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Strong Like Wonder Woman Workout | PIIT28 Fat Burning Exercises

(dramatic music) – Hey guys, Cassey here. I hope you really enjoyed
that little movie trailer for Wonder Woman. Had so much fun putting on
the makeup and the costumes, and guess what? There is more of that to come, because for the month of October, we are celebrating strong
women, super heroes. And so some of my favorites, you’re gonna be seeing
a little bit of Chun Li from Street Fighter, some
Sailor Moon, of course, some Super Girl and some Catwoman. And we have very special
themed PIIT 28 workouts for each of these super heroes. And we are kicking everything
off with Wonder Woman, because obviously she was
so hot this year/every year, but Gal Gadot did a very
good job portraying her in the movie. So I wanted to create a workout
that would show how strong, how confident, how powerful
you can be through these moves. Because I think working
out really helps you not only look better, but feel better and really walk around like
you’re owning the place, like you really are Wonder Woman. So we’re kicking it off
with a Wonder Woman workout. And let me tell you what
the moves are for today. Okay, you got seven moves. The first one is squat x arms. We’ve got punch crunch. Plank guards. Plank jack burpee punch, yes, there are a lot of punches in this. Kick and stab right. Standing side crunch,
and kick and stab left. It’s going to be fun and
slightly a little violent, but I think you’re
gonna have a great time. So if you’ve never done PIIT before, it stands for Pilates
Intense Interval Training, you’ve got seven moves, 45
seconds on, 15 seconds off. Do this workout a total
of four times through for a complete 28 minute workout, okay? All right. Once I hit start, we’re going. Okay, we’re going, okay. We’re beginning squat x arms. Okay, legs hip width apart. gonna going to come down,
X arms, and coming up. So as you can see, very inspired
from Wonder Woman herself when she guards herself from arrows and whatever’s coming at her. So we’re gonna start with those X arms, make sure you’re pressing
those heels back. Keeping your chest tall,
squeezing your butt. As you’re pressing yourself back up, I’m also pressing through
the heels of my feet. Inhaling down, exhaling
up, just like that. Just, you know, a nice little warm up. Also, do you like how I pick
some Wonder Woman-themed colors for this workout? Uh-huh! – Three, two, one, rest.
– And one more, okay. Okay, really good, not bad, not bad. Now we have punch crunch. So we’re gonna start on the floor, guys. Legs hip width apart. We’re gonna come all the way down and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna punch your way up and then coming down, ready? Let’s do this.
(timer beeps) Punch two, three, four, down, good. Punch. Really release the energy. Punch hard as you’re coming forward, fighting all the villains, right? Punchin’ everyone in the
face, in the gut, whatever, fighting that negativity
out of our lives, okay? So we may not have, we may or
may not have physical monsters in our lives, but sometimes
there are things that bother us, that eat away at us. I want you to overcome
those inner monsters. Okay? Punch him out of your life
with these physical motions and pair it with what you’re
thinking inside your head. You don’t want it. You don’t want that negativity. So push it out, punch it
out and he’ll be gone. – [Female] Three, two, one. (timer beeps)
– Okay, super good. Next, we have plank guard. So check it out, check it out. You guys can be on your
knees or on your toes. What you’re gonna do is with the hands right underneath the shoulders,
abs super tight and in, you’re gonna guard the head and come down. Guard, and down. Really making sure to squeeze the abs. Okay. Keeping that back straight
in line with your neck. Imagine you were guarding your head from a punch from someone’s weapon. Boom, just like that. Squeeze and down, boom,
and down with force. Feel the shoulders as you lift. And also you’re working those
abs and working the core by challenging your balance. Lift and lower. And down. Eyes right down on the mat. Don’t look underneath you. – [Female] Three, two, one, rest. (timer beeps)
– Perfect, perfect, perfect. Okay. Now we’ve got a hard one guys. This is a plank jack burpee punch. Yes, we got punches again. So check it out. Hands on the mat. Legs off the mat. – [Female] Two, one, go! – Plank, jack, bring it together. Punch, punch, and plank, jack, together. Punch, punch. Good. Out, out. In, punch, punch. Out, out, bring in, punch, punch. Good job guys. Be really light with the feet. Bum, bum, you know what? I don’t mind this move. I thought I would hate it,
but it’s kind of empowering. Come on. In, punch, punch. In, punch, punch. – [Female] Two, one, rest. – Okay, very, very good. All right guys, we gotta
kick and stab right. So check it out. It’s a side kick. What you’re gonna do
is to kick and stab it. ‘Kay, kick and stab. I want you to be precise with your moves, kick and stab. Boom. Just like that. Now if you have a sword,
you were stabbing someone. Boom. Okay, well don’t bring this
violence out on to real people, only to your imaginary demons. Come on, kick, and stab. A kick and stab. Boom. Guarding the face as you
kick, protect yourself. Nice, come on, fight. Four. – [Female] Three, two, one, rest.
– Boom. All right, next up, we have
our standing side crunch, hands here, arms up and lift and lower. Now everything up until
now has been very violent. There was a lot of punching,
a lot of stabbing and jabbing. So right now I want
you to gather yourself, compose yourself. You’re gonna be a queen. Okay, switch sides, here we go. Up, and lower. And down. Really controlling the movement. Boom, and down. Strong arms, pointed toes. Strong legs. Almost there. Tall back. – [Female] Three, two, one. (timer beeps)
– Okay. Very good. Finally, our last move, we have our kick and stab other side. So guys you are here, and stab, okay? Get ready. Let’s do this. Kick and stab. Kick and stab. Boom. Coming all the way down. Really. Like that. Put all your energy into it. I want you to fight. It’s your seventh move, your
last move in this round. Come on, give me everything you got, only 20 seconds left. Down, kick, stab, boom. Fighting two villains at once. Come on, you’re almost there, 10! Fight it! – [Female] Three, two. – One more, kick!
(timer beeps) And my shoe is now untied
because that’s how hard I went. Congratulations. Give yourselves a big
thumbs up because you are a Wonder Woman or man or
person or doggie, I don’t know. Or kitty. Incredible work. If you like the series, let
me know in the comments below who your favorite superhero character is. And I honestly cannot wait for you guys to see the rest of our
mini little trailers that are coming out,
’cause I love dressing up. Okay, I’ll see you next time. Bye! ♪ Just keep on doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do, doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do, doing what you do ♪
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