one. Yeah. So what about the
second apartment we saw? Was under $1,000 in Cuauhtémoc. Yeah. And I think that was
the most big apartment. Great layout. Yeah. No, I can definitely see having
both a living room and a dining room space in here. The neighborhood is also good. I don’t know if I totally agree. Giving up Roma Norte would
be a huge sacrifice for me. It doesn’t have to be like that. Because we are walking
distance to the neighborhood. You say that you like to walk. Right? So I think, right now, I’m
leaning towards the Roma Norte apartment. It’s what I want
based on location. It has a balcony. It does have two bedrooms. And you do like the design. It’s pretty minimalistic. Well, yeah. But for me, it’s more interest
in the one in Cuauhtémoc because it has two bedrooms. It has a lot of natural light. Oh, yeah. I love the floors. And it’s big. We can have a party or reunion
with friends and family there. And remember that we are not
that far from Roma Norte. We can walk in pretty easily. Yeah. Have dinner anytime we want? You promise?
I promise. [JENNY LAUGHS] Of course. And so, would you be willing
to give up on Roma Norte? I think, for you, I would, yes. OK. Well, we’re going
to get married. We were picturing
the relationship because of the long distance. And now that she’s finally
here, it’s really happening. Now we have a home, and
we’ve started our lives. And I’m just so excited to
keep going and for the future.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU70FXXuTyk

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